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Lois Lane, any incarnation
For [personal profile] selenak

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The awesomeness that is Olivia Badass Motherfucker Dunham for [ profile] bleedingheart80

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Writing a Fringe/Bones crossover is getting harder and harder to do, Fringe has changed so much from season 1 to season 4 I don't know how to reconcile or justify writing the crossover anymore. I mean I want season 1 Fringe with season 3/4 Bones but personally I can't seem to just write season 1 Olivia knowing what I know about Olivia now.

Actually just writing a gen Fringe casefic is getting harder for me to do. This ties in to wanting to read and write a gen case fic in the vein of the X-Files case fics of yore but I can't seem to.  It's more of a mental block though.

And, um, this is going to come off as character bashing but this is just me trying to articulate part of the reasons why I can't get into it. Part of it and that biggest block?

Under the cut is a meandering post about the one thing that doesn't work for me in Fringe, it's just something I need to express. )

These thoughts aren't exactly new but a more recent rehash of the post I did in the past, for which I was so thoroughly trolled. That was a novel experience.
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I really feel like I'm rusty posting in DW/LJ... I've been so used to hitting the reblog button that now whenever I stare at the blank space I literally don't know where or how to start!

Hopefully this'll get me back into the swing of things! Here are all my initial reactions to the shows!

HIMYM - 7x01 and 7x02 )


Up All Night

I really love this. The first new one I've seen that I really like! I don't have much to say about it except I'm looking forward to watching more of their misadventures. The credits remind me of HIMYM.


Vampire Diaries - 3x02 )


Fringe - 4x01 Neither Here Nor There )
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...apparently there are accusations about Olivia being too emo when she broke down and learned about alt!Olivia and Peter.

Really? Really?! Really? Really.

It's really timely then, this was launched:


Um. I'm going to treat this post like Tumblr post for a bit... its very much a Fringe, Olivia Dunham spam.



#ugh #i just want her to be happy #i just want her to get ANGRY #there's nothing about the way she's been in the last three years that's approached 'fine'. #i wish your show loved you as much as i do #olivia dunham #olivia-s2 #team olivia #olivia-charlie #olivia-charlie-s2

These tags knows my soul. I miss Olivia's anger. I miss the fire she gets from that. I really want Olivia to talk to someone and for someone to hug her. The last person she confided and trusted so much was her Charlie.

I hope her friendship with Astrid will develop into this.

(Astrid badly needs her own storyline too!)

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