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Doctor Who

New Ground / / AO3
Summary: Six months after Norway, she’s moving on and letting go.
Characters: Rose, Mickey and Jake
Spoilers: Post-Doomsday, some Torchwood spoilers

Fire and Gold / / AO3
Summary:She dreamed sometimes of fire and gold and singing and death.
Characters: Rose


After the sunsets and the dooryards / / AO3
Summary: Ted Earley, this is your life.
Characters: Ted Earley, Charlie Crews, Dani Reese (Gen)

Gobsmacked /
Summary: Charlie didn't know how it happened.
Characters:Dani Reese/Charlie Crews

Human Landscapes / / AO3
Summary: the sound of the city tonight / keeps my dreams and my demons alive. Reese and Crews solve the murder of two young drug dealers.

Every hero needs an origin story, this is Dani's.

Characters: Dani Reese, Charlie Crews, Karen Davis, Jack Reese, ensemble.

Gethsemane / / Ao3
Summary: Sometimes there are people you can count on to save you. Ted Earley and Dani Reese in the aftermath of the shooting.
Characters: Dani Reese, Ted Earley, Charlie Crews



Lois Lane, accidentally in love
Picspam features Lois/Clark moments in Crusade, Blank, Hydro, Crimson

Picspam and review of Bizarro


It begins
First in the many, many Life picspam featuring the pretty that is Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi
2007 TCA Summer Press Tour
Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Rand Ravich in 2007 TCA Press Tour.
Damian Lewis
More Damian Lewis and his hotness
Triumvirate of Hot
Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Robin Weigert
Fandom Collisions
Sarah Shahi, Zachary Levi, Damian Leiws
Envy Sarah
Sarah Shahi in Envy Magazine.

Bring Things Into the Light
Life's beautiful location shots.

When She Smiles
Dani Reese and all the rare moments she smiles.
The Awesome Dani Reese

Picspam reviews
Merit Badge
Tear Asunder
Let Her Go
The Fallen Woman



Fractured-Simplicity.Net (Multi-fandom screencap gallery)
Screencap-Paradise.Com (HQ multi-fandom gallery)
SciFi Caps

Icon textures

34 100x100 Grudge icons by [ profile] kyoshitsu
Electric sheep textures by [ profile] cowsparkle

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