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Oct. 2nd, 2010 04:11 am
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I've noticed in my re-watch of the season premiere. There's been a prevalence of the color yellow in the Other Side, there's something significant about that just like how the color red was a little bit more noticeable from last season.

Picspam and thoughts on Fringe 3x01 )

Fringe 3x03 - The Box )


ETA: Oh, man, the ratings! *facepalm* Why do I keep looking? The ratings hurt my soul. This can't be another Life, people! Why aren't more Nielsen people watching Fringe? Don't make me come over there and go all Dunham on your ass!
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Picspam on the Fringe safe house scene )


I think I better stop looking at the ratings now. It reminds me far too much of Life season 2 ratings and I can't bare that, especially with what happened to the show. I am not made of stern stuff when it comes to that!


It is 5AM... I better sleep now.
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The first half of Fringe season 1 was a little shaky, the writers were still trying to find their groove. It was pretty much just an X-Files like show especially with the way the show concentrated on the Monsters of the Week episodes. Even Anna Torv seemed a little unsure during the first few episodes.

I liked Olivia during the pilot but I wasn't OMG LOVE! I was more reserved and into the 'wait and see' period. I was invested in another show at that time and somehow got it into my head that liking Fringe would somehow kill off my show. Don't ask me why!

I'm so glad I gave this show another chance and a few episodes to let it grow its legs because its so worth it.

And perhaps I should stop babbling and get on with the picspam!

You're like a question machine! | Not Dial-Up Friendly! )


Oh, wow. That was really long and I'm really sleepy. I feel like I'm punch drunk and I hope I made sense and didn't ramble on about cheese or something.

But, oh, hey, tomorrow (or later in the day) Inauguration of the New President!
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Now, if you're like me, you got a gun underneath your pillow | Picspam | Spoilers to season 2 )


I has a new Fringe icon! I haven't uploaded it in my LJ yet but you can see it in my dreamwidth account in [personal profile] grimorie.
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2009 has come and gone and its time to review my fannish year:

2009 Fannish Year in Review )


So. NBC. Moving Leno back an hour.

I have so many things to say but it all it seems to boil down to is: Other networks are laughing at you so hard. I bet they even had a betting pool going just when you'll cave.
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I felt like I haven't picspammed in a while and yesterday was a start of our semi-regular Life picspam session.

Let's start of with our beautiful British transplant:

Damian Lewis aka The Ginger Ninja of Hot )

Because I don't want it to seem like I'm ignoring my favorite female tough cop, here are a few photos of Sarah Shahi I came across.

Sarah Shahi )

There's not enough LT love going around but I love the LT equally too.

Robin Weigert or Calamity Jane cleans up nice )

sources: damian-lewis.com, complex magazine, life media web
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This is entirely gratuitous and senseless but here goes: I am fascinated with Charlie's long legs. I'm also fascinated by the way he enters and exits cars. He's so tall he has to bend to enter a car. And the way he does it is so interesting to watch.

My, Detective, what long legs you have... )

The Fixer 1x01 )

Eric Cole has a round-up of the news, rumors and links that's circulating about Life in the net. I'm glad he's writing about the show again since he dropped off after Serious Control Issues. In the article, he also mentions [livejournal.com profile] pers_pineapple which is awesome! Changing of the Seasons - New "Life" Approaches

There's also another interview with Sarah Shahi, building on yesterday's interview at expressindia.com : Life moves on...


Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] lizbee: The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in, and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU

Fandoms: Life, Farscape, Firefly, Doctor Who, Burn Notice and Smallville
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I again, ventured and watched the STAR WORLD broadcast of Life featuring Let Her Go. Seriously. Life without its original music makes me want to cry.

The person who picked the alternative music fails at Life. Literally. The music is so low key and it's just... the awesome scenes are not as awesome because of the music change. I eeded a pick me up after this and fortunately, the universe was kind enough to provide one... in the form of the hotness of one Damian Lewis.

These pictures were taken, if I'm not mistaken from the recent Sundance Festival. And, guh, Damian Lewis is a fine, fine man.

More Damian Lewis under the cut )

Gossip Girl 1x01-1x13 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles up to Dungeons & Dragons and possible cracky crossover thoughts )

And, uh, I think I should stop there. Yes, somehow, I made TSCC all about Life, I make everything about Life sooner or later. This is not news.


Recs )

resources: [livejournal.com profile] dryope and damian-lewis.com
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Do you know what I love? Aside from Life, that is? VLC media player. That's right. VLC. Before this program I didn't know how to screencap, then I discovered VLC and a few months ago discovered it has a snapshot *and* slow motion function. I can cap a scene and watch it again, slo mo and discover a lot of things.

Watching Dani make faces real time is fun but watching Dani Reese make faces in slow motion is more fun! Also, you discover a lot of things watching certain things in slow motion.

Reese took a while before she came to like Charlie and despite her crankiness towards him and sometimes, despite herself, finds him very amusing. Here are a few caps I culled showing Dani getting amused with Charlie.

Merit Badge

It seemed like the partnership was doomed from the start, something Davis was counting on so she could easily get rid of Crews, Reese seemed inclined to agree especially after his careless comments about divorce papers in the mail and informing the grieving dad to dump his marijuana stash. His methode with the dog didn't impress her either but when Charlie started spouting Zen at the guards instead of clocking them,Reese is suddenly impressed despite herself.

Yes, this is a whole post on Dani smiling at Charlie. What? It's going to take a while before I see new episodes, I have to have *some* fun! )

Another thing I noticed about Reese is that she wears the same set of shirts, I like that she doesn't have incredibly expensive and oh, so beautiful shirts she just wears what she already has in the closet, which are all functional, work day clothes. Like [livejournal.com profile] raincitygirl said, she's busy, she doesn't have time to go shopping around for clothes. She's not like Charlie who can afford to buy new suits everyday.
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Reposting this. Last entry had such a bad code I couldn't salvage it, I am crap at HTML codes and tables.

I just really love the use of light and background. LA is more than just a background, it seems like another character in the show and more than any show I've seen set in LA, this is the first time I've ever come to care for LA as a city, which is saying something.

Pictures behind the cut )
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I just learned that Star World will be showing Life in Asia on February 12, Star World has some nice Life promos unfortunately I don't have the means to upload and record it. I did, however, re-watch Dig A Hole and this scene made me squee:

and inspired me to create some icons and even update my profile.

I love how Reese slightly leans on Crews and the way the sun hits the roof of her car just so... It shows how relaxed she is now in Charlie's company. Seriously, the best non-ship partnershippery ever.

Plus, in honor of the upcoming Asian premiere have some icons:

Life icons: Merit Badge, Serious Control Issues and Dig A Hole )

Also managed to find a picture of Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Life creator Rand Ravich during a press preview.

Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi )



[livejournal.com profile] tzegha made another brilliant Life fanvid featuring Charlie, everyone and the conspiracy.

Good Night by [livejournal.com profile] rosa_acicularis

Summary: One for sorrow, two for joy. The Doctor, down the rabbit hole.

Another brilliant story, sequel to the equally brilliant and disturbing Do I Twist or Do I Fold
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Yes, I think I've officially gone overboard. I may have to cut down a bit in this post.

Here endeth the Tear )
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Apparently my post was too big so this might be broken up in to three parts rather than the two parts I thought it would be. I may have gone over board with the capping...

Tear Asunder, part II )

Part III
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Happy 2008!

Hope this year would be fantastic for you folks and as a gift! Picspam for the first day of 2008! Uh, Life picspam. Yes. I am that predictable.

Life - Tear Asunder

The eyes are the windows to the soul. )

Part II
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Life ate my brain. I can't wait for the upcoming two-parter and what kills me is that it'll take me two days after those episodes air before I see them!

So... to cope I have decided to post the hotness and awesome that are Reese and Crews. Besides the writing and the brilliant character work one of the things I really, really love about Life is that the show does not hesitate to put our leads in kevlar. It's like almost every episode they get to don the vests and bring out the badass guns.

Edited to add: So, since I've been stalking my flist about this meme I think it's about time I contributed. Gakked from everyone:

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll give you either probably all of the following (a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon, (b) a reason he/she sucks, (c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes, (d) five things that never happened to that character or (e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.

ETA: Russia, huh? Very, very strange.
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Part I

This scene, this scene I have to admit is what really hooked me. I particularly loved that they didn't go for the easy fix and made this scene about Reese taking a shower but about Reese's fear.

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