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My headcanon for Harold at the end of season 5, is actually, Harold died and what Grace saw was Harold's ghost saying his final goodbye to Grace.

Harold was shot, around what, midnight? And then he made it to the roof of the building and it was already morning, I think that was a long time to be bleeding with a gunshot wound. I don't think he really made it out of that building alive, also due to Terra Incognita I fully believe ghosts are canon in Person of Interest. (Also, ghosts being canon in POI thrills me because it makes my Shaw can see dead people story canon!).

And he was wearing the same thing when we see Harold in Italy, and from what Sen. Garrison said it's been a few days, a week at the most and he's still wearing the same clothes.

Plus, it's neater in my head this way. A clean new start with Shaw at the helm and it felt right for Harold, who I always thought was going to die since he told John in Foe, season 1 and they were standing over Ulrich Kohl's grave. I thought what Harold said about already being dead sounded a lot like foreshadowing to me.

It also seemed fitting that Harold would show up as a ghost to Grace as a way of saying goodbye.
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