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A Buffy meets Edward crossover.

This is the reason why I love Buffy so hard. I'm sorry RPatz, I love reading your snarky comments and not so secret hate for the character you pIay but I just do not see the appeal. No matter how much I look you don't look hot.

And is that how RPatz acted throughout the movie? Why did he look so spastic and amateur? I don't remember Cedric Diggory being that way.
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[personal profile] synecdochic came out confessing polyamorous relationship with all things creative here and I'm coming out to confess it too -- only I've chosen to do so with two projects I'm currently working on since the list I have dates back YEARS ago.

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Boy, there are a lot of polarizing reactions about the upcoming Buffy comic, most stemming from either a) Lingering bitterness over Season 7 b) Buffy's outfit and c) the Immortal spoiler.

For myself, I can't help but be excited I've always been a Buffy fan, the character that is and I've missed her too much and just want to see how my girl is doing in the new world she helped create.

Frankly, I think any preconceptions we have on the upcoming season 8 comic should be checked on the door since we've only seen the first five pages. We're reacting to the beginning of the first few seconds of a larger arc of the story.

I've long since decided that I'm going in with an open mind -- I used to have a kneejerk reaction to everything i.e. Angel leaving Buffy? No! Kate putting the moves on Angel? Hands off, Bitch! Cordelia and Angel? --okay, I still have issues with that-- Connor? WTF?

In all instances I was proven wrong and I end up loving the overall story rather than the individual things that keep happening.

Its best for me if I just wait and see and enjoy what Joss has in store because in the end, I'm just glad my girl Buffy is still alive and kicking and I choose to think that Joss isn't doing it *just* for the money but also because he missed writing about Buffy.

Then again, I've always given Joss slack. I trust him enough for that, after all he's done fantastic work for Astonishing X-Men and Fray, I'm just thankful the Buffyverse is still spinning, still going.
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Okay. Obviously, obviously, season 8 Buffy comic ate my brain! And now I've written a transcript of the preview pages! Oh Em Gee!

Word of warning I know nothing about writing transcripts or comics or whatever so I just adapted whatever I saw on the net with a smidge of my own reactions. Buffy season 8! Dudes! Season 8!

Buffy Season 8 previews available here: 1 2 3 4

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There's a Joss Whedon interview on Buffy Season 8 comic up on TV guide and in [ profile] buffyannotater's journal here finally there's an explanation about Buffy and --Season 8 spoiler )

But Buffy, what the hell are you wearing? Seriously?

I cannot wait for this comic - but really what is she wearing??

ETA: *scowl* stupid fingers hitting 'send'button before I was even finished!

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Josh Lyman from the West Wing. Another 'throw a stone, hit a favorite', but Josh has a thing. That thing is called Donna. -- Joss 

Joss is a Josh/Donna shipper! I knew I loved him for a reason and that reason is love! er... yeah, moving along... 
In honor of Joss's meme and cribbing from both [personal profile] yhlee and [profile] vonnie_k here is my own top 25 favorite characters
in no particular order. 

Despite my misgivings [personal profile] pandarus has really made me love the Dean/Faith pairing with her ongoing SPN/Buffy crossover. The latest update is here.

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