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We do, actually!

I celebrate the New Year in typical Filipino fashion: Celebrate with family and then eat Noche Buena dinner while setting off fireworks to usher out the last year and ring in new one.

I think the superstition is the noise and fireworks will drive out the bad juju of the previous year while welcoming the new year, believe me, last night I was doing my share being noisy and loud as I possibly can.

Also, while I know I’ve stopped growing I still jump at midnight hoping I’d still grow a few centimeters, and then we eat 12 grapes at midnight for good luck.

The family reunions are noisy and happy and filled to the brim with food. My uncle invests a lot of money in the fireworks.

Today, New Year’s Day we go to another family reunion, this time with the extended family on my dad’s side. There’s usually mass involved since one of my uncles is a priest and then another round of eating!

As a people, we love to eat and we love to share what we eat, if any guests come to our house the usual phrase after greeting them is: ‘Kain tayo!’ or ‘Let’s eat!’

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