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I promised this a long time ago and it's been sitting on my hard drive for a while, not a complete list. I've realized I have a sucky tagging system so now most of my fic recs are, uh, misplaced. But here, have some I've managed to scrounge together.

This is a work-in-progress.

Gen )

Crews/Reese )

Dani/Connie )
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Long weekend is over and I'll be back to work, which will make being online will harder.

Have some linkspam!

[personal profile] chaila has a fantastic 31 Days of Awesome Women meme! I can't rec [personal profile] chaila's posts enough!

[ profile] beccatoria is running an epic NaViMaMo and every vid is awesome!


Title: so happy
Summary: Sarah Connor. Olivia Dunham. Unsettling parallels.

This was a really fantastic and awesome and just! I love [personal profile] chaila forever for pointing out the parallels between Sarah and Olivia!

Title: Diary of Jane
Summary: Olivia tries to find her place in the wrong world.

Spoilers to current episode of Fringe. I love how this is about altOlivia!

Title: It's Not Before/It's Not After
Summary: Olivia before and after

Same warnings as above! It's lovely how the lyrics line up with the images!


CJ Cregg, Josh Lyman and Maps:


Also, I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in a dance class! My first ever dance class! I am both excited and anxious because despite a few months of capoeira and boxing I have the dexterity and coordination of a drunk panda!

Still, dance class!
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The Failbender is failing so hard. And its getting 9% Freshness from Rotten Tomatoes. This is so very precious.

And Ebert gives the movie a HALF-star! HAH!

After the miscalculation of making the movie as live action, there remained the challenge of casting it. Shyamalan has failed. His first inexplicable mistake was to change the races of the leading characters; on television Aang was clearly Asian, and so were Katara and Sokka, with perhaps Mongolian and Inuit genes. Here they're all whites. This casting makes no sense because (1) It's a distraction for fans of the hugely popular TV series, and (2) all three actors are pretty bad. I don't say they're untalented, I say they've been poorly served by Shyamalan and the script. They are bland, stiff, awkward and unconvincing.

Really, aside from all other issues, Shyamalan is the wrong director for Avatar: The Last Airbender. AtLA is fun, hopeful, grand and epic. It is not a moody story filled with ~atmosphere~.

If there should have been an AtLA movie it should have been an animated movie. Or, they could have still made this movie epic if the people working for the movie had an ounce of respect for the source material. They didn't. And, that was a recipe for disaster.

In the words of Justified's showrunner, Graham Yost:

"The problem with anything is when people think they can improve upon it," he says. "I think that’s pretty dangerous with Elmore. He’s pretty great as it is. You get Peter Jackson to do ‘Lord of the Rings’ because he loves ‘Lord of the Rings.’ You get someone to do Elmore Leonard because they love Elmore Leonard, not because they want to make a cop movie."

It was clear from the beginning Shyamalan and the people involved in the movie had neither respect nor love for Avatar: The Last Airbender and that's their downfall. The fans have been up in arms about it and yet they were arrogant enough to assume that they can wave us off.

My only concern about this is that a majority of the people who will be watching might not know about AtLA and assume that the series is as dire as the movie. Which it isn't, by a long shot.

Someone in LJ recasted the movie and I wished that this was the cast the movie went for instead of the one they insisted on keeping. Here, look at the recast. It's perfect!

Particularly when Dev Patel was recasted as Sokka because OMG. That works! That works! He is Sokka! And I can't unsee it now!

This could have been a good movie but Shyamalan failed it spectacularly.


Awesome Ladies Ficathon is in Dreamwidth!


It feels good to have a new administration. There's still a ways to go but I feel like its better than the yoke we've been living under.
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I found this interesting post on genius wranglers by [ profile] thelana and it made me realize, it is kind of a popular trope today, innit?

Even Crews and Reese fell into it (although I don't think Crews was a genius, just a guy with a different perspective and social skills) and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But it does make the dynamic in Fringe even more interesting.

It's because in this team Olivia Dunham isn't the genius wrangler, it is Peter and Astrid but mainly it's Peter who falls into the role (aside from his frequent Distressed Damsel role:)). Olivia can also focus Walter too but during those times things tend to be dire and Olivia... angry.

(Did I mention how much I love Olivia and Walter's dynamic? I did? Well, I wanna repeat it again because it is fantastic and complicated.)

This show subverts many of the gender tropes and that just adds to all the things that makes Fringe so good. Well, not the science, since most of it is really the science of Handwave Skience variety.

Oh, no. I am really getting attached to this show.

Maybe I should start repeating Crews' 'I am not attached to (place object you are not attached to)' because it works for him.

...okay, maybe not.


I haven't seen the new Leverage yet but the 'Not Sure Yet' song has been stuck in my head all day and it reminds me how much the song fits Nate and Sophie. I still remember the scene in second season premiere where Sophie leaves the bar and Nate orders an 'Irish' and contemplates the drink but leaves it behind.


Look guys, it's an awesome ficathon!

Recs for Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Life, SGA/SG-1, Veronica Mars )

Here we go

May. 29th, 2010 08:21 pm
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I can't wait for the new Nikita! When I learned about the reboot I was very ambivalent since Nikita for me will always be Peta Wilson but once I learned the new Nikita will be played by Maggie Q? I could not wait for it enough!

An Asian American woman in a starring, kick-ass role! How awesome is that??? A million times awesome that's what!

From [personal profile] the_grynne:

Even Shane West, who I had serious reservations on seemed to really fit! Which is good! Because the whole preview is awesome and interesting!


Hmm. I haven't caught up with the season finale of NCIS... while I find the recent events interesting I thought the second half of the season was... well, boring. The addition of Rena Sofer in a recurring role isn't helping since she hasn't offered anything interesting to the table.

It's a shame since I really thought things would take an interesting turn with Ziva and the group but... well... other than a few moments I haven't been as engaged. Okay, I admit I watch NCIS more for the Ziva show.

Spoiler for Season 7 )


Agent Afloat Atlantis by Mhalachai
Summary: Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected. (NCIS/Stargate Atlantis crossover)

In many ways, I really wish this is what happened because its very true to Ziva in the way she's moving through her life after the team is forcibly disbanded at the end of season 5 and the way she's coping and finding purpose in Atlantis, of all places. And I can really see Ziva in at Atlantis and how much she fits in with the group.
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Finally catching up to my 'To watch' list:

Generation Kill Ep 1-2 )


Kitchen Confidential

This show premiered the same year as How I Met Your Mother but where HIMYM thrived KC was cut down. I didn't give KC the time of day then despite having Bradley Cooper and Nicholas Brendon but then again I'm glad I only discovered the show now, after time and distance because I'd accept the cancelation easily.

It's a fun show and a bonus, I didn't know Owain Yeoman's here! I didn't even know he was really British 'til this show! (BTW, Yeoman was also in GK!)

Also, it has a lot of food, who wouldn't love that?


Merlin Season 2

I have a confession, I didn't watch this season all the way through... I'm not that enthusiastic of the show and I admit I only watch for Gwen and the Gwen and Arthur so I cheated and only watched those moments.

I think I'd be more interested in this show if it was the story of Gwen becoming Guinevere, the Queen of Camelot. It's interesting to me how in this world, Gwen doesn't even have the advantage of nobility. Here, we see Gwen really cares for the people of Camelot because she is one of them, she sees how much Uther's laws are affecting the people and I love that Gwen constantly challenges Arthur to be a better man and more, that Arthur is rising up to the challenge. We see that if he is confronted with the truth he does listen, you just have to slap the truth into him.

Fic Rec
Vita Guineveris by [personal profile] selenak
Summary: Five times Gwen had an epiphany. Apprenticeship of a Queen.

Is there any surprise I rec'd this? I love it because its gen and it's about Gwen coming into her own and really, that's all I really want.


Fans are auctioning of their fanworks, the proceeds will be used to help Haiti. If you're interested pelase visit [community profile] help_haiti. If you're interested to go direct, they also have a collection of links where to donate.
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I'm watching [profile] chasarumba's fantastic Casino Royale vid, Skin on repeat. I can't believe how she could pack a whole movie in just three minutes! Skin is such a beautiful synchronization of source and music and just... the cuts and the effects. It's simply breathtaking.


Moar interviews, this time from [personal profile] angstbunny:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on ...

The questions and the answers )


Caught up with Castle, I do believe this show is getting better and better.

Castle - A Death in the Family )


The thing about mornings by [personal profile] fialka

It's Castle-fic! And how!
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Gah. I just heard about TSCC's cancellation and I feel for everyone.

Also, I see the NBC schedule and nothing in the new line up intersts me. Plus, five hours of Leno can't be fun.

Of the good, [profile] comice started a Life WIP, Seven, post-One.

I'm excited because [profile] comice is an X-File MSR writer and I love [profile] comice dipping a toe in the fandom.


I seem to be suffering from a strange condition of shipping fatigue; not in every fandom but I notice this occurs whenever I see anything about Barney/Robin or Chuck/Blair. Not that I'm against 'em, heck, I'm even shipping Barney/Robin in the show. It's just that I guess I'm tired of seeing HIMYM discussion revolve around Barney/Robin.

For me Barney/Robin is just one aspect of the show, I also love Marshall and Lily and, believe it or not, Ted. And, yes, I do care about Ted finding the Mother. I get a twitter of excitement whenever I even see a hint of the Mother.

I love the group dynamic. Also, this seems to be the only show that can successfully bring couples together and keep them interesting. This show laughs in the face of the 'Moonlighting' effect. I also, love the way this show plays with time. It pays off the long time viewer because you don't know when they'll callback to something that was done a few seasons ago.

HIMYM - The Leap )

NCIS - Legends/Aliyah )

Bones season finale... it was different and I don't know what to feel about it.


If you're wondering, I still am on an Avatar kick although I'm a wee leery about taking a dip into that fandom since I heard tell the fandom gives Harry Potter fandom a run for its money. I'm not up for that since I'm not that invested with the shipping, well, okay, I am but its not a big thing for me and I kind of go with the ships the show established.

Also, I'm more interested in meta discussions and gen/Bob and if possible a bit of Azula/Ty Lee (What? It is canon!) thrown in.

And I found a couple of fics to fit the bill:

Drawn by [personal profile] queenofthecute and spawned a fic community in [profile] powercorruptsau.

Summary: Eight years after the Avatar killed Firelord Ozai, a beaten Azula escapes into the new world ruled by the war's heroes. But in the midst of spreading "peace", just who is the villain... and who is fighting for good?

I love the thought of a not quite sane Azula battling the trio of power and this time, she's the force for good. That'd turn anyone's head I'm sure. But I also seem to love good guys turned ambigously bad. It's a thing.

Heart of Fire by MhasterGandalf. The first in a trilogy. Azula-centric. I love this because it doesn't whitewash Azula but it does make her wanting to change believable, if only so she could keep her sanity. MG has also started writing Path of Fire, the sequel to Heart of Fire.

Consequences of Power by Matt Thermos
Summary: Azula has escaped and plans her revenge. Meanwhile, Zuko tries to piece together what drove them apart in the first place and wonders if his sister, like him, can be saved.

Again, this is a fantastic story, in that the writer refuses to 'woobify' Azula. Yes, she has undergone a lot but it doesn't change that before her breakdown and defeat Azula was a terrifying soldier who had no compunctions about the ruthlessness of her actions to reach her goals. At the same time, Azula is undergoing a change. Also, this has one of the best Original Character I've encountered.

To Tread Lightning by SkyWarrior108
Summary: What if Azula hadn’t lost her mind? How different would the outcome of the war have been?

This is the one that really piqued my curiosity. I've always thought that if Azula had not lost her mind (as someone said, of course the only person who could defeat Azula is Azula) she would totally rock at being a Fire Lord (and, er, if she were not fighting for the wrong side). This is one of the believable stories and she does, indeed, make a formidable Fire Lord and enemy much more than Ozai. But I love how Zuko is now playing Iroh to Azula.

Broken Dragon and Fireflight by Nikipinz. (Azula/Ty Lee)

This is a pretty long and satisfying epic and its WIP sequel is shaping up to be the same. Although there were sections that were too... Hurt/Comfort for me. And Zuko is kind of a jerk in this story, understandbly so but I still wanted to hit him over the head.


Damn it, Aang. Why is Aang with hair so... hot? He is canonically 12 years old, self! You should not find him hot, even though he is constantly shirtless!

I'm gonna burn in that special hell. I know it.



Our God is a Distant God by [profile] lassiterfics (Philippines/Spain; Philippines/USA)

The Philippines sits in a café whose walls change color and whose floors are carved from dark stone. Her legs are crossed and her coffee is black. Spain will soon come - she knows this is true like she knows she is alive. When he walks through the door in a fashionable suit and that damnable cigarette in hand, she blurts out, “Do you ever miss me?”

The reds and dark purples on his face are fading, but they are still there. He touches her cheek, looks in her eyes, says, “Querida. I am in your veins.”

Anthromorphic fic! *wavy arms* ZOMG. This is just... I never thought I'd find a fic like this. It's the Philippines as a person and it describes the country so, so well. And I'm just... the writing is so evocative that I can't help but flail!

Philippines, stay away from other countries! It'll only end up in tears and madness!

For I am a sheep:


Go ahead, lay it on me! I can handle it! (I think) This should be fun!
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Just came from the company outing, we were in Batangas so four hour's travel, both ways and I am so tired and drained. But I went out kayaking which was fun and flying fox, I don't know the technical term for it but basically they strap you into a harness then connect it to the wire and push you off the highest tree and you scream your lungs out.


Unfortunately, besides the massage, that's all what that place had to offer and all I really wanted to do was go home.

[ profile] pers_pineapple has another newsletter up, yay for our little fandom that could!


The Searchers by [ profile] vee_fic
Summary: What kind of people would revere somebody like you?
Charlie Crews. Dani Reese. Kyle Hollis.

This fic. This fic! I already miss the show lots, and I mean lots but this story, has sharpened my longing for the show. Charlie and Dani interrogates Kyle and the tension, the things unsaid and the things that will be said and the things to come... It's so pitch perfect I can see how this might happen, could happen. It makes me ache for Life to return now, to see this on screen and hear the words said and gah... I love this story a lot because it captures everythring: the rhythm and language of Reese and Crews investigative partnership, the fierce loyalty, the quests and Kyle, the center of the storm. Calm then fearful and... and so many things.

I've downloaded the story to my PDA and read it over and over to and from Batangas and it still leaves me with the same emotional punch, the same breathless feeling and longing.

I want to gush about this story more but I'll save it for later. I still can't believe how good my little show is.
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It's holy week here, basically, means that everyone is on holiday. Everyone but me. Work can be a real bitca.

New Amsterdam - Soldier's Heart/Honor )

Torchwood: Something Borrowed - Adrift )

BTW the 15 character meme is still on going so anyone who'd like to participate can click here

That's not to say I didn't participate in another meme... I've become a meme sheep. :)

Icon meme gakked from [ profile] vonnie_k

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons. Pick five of my icons, too, if you so desire.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

Unfortunately, since I've only a limited number of icons I can only answer so much but hey, spread the icon squee!

icon meme )

You'd think that would fill my meme quota, huh? Apparently... not so much.

Gakked from [ profile] sophia_helix. I enjoyed reading the responses to this meme and thought to try my hand in it.

Three things _____ did after the world ended by _____.

e.g. Three things Toby Flenderson did after the world ended by nuclear attack.
e.g. Three things Luna Lovegood did after the world ended by clowns.

Fandoms I'm willing to write in:

Blood Ties (S1)
Doctor Who (2005)
New Amsterdam


Life links

[ profile] pers_pineapple returns with a lovely discussion on Serious Control Issues come and join us, the water's very fine.

[ profile] firthgal has some thoughts on Charlie and Constance's relationship, and a Damian Lewis picspam! *sigh* That man is heavenly.


And the Rest You Can Keep by [ profile] aj

All the darkness and edges of our girl in one short but bittersweet story.
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Augh. Curse me and my poor self control. Apparently there's a Life spoiler floating around and I couldn't help myself and I clicked and now I wish I hadn't.

I can't wait for Fall but now that there are spoilers around I have to admit I'm feeling nervous about the second season.

Life S2 spoilers and thoughts )

But, oh, I'm so happy Life continues to gain new fans, [ profile] annakovsky, [ profile] ainsley and [ profile] firthgirl are now hooked on Life!

My excitement over new fans has nothing at all to do with the potential fic that may arise from their enthusiasm. Yep.


links, linkage, link-a-mania. Links. )


Criminal Minds season 1 and 2 )

Up to A Day In Death )

Meme gakked from [ profile] roga (via friendsfriends):

1) Make a list of 15 characters and assign each character a number.

2) Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them, i.e. "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?"

3) Post the list of characters and answers to the questions.

Characters from: Life, Buffy, Farscape, Smallville, Doctor Who, HIMYM, 30 Rock, Burn Notice.

Adopting [ profile] rilina's spoiler policy please use mark-up: <span style="color: #333333;background-color: #333333"> Spoilers here.</span>
grimorie: (Default) is really chock full of Damian Lewis and Life goodness: Kristin Dos Santos reports Rand Ravich confirms that Life will resume filming in Mayvery slight, slight spoilers, cutting just to be safe )

Why isn't it Fall yet? What I wouldn't give for a TARDIS!

Also? I'm really jealous of those who've seen the SCC finale.


[ profile] tassosss tagged me so here goes:

a) List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b) Tag seven people to do the same
c) Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

cut for the curious )

tagging: [ profile] nuit_belle , [ profile] rodlox , [ profile] monanotlisa , [ profile] rosa_writes , [ profile] amy_wolf , [ profile] wheresmycow , [ profile] butterflykiki




Origin Stories by [ profile] giandujakiss
Summary: It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat.

I think more than anything, it was Nikki Wood and Robin Wood's arc in the series that tipped me into disliking Spike. I like him still in some shallow way and I still do enjoy his attitude but I *hated* how the Mutant Enemy writing team didn't do any justice to Nikki. I hated that he still had the audacity to wear the coat. It rankled me a *lot*.

This vid is just... it's everything I felt and threw in a couple more things I know I might have missed. It's about Nikki and Robin Wood, it's about the slayers, it's about the coat and it's about Spike.

Actually, go read this for a far more insightful commentary on the vid.


La Familia by Chrissie

Millie falls ill and the Chant household is turned topsy turvy.

It's such a lovely and pitch perfect story it's almost exactly like reading DWJ's novels with added bonus of bringing and referencing past events from other Chrestomanci novels.

ETA: Added link to Origin Stories commentary I forgot to put in.
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I again, ventured and watched the STAR WORLD broadcast of Life featuring Let Her Go. Seriously. Life without its original music makes me want to cry.

The person who picked the alternative music fails at Life. Literally. The music is so low key and it's just... the awesome scenes are not as awesome because of the music change. I eeded a pick me up after this and fortunately, the universe was kind enough to provide one... in the form of the hotness of one Damian Lewis.

These pictures were taken, if I'm not mistaken from the recent Sundance Festival. And, guh, Damian Lewis is a fine, fine man.

More Damian Lewis under the cut )

Gossip Girl 1x01-1x13 )

The Sarah Connor Chronicles up to Dungeons & Dragons and possible cracky crossover thoughts )

And, uh, I think I should stop there. Yes, somehow, I made TSCC all about Life, I make everything about Life sooner or later. This is not news.


Recs )

resources: [ profile] dryope and
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More Breaking Life news: NBC has ordered second 13 episodes for Life.

Last February 12, Star World (9 PM) aired Life for the first time and even if I've seen Merit Badge a dozen times it was a different experience watching it live. The episode does feel like it was moving too fast and I never felt that while watching before. Still, I felt like bouncing because the show was on TV! And Airing in Asia!

And a fellow Pinoy has started blogging about it: Damian Lewis plays a Zen ex-con in "Life"

Folks, don't let all the good feeling pass you by,[ profile] pers_pineapple is doing a rewatch of 'Fallen Angel', I think this episode kicked off the dust and started the trend and visual style of the show, from here on out things just kept getting better and better. Plus, it has one of the best villain introductions EVER.



Accidental Heroes by [ profile] nestra

Ianto/Charlie. I don't really see Charlie as slashable despite what may or may not have happened in prison but the ending sells it all, a real kick in the gut.

Persistence of Memory by [ profile] butterflykiki
Doctor Who/Supernatural crossover

Martha and the Winchesters in the Year of Hell. Really, really fantastic story all around.
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I just learned that Star World will be showing Life in Asia on February 12, Star World has some nice Life promos unfortunately I don't have the means to upload and record it. I did, however, re-watch Dig A Hole and this scene made me squee:

and inspired me to create some icons and even update my profile.

I love how Reese slightly leans on Crews and the way the sun hits the roof of her car just so... It shows how relaxed she is now in Charlie's company. Seriously, the best non-ship partnershippery ever.

Plus, in honor of the upcoming Asian premiere have some icons:

Life icons: Merit Badge, Serious Control Issues and Dig A Hole )

Also managed to find a picture of Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Life creator Rand Ravich during a press preview.

Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi )



[ profile] tzegha made another brilliant Life fanvid featuring Charlie, everyone and the conspiracy.

Good Night by [ profile] rosa_acicularis

Summary: One for sorrow, two for joy. The Doctor, down the rabbit hole.

Another brilliant story, sequel to the equally brilliant and disturbing Do I Twist or Do I Fold
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God, learning about Heath Ledger's death was such a shock, of all the celebrities Heath was the furthest person I'd ever imagine dying of old age. I first saw him in 10 Things I Hate About You and absolutely loved him in it and more or less followed his career.

I don't think, I really don't think that he used sleeping pills on purpose, 'til otherwise stated by officials I think the overdose was an accident and not something he planned.

RIP, Heath Ledger. You were such a bright star.


I've been thinking about Doctor Who latetly (yes, I do think of other subjects other than Life) I haven't finished watching Voyage of the Damned yet but was spoiled for some of the events in VotD, also I've been procrastinating about watching the new Torchwood because I really can't wrap my mind around the concept of Torchwood = Good.

It's just... its the one show I love hating, y'know?

Doctor Who season 4 thoughts )

Warning: A wee Ten rant )

Oh, and just a reminder, folks, [ profile] pers_pineapple will have its re-watch of Life Tear Asunder - 1x02, on Wednesday.


In Motion by [ profile] nuit_belle

Yeah, Dani would almost rather be back dealing with the python than be face to face with Crews’ ex-wife.

A short missing scene during Fill It Up, short but insightful take on Dani during the events in episode 11.

Makes me miss Life even more.
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Life has some surprisingly good stories that's been keeping me from going crazy(ier) but most of them end up being too short, that is until [ profile] denynothing1 's Five Times Charlie Crews Didn't Tan (and One Time He got Burned) it's gen and a long, brilliant story about Charlie, the people around him that's so pitch perfect I can actually believe this could have happened in the show.

Fairy Tale of LA by [ profile] nestra , this is short but really, really bittersweet and again, pitch perfect. Especially Reese's last line, so Reese and... I just want to hug her.

I've also started watching other shows to help stave of my craving for more Life show.

watching bones, himym, 30 rock, journeyman, psych and eureka )

Thoughts on Reese's mom )

Plus GIP: isn't it pretty?
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So... I was re-watching Life again and there's this scene in Farthingale that's always piqued my curiosity.


A submerged flower by [profile] mirageofme
Charlie/Dani, gen

Great story with an excellent Reese voice. Reese in all her awesome, complex, almost always annoyed at Charlie goodness.

She really doesn’t like him some days. Like the days when his calm spreads like a storm cloud over a mountain. It’ll brush against her skin and make her twitch. No matter what it looks like, she’s not calm inside. She’s angry and screaming and glaring at the world for being so damn bright. She buys bigger sunglasses while Charlie tips his head back and lets the sun burn more lines into his skin.

“You’re going to get cancer you keep doing that.” She lets the words snap out of her mouth like they’re those little sharp things ninjas throw. She idly wonders if she’s been leaving the TV on too late at night if those are the kind of thoughts her mind produces.

He doesn’t reply, just tugs on her jacket until she’s parallel with him. She tilts her head back like she’s following his line of sight.

The sun is warm. Charlie is calm next to her. She feels like a supernova sometimes and wonders if she can kick him without looking stupid.

Patterns by LithiumDoll

An excellent Charlie-centric vid with heaps of Reese and partnershippery moments. Charlie in all his aspects. Spoilers up to episode 11

Fill it up picspam by [profile] vonnie_k Life is a really, really beautiful show. Speaking of Vonnie, she has her own personal pineapple! A personal pineapple she calls Charlie! Charlie Crews would be so proud!

Okay, and now I really, really need to sleep.
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So here was the agenda for the weekend:

a) watch classic who
b) write Lois meta
c) finish Rose Tyler story

But quite unfortunately, unexpectedly, I fell in love with a new show. A lovely, lovely new show (and how much do I love our new DSL connection? So very, very much). And guys, I didn't expect to fall in love with a new show. I was satisfied with Smallville and Doctor Who was in that place where it's sitting comfortably until the next cycle begins.  

I still like Bones but unfortunately I haven't had the motivation to finish season 2 and my love for Supernatural sort of petered out.

And then Life happened.

The show I mean.

I always liked procedurals but I love arc-y, character focused procedurals more. It's why I loved Bones. As long as the plot wasn't outrageously riddled with holes I can quite happily ignore the plot holes.

Life is about Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) a cop falsely accused for triple homicde and was sent to prison for 12 years, after being exonorated and winning a settlement against the City of Los Angeles Charlie is once again reinstated to the LAPD as a detective. Unlike the hundred and one procedurals on TV Life isn't just be another brooding, noir-ish procedural.

In fact, it has more in common with Veronica Mars with its focus on characters and a long season arc. 

I've heard about Life because Claudia Black was supposed to be Charlie Crews' (Damian Lewis) ex-wife but she was pregnant so she had to back out. So I thought my involvement with the series ended with that and that if I did watch it it will only be because of Damian Lewis. Then I read [ profile] vonnie_k's post on the show, then I read her quest for a song in the one episode and became curious enough to search for an episode and happened to see the first few minutes of Farthingale.

And I fell.

The cinematography was nothing short of amazing and the musical choice (One by Aimee Mann) was fantastic, the start was quirky and... it had a wonderful female character. There and then I decided to get all the episodes ASAP. I mainlined the eight episodes during the whole weekend and have been obsessively rewatching all the episodes.

The beautiful, beautiful thing about this series is that it isn't just about Charlie Crews Life is populated by interesting characters and people. See, the thing about me (and yes, I'm going to say it again) is that I really can't be invested in a series unless I have a female viewpoint character -- John Crichton's an exception because: John!


Detective Dani Reese (Sarah Sashi), it was actually [ profile] vonnie_k's rec to[ profile] nestra's rec post and their write up about Reese Life that made me consider the show but I didn't really know that I would love the show or Reese. Reese is Crew's partner, a former undercover agent and a recovering addict Reese has issues (or should I say ISSUES?) that is totally separate from Crews. Reese is complicated and has her own motives and agency and despite her issues when she's at work she doesn't let that affect her. More thoughts about Life characters )

And just to round things up, I'm adding a few photos of Reese and Crews.

Click for the pretty )



via [ profile] vonnie_k a fanmade opening credits for Life, which in my head is now personal canon because it works so well.

A fabulous Life promo by [ profile] tzegha - Meditation.


Charlie Crews and Dani Reese picspam - [ profile] fourteenlines

Life Fic Recs )

And on a very last note, GIP! Icon made by [ profile] art_in_disguise.  

Edited: Sorry, I meant Shahi is part Persian not Iranian.

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