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Okay, I finally, finally made it to Life's Season 1 season finale and its still so beautiful as the day I first saw it.

The way it plays so beautifully with the dynamic between *all* of Charlie’s partners.


Her partner said he needed her, and that's all she needed. )


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Couple of thoughts on the The Diabolical Kind episode of Elementary:

You'd be surprise what I'd do for love. )
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I've been thinking about Beth Childs lately. Everything in Orphan Black happened because Beth jumped to her death in front of Sarah. Beth made sure Sarah saw her death.

She left no suicide note, no indication that she would be killing herself.

But she jumped and she made sure Sarah saw her.

I wonder how long Beth knew about Sarah and why, Sarah, out of all the clones. Beth and Sarah seem to be complete opposites, Beth was a cop, Sarah was a small time hustler but Sarah stepped into Beth's shoes and learned more about Beth.

What did Beth learn about Sarah? Did she choose Sarah? Did she want Sarah to stir shit up?

I wonder how'd they get along if Beth was still alive. There would be friction, more than what Alison had with Sarah. But maybe, in the end, a more fundamental understanding of each other?

Maybe if Beth were still alive, she'd be less lonely because there was one person who wouldn't view her as an authority figure, one person who she didn't need to be strong for because Sarah is already strong for herself.

Maybe, just like he did with the other clones, Felix would welcome Beth in a grudging way. Mrs. S too, would welcome Beth. I'm just thinking about it now and how sad it is that Beth never got the chance to know Sarah's family and be welcomed into it.

Who's Bono?

Oct. 2nd, 2010 04:11 am
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I've noticed in my re-watch of the season premiere. There's been a prevalence of the color yellow in the Other Side, there's something significant about that just like how the color red was a little bit more noticeable from last season.

Picspam and thoughts on Fringe 3x01 )

Fringe 3x03 - The Box )


ETA: Oh, man, the ratings! *facepalm* Why do I keep looking? The ratings hurt my soul. This can't be another Life, people! Why aren't more Nielsen people watching Fringe? Don't make me come over there and go all Dunham on your ass!

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