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Can't sleep yet even though I *should* be sleeping. So, instead of sleeping I went ahead and watched! Multifandoms, ahoy!

Doctor Who

I finally, finally got around to sit myself down and write something about Classic Doctor Who through the very, very, very kind efforts of [ profile] livii and [ profile] vandovan.

Spearhead from Space )

UNIT recruitment video )

Invasion of the Dinosaurs )

Tomb of the Cybermen )

Dresden Files

I really like this series, I think it was [ profile] thassalia who mentioned that Dresden Files was an updated throwback to the 80s detective stories and I think that's a very good description to the series. I also love Murphy. She's so prickly.

Yes, I kinda do have a THING for prickly characters!

Blood Ties

I've seen the four episodes and I like it so far and I love Victoria's glasses. Henry worked a lot better than I thought. I wonder if there's any crossover between Dresden Files and Blood Ties? They both seem like a logical choice to crossover. Plus, I'm sure Victoria and Murphy will get along well!:)


Oh, and hey! Guys, mosey on over to [ profile] rose_lives! Rose Tyler, Girl Adventurer ficathon is up! There are some fabulous stories there! Speaking of, I also had a drabble some time ago posted here:

Fire and Gold
Doctor Who, Rose Tyler, G
She dreamed sometimes of fire and gold and singing and death

It's about Rose and supposedly my thoughts about the Bad Wolf and how it affects/ed her but it went no where so, I just posted it up. But I'm happy with how it turned out. There are some stories that are really short and others that just goes on and on.

Short rant about Rose, Bad Wolf and RTD. )

In a way, I do like that Rose is in a parallel world. It means her canon's closed 'til such time RTD decides to bring her back, we can imagine a bunch of stuff Rose is doing without fear of getting jossed.
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So... I was looking around Google documents and I found this thing I was working on a few months ago. It didn't go anywhere so, here it goes.

Title: Fire and Gold
Characters:  Rose
Spoilers: Doctor Who S1 and S2 [Bad Wolf, PoTW and Tooth and Claw compliant]
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Please don't forget to sign-up for the Rose Tyler and Martha Jones ficathon! Sign-ups are until April 29, 2007 (midnight GMT).

Sign ups and more information can be found in this post here

Also, this is a GIP.

C'mon, don't tell me it isn't fun: Rose and Martha, they fight crime! (And Evil Alien Overlords)
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The Rose Tyler and Martha Jones Ficathon

19th April 2007-10th June 2007

So, remember the Rose and Martha detective thing I posted here? Well [profile] bytheseaside and I were talking and it ended with us deciding that we really would like to see Rose and Martha together. So we present: The Rose Tyler and Martha Jones ficathon.

Sign ups and more information can be found in this post here
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So, here's the thing... when exactly did Rose fall in love with the Doctor?

I've been re-watching season 1 again and from what I've seen episodes 1-5 Rose didn't seem to have a crush on Nine yet. They have a connection and she likes to flirt but from Rose to the Unquiet Dead, heck even in Aliens of London/World War III Rose didn't seem she was in love yet

Let's break down episodes 1 to 5 shall we?

In Rose, Rose was very curious of the Doctor: who and why does this Northern bloke keep appearing out of nowhere and saying interesting but really strange things? So she goes and plays detective and researches the Doctor on the net and meets Clive, an okay man but who seems very off and Rose decides to go on with her life and is starting to worry about her future. Because she's still blind to seeing strange things she doesn't notice how strange Mickey is until the Doctor pops up again and beheads her boyfriend in front of her. Then she learns what the Doctor really is and she's intrigued and she's developing a taste for this adventure thing.

In the first act of the End of the World Rose is still a little unsure of this 'time travel thing' and finds the Doctor amusing especially with the way he tries to impress her. But once they hit Platform One she's overwhelmed by everything she's seeing:  aliens, the end of the world, a trampoline claiming to be human, a tree flirting with the Doctor (and the Doctor flirting back) and the fact she's basically gone off with a stranger.

They fight about it and Nine's basically sulky about that fact and didn't seem to be the type to open up to another person anytime soon she offers an olive branch and he does something very amazing for her: he rigs her phone and now she can talk to Jackie even if they're billions of years away from each other.

By episode's end she's seen the world end and when the Doctor finally opens up about his past and identity she could somehow relate. When Nine asks her if she still wants to go on traveling with him knowing how dangerous his life is, Rose is unsure how to answer and sidesteps everything by asking for some chips much to Nine's amazement and delight. It's another step for their friendship.

I'm just up to that episode so, I'm still not clear when Rose realized she was not only attracted to the Doctor but in love as well.
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More Doctor Who talk what a surprise! Heh.

Anyway, I've posted this on several LJ comments this past week and I thought I'd share. There isn't a doubt that I like Martha, there isn't anything about her to dislike and for the moment she has no flaws so it is rather easy to like her. She's smart and tough and calls the Doctor whenever he gets all over the top. Also, to no one's surprise I love Rose. Loved her from the first moment up to her last.

Also, I don't think Martha is better than Rose, or Rose better than Martha in this game its all about preference, most people prefer Martha others Rose that's just how the ball rolls.

What I dislike very much is the implication that Rose isn't smart. I don't think that. She's plenty smart she's just not as educated as Martha. Rose knew some space trivia that I'd have trouble pulling from my head -- she knew about continental drifts and the sun expanding and when (End of the World), she was familiar with blackholes (Impossible Planet/Satan Pit) and she apparently watches classic Trek for me she really reads like a closet geek. She also has good hunches: the robot santas in the Christmas Invasion, the TV in  Idiot's Lantern and of course Fear Her.

In fact if Doctor Who were a cop show Martha and Rose would be two types of detectives. Rose would be the type of detective who follows her instincts and intuition and Martha would be the methodical one who follows the evidence. Both method work and there's nothing to condemn about that. In fact, if they were a real detective team I'd say they'd work real well as partners. 
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...will still stir quite a controversy  )

thoughts on New Ground and world building Pete's World )

All in all ending this of course with me shamelessly reccing: New Ground. A seven part gen adventure story with Rose, Mickey and Jake in Pete's World.

UNIT love

Apr. 1st, 2007 06:40 pm
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I have fallen in love with UNIT sight unseen. I've been researching UNIT on wikipedia and then reading some UNIT fanfics and I am in looooove!

Mostly, I blame [personal profile] livii.

UNIT is just, they're not perfect but they do the best they can and the Brigadier recognizes he needs a scientific adviser and takes on the Doctor!

I love UNIT!

Back when I didn't even know a lot about UNIT(except from what I've seen in TCI and the love for the Brigadier) and Owen started going on about UNIT as amateurs I immediately saw red. I already disliked him in the first ep but by the second one, oh it was ON. I don't even know why I got all protective over a fictional organization I've only heard referenced.

Maybe because, Torchwood hasn't proven itself to me yet and they're already talking smack about an organization that has good people and done a lot in protecting the world. And to this day Torchwood has yet to prove they could save the world.

I'm still zen but I really should learn to stop checking on DW reviews but I can't help it *shakes head*.

Rose isn't stupid she may not be book smart but she's smart. Martha's older and has a much more steadying influences in her life. No need to go on comparing, they're clearly different people from different backgrounds who both share level heads, inquisitive minds and a sense of wonder.

Like Freema said, apples and oranges.

I do have to wonder what Martha's faults will be since we all know that RTD likes to make his characters human. From Rose, to the Doctor, Jackie, Mickey and look at the people in Torchwood Three who are nothing but big walking Issues.
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I've found my Doctor Who zen or should I say Rose zen? It's one long in coming and ts basically: mileage varies.

Yes, I know not deeply original but now instead of just mouthing it, I'm really feeling it. It started I think, on reading Paul Cornell's entry about Doctor Who canon and finding after a decade that all novels and Big Finish Audios on Eight are now considered non-canon now that DW series is back in BBC.

Then I read the recent Big Issue article on Billie Piper where Billie says that she's finally moved on from the Rose Tyler, meaning, I think, she can now play other roles besides the Doctor's companion.

It hit me that I can let go -- that if Billie's zen about it I can also be zen about it.

So, now, I came up to the following conclusions: Doctor Who is like comics. It has parallel universes and conflicting canons that I can just pick and choose, that my Rose can go on having adventures in zeppelins with Mickey and Jake and no one can contradict that because a) closed canon (for now) and b) it's my mileage.

Speaking of Paul Cornell, he was the one writer I missed during S2 -- I loved Father's Day and I loved it being so emotionally fraught for both Rose and Nine and that they actually came to conflict there. I think he was the one writer missing from the S2 line-up and looking at the DW S3 trailer especially the 'Only Human' part of the trailer S2 would have benefited from his writing.

Paul knows how to write Rose being believably human and making mistakes and yet, making it work. She doesn't come out as smug or incompetent just naive and wanting so, so very much to have the one thing she cannot have and have it bite her in the ass. He can write conflict and making relationships deeper and... all the other things.

I'm not expressing this well I do know that I miss Paul Cornell.

Oh, and S3 trailer? I know I'm going to love it! And I'm going to love Martha (as I suspected) I only wished they did these storylines in S2 because while I like the happy-hoppy-traveling vibes I'd have loved more dark stories -- more stories like Satan Pit/Impossible Planet. Plus, oh! Spoiler and Spoiler were there!

While the Doctor has his own adventures with his new shiny companion, Rose is definitely having her own now, possibly involving blowing things-up and jumping off cliffs!

Plus, all thanks to [personal profile] livii I am very much now a Rose/Benton shipper! And I don't even know who Benton is!

ETA: I see Guardian made a 5 Best Companions list and Rose made it to number 2! Yay, Rose! I'm always up for some Rose love!


1. Sarah-Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, 1973-6; recurring)
Come the 70s, feminism was making the Doctor Who girl's prime function of getting rescued look anachronistic. Enter feisty investigative journalist Sarah-Jane, who would challenge the Doctor clutching a notepad (as well as getting rescued). Elisabeth Sladen's jolly-hockey-sticks good nature made her the best-loved companion of all. She returned in last year's School Reunion a lonely spinster, unable to adjust to life on Earth after 20 years. After saving the world one more time, Sarah-Jane turned down the chance to re-join the Tardis, instead finding new adventure on Earth in CBBC spin-off The Sarah-Jane Adventures . Go girl!

2. Rose Tyler (Billie Piper, 2005-6)
For the series' emo re-fit, Rose Tyler taught the Doctor to love and gave him a new family and place to belong following the off-screen destruction of his home planet, Gallifrey. She proved that a shop assistant with no A-levels was more than a match for an alien genius; a courageous heart to foil his cold rationale. Her exit saw her get her family back, but meant they were trapped on a parallel world: her final farewell at Bad Wolf Bay was 2006's most devastating TV scene .


And, hah! How on the nose was the 'emo re-fit'? Description, huh? Heee.

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I committed comment fic -- and possibly  my first ever DW fic online -- in [personal profile] mrv3000's journal here

I was explaining that I have this thing, born out of [profile] cryptile's wonderful Past Due story, which I have internalized and love. The thing is this: I love all the Doctor slapping going around especially in [profile] wendymr and [personal profile] dark_aegis 's Why Stop at Thirteen (When you're having so much fun?) but I find that I love the idea of Rose throwing her shoes at the Doctor.

I love it. Other people can go on slapping the Doctor, she can throw her shoes at him!

Hence, comment fic!


March 31 is coming around fast and I still haven't finished my Rose fic (*cough* was supposed to be for the Rose Tyler gen ficathon *cough*) and I want it done because there are other stories clamoring for attention but won't go anywhere if this story won't finish! So, this is my solemn contract that I will have it up before March 31!

It's just the one scene I can't seem to work around! I've bitched, moaned and glared at the scene and still nothing!

Anyone interested and beta'ing the story? It's post-Doomsday, gen, implied Rose/Ten but definitely her moving on with her life. Sort of casefile-ish. Also, tiny itsy bitsy knowledge on Torchwood since I have one character from TW in this. Any takers?
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Doctor Who recs -- mostly Rose-centric, gen and otherwise.

Fic recs

Worlds in conjunction by Marylane

The Doctor makes a slight miscalculation with consequences to Rose. Lovely, heartbreaking story. Rose standing on her own in an unfamiliar world and surviving, it goes AU and refracts again into the canon in such a marvellous, heartbreaking way. I wish Doctor Who did these sort of stories because it could happen.

Most of Marylane's stories, I've decided to put into my personal Rose canon because it happened this way.

"What’s so terrible about that word?"
"Say again?"
"Forever. What’s so bad about forever?"
"It promises the one thing that can’t be done."

Send-Off by Marylane

Post-Doomsday, the Doctor finally achieves the impossible. A quiet and proper send-off to Rose and her life with the Doctor:

excerpt )

Quiet Life by Marylane

Impossible Planet AU, and yet so like Marylane's stories, still part of canon. Another 'what-if the Doctor never found the TARDIS story'. A wonderful, wonderful AU where Rose and the Doctor still live the same life they lived in the TARDIS.

It features Rose as a captain and I've always imagined Rose would be a good captain and this certainly proves it. It's so lovely a concept and the choice the Doctor has to make at the end is heartbreaking.

excerpt )

Here There Be by [profile] cryptile

This can't be a recommendation without this story. It's a shame Rose gen stories aren't more popular because this -- I think this is the definitive post-Doomsday Rose story. It has dinosaurs, Puff the Magic Piper, personal mythologies, a believable romance and Rose -- brittle, beautiful Rose who's coping and moving on, who's trying, trying so hard to fill the shoes of the Doctor in a Doctor-less universe. She isn't perfect and all too human. And this struggling to get by  Torchwood, this Torchwood that has Mickey, Jake and Rose roadtripping through Cardiff and London is the Torchwood I wanted to watch.

excerpt )

We Watched the Sun Go Down On Scotland (I Watched the Moon Come Up Over You) by [personal profile] minervacat

After Tooth & Claw, Rose and Ten spend a quiet time in Spain, a quiet, somber piece that's both hopeful and moody. It's Rose and Ten being introspective about the monsters and wonders they face.

excerpt )

Ever so much more than twenty by [personal profile] nuit_belle

Summary: All children, except one, grow up.
Another great post-Doomsday Rose, grown-up, still cherishing her memories with the Doctor but living a great life. And, also the Doctor as Peter Pan? Really works.

Roundabout by [profile] casirafics

Absolute favorite Nine/Rose story -- through Parting of the Ways. About revolutions, change and NINE. Nine who was my first Doctor and even though I've grown to love Ten, will always be my Doctor.

excerpt )

Seed Pearls by [personal profile] honorh

Summary: Rose's new universe is trying to fit her in. The process isn't easy, but once in a while, just once in a while, the universe gives something back for all it takes away.

Rose and Alt!Doctor -- John Smith is the most vibrant alt!Nine I've seen. And, of course, Bad Wolf enthusiast that I am, it has loads of Bad Wolf mentions and HonorH pulls it off without making me feel like we're drowning in Bad Wolf anvils.

Vid Rec:

All the Lonely People by laurashapiro

Summary: What is the cost of a better life?

Rose and the Doctor and all the cost it takes to being with the Doctor, Rose as Eleanor Rigby. I miss my girl.
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This is really so hard, I love Rose Tyler. I do -- I love her quirks, her passion for danger, her adrenaline junkie self and her compassion, I love her faults too. There isn't anything about her I don't love.

She's the type of fictional character that I can feel breathless over not because I want to be her but because I want to read/see her story played over and over. And it's just hard sometimes when I see her character bashed so many times and harder still when I'm beginning to realize that a lot of the uneveness in Rose's characterization in S2 might have been deliberate.

I have finally come to terms with a new companion and even admit to myself that I might come to like Martha -- no, I'm certain that I will but it hurts, reading RTD's assessment about Martha and Doctor's relationship and it just struck me that what they did to Rose might have been deliberate.

It's also hard to wade in the Martha community knowing that Rose's character would be criticized and that's hard because I feel after Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, that Rose is getting a short shrift. We've left with the image of her crying and while that worked with me the first (second, third, okay, tenth) viewing, I've also realized I'd have loved a scene after Rose cries on her mother's shoulders that she straightens her back and moves on, a clip of her fighting aliens and defending the Earth. I would love that assurance that she does go on and live a fantastic life. It's all I ask really, that my girl is doing well in her world.

I really don't have issues with other companions, I've started watching Four and I love Romana, I really do -- and I do subscribe with the popular opinion that Four and Romana were married, because they were! But since Rose is my first companion I'm not likely to let go of the love soon.

And, really, I'm not naive enough to think that Rose is Doctor's great love of his life, he's been alive for a millenia he's bound to pile on some exes and unlike Angel he was capable of loving before meting Rose. Quite frankly, I want Rose to move on hold what she had with the Doctor and yet capable of loving another person. I don't want her to be pining away because that's not my girl. She's adaptable and can bounce back from any situation given time. Heck, when they were stuck in the Impossible Planet she's the one who's gone native.

I miss Rose.
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[personal profile] synecdochic came out confessing polyamorous relationship with all things creative here and I'm coming out to confess it too -- only I've chosen to do so with two projects I'm currently working on since the list I have dates back YEARS ago.

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