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Oh, I like this! I've been side-eyeing Playboy Club and all the things they're trying to sell about the show but this one I really like!

I hope someone retires like Mad Men only with planes because it doesn't even have the sense of it. It's set in the past but I feel its more of a fun escapist show with a lot of female characters who are in it for the Adventure and world travel.

Also, there are spies and cold war shenanigans and I'm perfectly fine accepting Pan Am for what it is, fun!


For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: absolute forgiveness or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.

Guys, you are all fired for not telling me a gender flipped version of The Count of Monte Cristo was in the works!

So far I'm enjoying more than Ringer! Sorry, SMG. Although I will catch-up to your show too!


Eleventh Doctor's defining moment. Or, at least it is for me, see if my brother showed me this clip the first time I think I would have immediately started watching Eleven's run as the Doctor but y'know I do like that it was River who brought me back.

But the part where Eleven walks through Ten's image and then suddenly it clicks in your head, he is the Doctor.

Basically, Run.

And look what I found!

Seventh Doctor defends the Pandorica!

Sylvester McCoy does a reading of this scene during the DragonCon 2011 and a fan edits it down to remove the audience clapping and added in the music:

Boy, now I see the similarities between Eleventy and Seven, I know a few people compared Ten with Seven but I think this is a far more apt comparison. Also, here's Matt Smith's Eleven doing the same speech:

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New Shows 2011.


That was... not good.

Ioan was hot as ever but SMG was, um. Why does she keep getting humorless roles post-Buffy? It doesn't work for her, IMO. It only worked in Buffy because we see her become someone serious but with flashes of humor and the stakes were world ending high.

Maybe if this was more about the evil twin it would be more fun but the 'good' twin is so humorless and I dunno. It doesn't work for me especially as a CW show.

New Girl

I was looking forward to this especially since I thought y'know she was the new Liz Lemon (aka someone like me! sort of). But the comedy didn't work for me, I'll give it three episodes and then decide.

But that's two new shows that disappointed me, I hope the other shows hold up better.


Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited

Oh, that was so sad. Ponds!

more spoilery thoughts and speculations )
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speculations and unpopular opinions )

This brings me to thinking on how much I've become a gen fan. These days, it's not enough for me to read about two characters in love, I want something more. I want casefiles and adventures and in between that, character moments that mean something. I believe [ profile] cofax7 called it Gen/Bob. It's character driven story with a gen plot, it's a romance with a gen plot. It's quite possible that this is why I'm so smitten with Life. Because it has this fascinating characters and then have them solving cases all the while going through personal things. And then, of course, fabulous partnershippery moments.


A few weeks back TV Guide had a poll and placed Charlie Crews in the nerd category. I boggled too. He can be a dork, yes. But a nerd? Did these people even watch the show? Fortunately [ profile] firthgal has come to the rescue by showing how badass he can be. Also, how he can be a dork. Plus, another picspam about Charlie letting his hair down, so to speak, with added Dani!

Speaking of Dani, thestar has an article about Life up, featuring Sarah Shahi here .

The article addresses the issue of Sarah's image before joining Life, and all I can say it's about time Sarah's finally being taken seriously. Most of the interviews I read were all annoying and always mentioned her role on L Word which would have been alright if it wasn't obvious it was all for the titillation of their male readership. Even that one televised interview with Carson Daly incensed me so *much*. Sarah was there to promote Life but all he was interested in was that Sarah kissed girls and when Life was finally mentioned it was the last two minutes of the show. Argh.
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Guess what's back?

That's right Doctor Who!

Partners in Crime )

Torchwood S2 finale )
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I just learned that Star World will be showing Life in Asia on February 12, Star World has some nice Life promos unfortunately I don't have the means to upload and record it. I did, however, re-watch Dig A Hole and this scene made me squee:

and inspired me to create some icons and even update my profile.

I love how Reese slightly leans on Crews and the way the sun hits the roof of her car just so... It shows how relaxed she is now in Charlie's company. Seriously, the best non-ship partnershippery ever.

Plus, in honor of the upcoming Asian premiere have some icons:

Life icons: Merit Badge, Serious Control Issues and Dig A Hole )

Also managed to find a picture of Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Life creator Rand Ravich during a press preview.

Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi )



[ profile] tzegha made another brilliant Life fanvid featuring Charlie, everyone and the conspiracy.

Good Night by [ profile] rosa_acicularis

Summary: One for sorrow, two for joy. The Doctor, down the rabbit hole.

Another brilliant story, sequel to the equally brilliant and disturbing Do I Twist or Do I Fold
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God, learning about Heath Ledger's death was such a shock, of all the celebrities Heath was the furthest person I'd ever imagine dying of old age. I first saw him in 10 Things I Hate About You and absolutely loved him in it and more or less followed his career.

I don't think, I really don't think that he used sleeping pills on purpose, 'til otherwise stated by officials I think the overdose was an accident and not something he planned.

RIP, Heath Ledger. You were such a bright star.


I've been thinking about Doctor Who latetly (yes, I do think of other subjects other than Life) I haven't finished watching Voyage of the Damned yet but was spoiled for some of the events in VotD, also I've been procrastinating about watching the new Torchwood because I really can't wrap my mind around the concept of Torchwood = Good.

It's just... its the one show I love hating, y'know?

Doctor Who season 4 thoughts )

Warning: A wee Ten rant )

Oh, and just a reminder, folks, [ profile] pers_pineapple will have its re-watch of Life Tear Asunder - 1x02, on Wednesday.


In Motion by [ profile] nuit_belle

Yeah, Dani would almost rather be back dealing with the python than be face to face with Crews’ ex-wife.

A short missing scene during Fill It Up, short but insightful take on Dani during the events in episode 11.

Makes me miss Life even more.
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I'm kinda in love with this meme:

1. The title of first article that pops up is the name of the band
2. The last four words of the last quote on the page is teh name of the album
3. The third picture is your album cover

'Throw them together' in a graphics program, post result:

Speaking of, the last crossover prompt meme results are here -- uh, I haven't finished with the others but I will get to them, I work at the speed of glaciers. Sorry!

When Barney met Charlie (HIMYM/Life)

Logan Echolls and the Doctor (or the one time the Doctor finally learned to appreciate Donna Noble) (Veronica Mars/Doctor Who)

Not All Frogs are Green (Mal and Rygel) (Firefly/Farscape)

ETA: Ranty McRant: Dani Reese > Carmen [Or why I'm against typecasting] )
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Weighing in on the DW S4 Spoiler -- You know, *the* spoiler. )

Title: Six Ways to Sunday
Author: Monic
Characters: Rose, Mickey, Jake, Ursula Blake, Ianto Jones
Spoilers: Post-Doomsday
Disclaimer: Not mine, no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Starting a team is harder than Rose thought it would be.
A/N: Unbeta'd, work in progress. This occurs roughly a week after the events in New Ground.

“You're not going to make this easy for me, are you?”  )
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Can't sleep yet even though I *should* be sleeping. So, instead of sleeping I went ahead and watched! Multifandoms, ahoy!

Doctor Who

I finally, finally got around to sit myself down and write something about Classic Doctor Who through the very, very, very kind efforts of [ profile] livii and [ profile] vandovan.

Spearhead from Space )

UNIT recruitment video )

Invasion of the Dinosaurs )

Tomb of the Cybermen )

Dresden Files

I really like this series, I think it was [ profile] thassalia who mentioned that Dresden Files was an updated throwback to the 80s detective stories and I think that's a very good description to the series. I also love Murphy. She's so prickly.

Yes, I kinda do have a THING for prickly characters!

Blood Ties

I've seen the four episodes and I like it so far and I love Victoria's glasses. Henry worked a lot better than I thought. I wonder if there's any crossover between Dresden Files and Blood Ties? They both seem like a logical choice to crossover. Plus, I'm sure Victoria and Murphy will get along well!:)


Oh, and hey! Guys, mosey on over to [ profile] rose_lives! Rose Tyler, Girl Adventurer ficathon is up! There are some fabulous stories there! Speaking of, I also had a drabble some time ago posted here:

Fire and Gold
Doctor Who, Rose Tyler, G
She dreamed sometimes of fire and gold and singing and death

It's about Rose and supposedly my thoughts about the Bad Wolf and how it affects/ed her but it went no where so, I just posted it up. But I'm happy with how it turned out. There are some stories that are really short and others that just goes on and on.

Short rant about Rose, Bad Wolf and RTD. )

In a way, I do like that Rose is in a parallel world. It means her canon's closed 'til such time RTD decides to bring her back, we can imagine a bunch of stuff Rose is doing without fear of getting jossed.
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Okay, I'm going to post this thing even if it kills my net but I just have to get this out:

Meme time!

May. 17th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Gakked from [personal profile] honorh: Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudo-canon.

Fandoms I can answer to: Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Blood+, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who 2005 - onwards, SG-1 (seasons 8-10), Farscape, Smallville, Heroes and West Wing
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review in points )

On the other hand see [ profile] cryptile's post on Dalek Sek's appeal

I tell you what I look forward to though: Paul Cornell's two-parter because since Father's Day he's always been my favorite!

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Please don't forget to sign-up for the Rose Tyler and Martha Jones ficathon! Sign-ups are until April 29, 2007 (midnight GMT).

Sign ups and more information can be found in this post here

Also, this is a GIP.

C'mon, don't tell me it isn't fun: Rose and Martha, they fight crime! (And Evil Alien Overlords)
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Look, a meme!

Gacked from [profile] dynapink  :

Pick your top 10 Fandoms

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1. Character I first fell in love with: Buffy
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Cordelia (before she became St. Cordy)
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Uh, hard to say in BtVS... Spike I suppose
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Willow
6. A character I would shag anytime: Angel, no, Xander! No, Graham! Angel! Do I just have to pick one???
7. The character I’d want to be like: Buffy (but not her love life and destiny thing)
8. The character I’d slap: Kennedy
9. A pairing I love: Buffy/Angel
10. A pairing I despise: In Buffy? Almost any pairing work! Even Spike/Buffy had its moments! Maybe... Anya/Xander that just didn't work for me. Wait, Willow/Kennedy!

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The Rose Tyler and Martha Jones Ficathon

19th April 2007-10th June 2007

So, remember the Rose and Martha detective thing I posted here? Well [profile] bytheseaside and I were talking and it ended with us deciding that we really would like to see Rose and Martha together. So we present: The Rose Tyler and Martha Jones ficathon.

Sign ups and more information can be found in this post here
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So, here's the thing... when exactly did Rose fall in love with the Doctor?

I've been re-watching season 1 again and from what I've seen episodes 1-5 Rose didn't seem to have a crush on Nine yet. They have a connection and she likes to flirt but from Rose to the Unquiet Dead, heck even in Aliens of London/World War III Rose didn't seem she was in love yet

Let's break down episodes 1 to 5 shall we?

In Rose, Rose was very curious of the Doctor: who and why does this Northern bloke keep appearing out of nowhere and saying interesting but really strange things? So she goes and plays detective and researches the Doctor on the net and meets Clive, an okay man but who seems very off and Rose decides to go on with her life and is starting to worry about her future. Because she's still blind to seeing strange things she doesn't notice how strange Mickey is until the Doctor pops up again and beheads her boyfriend in front of her. Then she learns what the Doctor really is and she's intrigued and she's developing a taste for this adventure thing.

In the first act of the End of the World Rose is still a little unsure of this 'time travel thing' and finds the Doctor amusing especially with the way he tries to impress her. But once they hit Platform One she's overwhelmed by everything she's seeing:  aliens, the end of the world, a trampoline claiming to be human, a tree flirting with the Doctor (and the Doctor flirting back) and the fact she's basically gone off with a stranger.

They fight about it and Nine's basically sulky about that fact and didn't seem to be the type to open up to another person anytime soon she offers an olive branch and he does something very amazing for her: he rigs her phone and now she can talk to Jackie even if they're billions of years away from each other.

By episode's end she's seen the world end and when the Doctor finally opens up about his past and identity she could somehow relate. When Nine asks her if she still wants to go on traveling with him knowing how dangerous his life is, Rose is unsure how to answer and sidesteps everything by asking for some chips much to Nine's amazement and delight. It's another step for their friendship.

I'm just up to that episode so, I'm still not clear when Rose realized she was not only attracted to the Doctor but in love as well.
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More Doctor Who talk what a surprise! Heh.

Anyway, I've posted this on several LJ comments this past week and I thought I'd share. There isn't a doubt that I like Martha, there isn't anything about her to dislike and for the moment she has no flaws so it is rather easy to like her. She's smart and tough and calls the Doctor whenever he gets all over the top. Also, to no one's surprise I love Rose. Loved her from the first moment up to her last.

Also, I don't think Martha is better than Rose, or Rose better than Martha in this game its all about preference, most people prefer Martha others Rose that's just how the ball rolls.

What I dislike very much is the implication that Rose isn't smart. I don't think that. She's plenty smart she's just not as educated as Martha. Rose knew some space trivia that I'd have trouble pulling from my head -- she knew about continental drifts and the sun expanding and when (End of the World), she was familiar with blackholes (Impossible Planet/Satan Pit) and she apparently watches classic Trek for me she really reads like a closet geek. She also has good hunches: the robot santas in the Christmas Invasion, the TV in  Idiot's Lantern and of course Fear Her.

In fact if Doctor Who were a cop show Martha and Rose would be two types of detectives. Rose would be the type of detective who follows her instincts and intuition and Martha would be the methodical one who follows the evidence. Both method work and there's nothing to condemn about that. In fact, if they were a real detective team I'd say they'd work real well as partners. 

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