Jun. 14th, 2011 07:50 am
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Mom passed away yesterday afternoon and she was a fighter 'til the very end.

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I have nothing substantial to say, the Philippines just had its first automated Presidential elections and the polls have closed. There's still a lot of stupid election shenanigans going on.

But most of all, I just have to ask why does Erap, the guy we ousted in EDSA II, the guy who was convicted* still getting votes??????

*GMA pardoning Erap is one of the stupidest and rage inducing decisions she's ever made.
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Finally catching up to my 'To watch' list:

Generation Kill Ep 1-2 )


Kitchen Confidential

This show premiered the same year as How I Met Your Mother but where HIMYM thrived KC was cut down. I didn't give KC the time of day then despite having Bradley Cooper and Nicholas Brendon but then again I'm glad I only discovered the show now, after time and distance because I'd accept the cancelation easily.

It's a fun show and a bonus, I didn't know Owain Yeoman's here! I didn't even know he was really British 'til this show! (BTW, Yeoman was also in GK!)

Also, it has a lot of food, who wouldn't love that?


Merlin Season 2

I have a confession, I didn't watch this season all the way through... I'm not that enthusiastic of the show and I admit I only watch for Gwen and the Gwen and Arthur so I cheated and only watched those moments.

I think I'd be more interested in this show if it was the story of Gwen becoming Guinevere, the Queen of Camelot. It's interesting to me how in this world, Gwen doesn't even have the advantage of nobility. Here, we see Gwen really cares for the people of Camelot because she is one of them, she sees how much Uther's laws are affecting the people and I love that Gwen constantly challenges Arthur to be a better man and more, that Arthur is rising up to the challenge. We see that if he is confronted with the truth he does listen, you just have to slap the truth into him.

Fic Rec
Vita Guineveris by [personal profile] selenak
Summary: Five times Gwen had an epiphany. Apprenticeship of a Queen.

Is there any surprise I rec'd this? I love it because its gen and it's about Gwen coming into her own and really, that's all I really want.


Fans are auctioning of their fanworks, the proceeds will be used to help Haiti. If you're interested pelase visit [community profile] help_haiti. If you're interested to go direct, they also have a collection of links where to donate.
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Can this year be over now, please?

2009 sucked in all fronts from the fannish front (NBC, I'm looking at you) and from the real life front. Disasters left and right and right now... we're under going a family crisis. This time last year
mom was admitted to the Lung Center to drain the fluid from her lungs but she was only there for a short time. Now mom's been to three hospitals and hasn't been home for almost a month and... things are, to quote Buffy, dire.

We're all still holding it together but mom's siblings and parents who migrated to Canada returned home to be her personal cheering squad. It's been pretty chaotic since then I can only hope things get better from here on out.

So, can this year end now, please?
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  • First of all, I'm aliiiiive! Sorry for falling off the radar but things have been a lot busy here but thanks for all the support and concern.

  • Apparently our section of the world is the go to spot for storms with one particular storm stubbornly over staying its welcome for ten straight days. Dammit.

  • In fannish news I'm trying to get reacquainted with a few series and picking up some new ones. Although, um, most of my new ones seem to come from the anime/manga spectrum. Although its mostly for the slice of life variety than anything else.

  • Sometimes I don't get fandom. Some vitriol towards a few anime/manga series seems so... out there. I mean, there's hate for Toradora, who would hate Toradora??

  • Usually I like sunny days but after the storms I find myself suspicious of sunny days. Sunny days are usually followed by torrential rains.


We have finished the endless recursion of time. We have finished the endless recursion of time.

I think I'm a bit more patient than some fans but the Endless Eight in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episodes tested me. I have no problem with groundhog day episodes but only if it tells me something new but the whole thing was just literally one episode over and over and OVER again.

Even the director and the voice actors thought it was excessive (and the original director attempted to fight the Execs on it and was... fired. Yeah.) but Executive Meddling still wanted to go through the whole Endless Eight by dedicating eight episodes to what could essentially be done by the third time loop.

Then I hit my boiling point when I learned a movie was coming out, it was an arc that was supposed to be included in the second season. It was in the trailer but it seemed midway the Executives changed their minds and thought to milk the franchise for all its worth and instead of getting just three episodes of Endless Eight we got EIGHT episodes just so they could fill the season 2 episode quota.

It is frelling annoying.

I've also been reading the Wild Mass Guess entries in TV Tropes annoyed spoilery rant )


Haruhi Light Novel thoughts )
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Typhoon Ondoy really hit us hard and I can't wrap my head around the fact that most of Metro Manila is underwater.

(NY Times photo)

It just seemed to happen so suddenly. It's been raining non-stop before then and then there was a few days of sunshine then on Friday it began to rain again. At first I thought it was another one of those rains, little did I know how much the non-stop rains of a few weeks ago and Ondoy's steady downpour would wreak such havoc. In a matter of hours half of Manila was underwater. Cars began to float and houses that used to be impervious to flooding was suddenly invaded by the mud brown waters and most everyone was forced to flee to their roofs.

A few brave souls went out of their way to help people some to joyous results others to tragic but heroic efforts.

My family and I were unaffected by the flood but stunned at the horrific scene unfolding before us. Manila isn't all that big to begin with and to think that the scenes on TV were only a few minutes away. Worse, I have friends in those hardest hit areas.

The kicker?

There's a new storm brewing. Possibly, two.

Frankly, I don't know if we can stand another storm, much less two.

We're stocking-up on food and other things just in case.


Snagged from [personal profile] wheresmycow, some of the info here are probably already obsolete since I posted this very late but hopefully some of it is still relevant:

Philippine Red Cross: 143 or 527.0000, 0917-899-7898 and 0938-442697
*For those who want to help, donate to the Red Cross donation through SMS: text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 or go to your local Red Cross because they'll be swamped with donations or requests, for sure. You don't need to be a rescue worker. Sheer manpower will suffice.

La Salle Greenhills. Beginning 9am you may bring donations to Gate 2 of La Salle Greenhills, along Ortigas Avenue.

More numbers and aid relief centers )
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On the day of President Cory's funeral my brother and I decided to meet her funeral cortege, which was a good thing because all morning I felt like I was letting history pass me by. We left after lunch and arrived on the road where the cortege was going to pass by when we arrived there were already people lining the streets wearing yellow shirts or yellow bandanas, some people were on the island and up on the trees all in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the late president's cortege.

The wait lasted for four hours and through all that time the crowd didn't thin or waver even though the rain kept pouring down on us but it was worth the wait when the cortege finally arrived. It was a strange feeling watching the flatbed truck carrying President Cory's body just a few feet away from me. The four soldiers standing guard where steady as a rock despite standing there for nine hours straight and they seemed unfazed as everyone waved the LABAN sign at them, chanting Cory's name.

I mean, the cortege was right there, a few feet from me! My feet hurt, I was a little soaked from the constant downpour but it seemed small compared to what I actually witnessed, it felt great sharing this moment with so many people. People I don't even know but there was a feeling of camaraderie and joy at that moment. It wasn't just about mourning then, it felt like a celebration.

When we got home my family immediately tuned in to the last rites ceremony and it was all so moving, it felt like it was the end of an era. The era where a generation braved and fought against tyranny and won through an amazing peaceful rally, a rally led by this woman who considered herself 'just a housewife' and rose to the occasion and became the leader of our nation.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop now and it's been a few days after the funeral but I could still see the yellow ribbons. Once again, paalam at salamat, Tita Cory.

A few photos taken that day:
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Today, is the day President Corazon 'Cory' Aquino will be laid to rest. I think this was the first time a Philippine President ever had a state funeral this grand. It's pouring cats and dogs and still there are people lining the streets, carrying yellow ribbons waiting for Cory's funeral procession to pass by.

Last week, as people got word of Cory's worsening condition, yellow ribbons started to appear everywhere as a sign of solidarity with the former president. And when I mean every where I mean from Luzon to Visayas and even to Mindanao.

Cory was a symbol of democracy in the Philippines, the person who helped realize democracy from a dictator. She's been that way as long as I could remember.

My first memory of Cory was during the anniversary of the People Power Revolution, she was wearing her signature yellow dress, her glasses, hand flashing as she made the 'L' sign of the LABAN political party and I remember most of all, her stinging snarky comments against Imelda Marcos, the surviving wife of Marcos.

Cory's death is still something I'm trying to process especially with the way I learned her death, I think it was around 5 AM and I was sound asleep suddenly my brother started screaming: 'MOM, CORY'S DEAD!'

Not really one of the best ways to learn and I guess that's why its taking me a while to process it.

I'm not out in the crowd, even though her final resting place is only 15 minutes away, mostly because as I'm watching the TV now the crowd is stretching from the Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorial Park (Paranaque City) and that's... really, really far. This is a testament of Cory's magic. Her ability to bring people together at moment's notice.

I feel like I'm missing on history, just sitting here.

Cory's body is being carried in a float filled with yellow flowers with a reprsentative from the police, the armed forces, the navy and the airforce on each side and that's not counting all the people following along on foot. In the pouring rain.

I don't think Cory ever expected this when she first married an up and coming politician, Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino that she'd ever have this much impact on the Philippine history, much less become the first female president of the Philippines.

I'll be the first to admit that her administration wasn't perfect, it had a lot of missteps and it was constantly plagued by coups from a military used to getting its way. But she was the symbol for change at that time, the one who brought hope to a hopeless Philippine scene.

Now, the APO Hiking Society are singing, one of the popular singing groups active during the revolution.

Looking at the people now, with yellow confetti streaming down and everyone in their yellow shirts, with their yellow ribbons and flashing the 'L' signs it's a familiar scene from the old days.. Almost all cars have yellow ribbons tied on the cars, our cars even had one (unfortunately my dad's not very good tying ribbons and the ribbons were lost).

Rest in Peace, Tita Cory, you changed history.
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Thanks for everyone greeting me a happy birthday! It's really very appreciated!


On none happy things, via [personal profile] cleolinda, they released the Last Airbender trailer. And my heart bled.

What have they done to my show?? I can't bear to see this Aang and the movements! Its so clunky. I miss Aang's smooth motions. The way he flows from one action to the next! This is just... This is not MY Aang!

I mean look at this:

Awesome kung fu kids )

Avatar Kung fu fighting kids )

Added to another pile of fail is this. It's supposed to be a poll where fans could choose their favorite badass female character. And who's winning?

Buffy? Zoe? Dr. Addison Montgomery? No. Adam Lambert.

That's right, a guy. In a contest meant for girls. There's a guy. WINNING.

This must be what miraclehate means because I'm feeling pretty rage-y. Fandom, how could you fail so hard?


I'll end with moments of awesome from the Avatar ladies:

Circus by HugeArrowFan

Moar Awesome Avatar ladies )
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Sunny day! Good day for a birthday!

*enjoys the sun*
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If you are reading this right now, you have more luxury than someone in Iran could ever hope for right now. If you are watching TV or a video on youtube, updating your status on Facebook, Tweeting, or even texting your friend, you are lucky. If you are safe in your home, and were able to sleep last night without the sounds of screaming from the rooftops, you need to know and understand what is happening to people just like you in Iran right now.

They are not the enemy. They are a people whose election has been stolen. For the first time in a long time, a voice for change struck the youth of Iran, just as it did for many people in the United States only seven months ago. Hossein Mousavi gained the support of millions of people in Iran as a Presidential candidate. He stands for progressiveness. He supports good relations with the West, and the rest of the world. He is supported with fervor as he challenges the oppressive regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

On Friday, millions of people waited for hours in line to vote in Iran's Presidential election. Later that night, as votes came in, Mousavi was alerted that he was winning by a two-thirds margin. Then there was a change. Suddenly, it was Ahmadinejad who had 68% of the vote - in areas which have been firmly against his political party, he overwhelmingly won. Within three hours, millions of votes were supposedly counted - the victor was Ahmadinejad. Immediately fraud was suspected - there was no way he could have won by this great a margin with such oppposition. Since then, reports have been coming in of burned ballots, or in some cases numbers being given without any being counted at all. None of this is confirmed, but what happened next seems to do the trick.

The people of Iran took the streets and rooftops. They shout "Death to the dictator" and "Allah o akbar." They join together to protest. Peacefully. The police attack some, but they stay strong. Riots happen, and the shouting continues all night. Text messaging was disabled, as was satellite, and websites which can spread information such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the BBC are blocked in the country. At five in the morning, Arabic speaking soldiers (the people of Iran speak Farsi) stormed a university in the capital city of Tehran. While sleeping in their dormitories, five students were killed. Others were wounded. These soldiers are thought to have been brought in by Ahmadinejad from Lebanon. Today, 192 of the university's faculty have resigned in protest.

Mousavi requested that the government allow a peaceful rally to occur this morning - the request was denied. Many thought that it would not happen. Nevertheless, first a few thousand people showed up in the streets of Tehran. At this point, it is estimated that 1 to 2 million people were there. Mousavi spoke on the top of a car. The police stood by. For a few hours, everything was peaceful. Right now, the same cannot be said. Reports of injuries, shootings, and killings are flooding the internet. Twitter has been an invaluable source - those in Iran who still know how to access it are updating regularly with picture evidence. People are being brutally beaten. Tonight will be another night without rest for so many in Iran no older than I am. Tonight there is a Green Revolution.

For more information:
here and here
Here - near constant updates
Here - ONTD_political live post
@StopAhmadi, @ProtesterHelp

دنیارابگوییدچطورآنهاانتخاباتمان دزدیده اند
Tell the world how they have stolen our election

- original post by [personal profile] one_hoopy_frood

x-posted: dreamwidth
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Just came from the company outing, we were in Batangas so four hour's travel, both ways and I am so tired and drained. But I went out kayaking which was fun and flying fox, I don't know the technical term for it but basically they strap you into a harness then connect it to the wire and push you off the highest tree and you scream your lungs out.


Unfortunately, besides the massage, that's all what that place had to offer and all I really wanted to do was go home.

[ profile] pers_pineapple has another newsletter up, yay for our little fandom that could!


The Searchers by [ profile] vee_fic
Summary: What kind of people would revere somebody like you?
Charlie Crews. Dani Reese. Kyle Hollis.

This fic. This fic! I already miss the show lots, and I mean lots but this story, has sharpened my longing for the show. Charlie and Dani interrogates Kyle and the tension, the things unsaid and the things that will be said and the things to come... It's so pitch perfect I can see how this might happen, could happen. It makes me ache for Life to return now, to see this on screen and hear the words said and gah... I love this story a lot because it captures everythring: the rhythm and language of Reese and Crews investigative partnership, the fierce loyalty, the quests and Kyle, the center of the storm. Calm then fearful and... and so many things.

I've downloaded the story to my PDA and read it over and over to and from Batangas and it still leaves me with the same emotional punch, the same breathless feeling and longing.

I want to gush about this story more but I'll save it for later. I still can't believe how good my little show is.
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Poking my head out of the sand for a moment to share these pictures. I don't have a lot since I forgot my camera and only had the camera in my cellphone. Bantayan Island was so beautiful, usually when we step off the port the water would be muggy and unclear but in Bantayan the water was still so clear it was like... staring at a clear glass.

My friends were right, it was like Boracay in the 80s before it became popular and acquired all those bars and people more concerned with partying than the beach.

Boracay is a lot more accessible than Bantayan but it's certainly worth the trip, once we saw the beach, we forgot all about the long hours it took to get to the island.

More pictures under the cut )

I will certainly be back in Bantayan one day.
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Back from the vacation, it was fantastic! The beach was spectacular. Boracay? What Boracay?
I'll take Bantayan any day!

But, I missed the net! It's soooo good to have the net back!

I'll probably post pictures later, for now I'm off to dreamland.
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I really should be packing now or sleeping! Two hours 'til the flight and I'm just... here.

Nakakapagpabagabag is one of the hardest, tongue twisting Tagalog word ever. I always trip up trying to say that word.

Augh. I need to sleep or pack or both.

In other news, I might have gone overboard and posted a Life vidspam with my favorite scenes with the original music intact..

[ profile] pers_pineapple is doing a re-watch of Dig A Hole. We only have one episode left! Where did time go?

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