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Lois Lane, any incarnation
For [personal profile] selenak

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The awesomeness that is Olivia Badass Motherfucker Dunham for [ profile] bleedingheart80

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Vampire Diaries - Plan B )


Brief reactions to Smallville's Homecoming and Isis )


I still miss Fringe when is the baseball thing gonna end so I can watch new episodes NOW?!
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I very much suck at updating and replying to my comments.

Remember when I used to update often? Yeah, I miss those days too!

In bullet points because, apparently that's all I'm capable today:

  • The Vampire Diaries: I admit, I was judge-y. I judged. I thought it was just a Twilight on TV but it wasn't! I've been seeing posts aout TVD for some time now and even saw some episodes and I really thought it wouldn't click for me. Then I watched the season finale.

    Oh, my. )

    Can anyone recommend episodes I should check out?

  • Veronica Mars S3: There's a certain benefit to watching a show that's no longer airing. It means I can skip the not so good episodes, which I did. I stopped watching VM after season 2 and from what I've heard about the third season, I knew I wasn't going to like it so I stopped watching but there were good reviews about the second half of the season and that's where I started and I loved it! The Dean murder arc was so awesome and fantastic game changed and so very noir! I need to picspam that arc one of these days!

  • HIMYM: It took a while but I have to agree that this season is the weakest. This season had no arc and it is really hurting the show and the characters and I think next season has to be the last. They can't keep it up.

  • The Big Bang Theory: I was not happy with how Bernadette was written out off screen.

  • FNL S4 (EP 1-3): Coach and Mrs. Coach! Julie and Matt! Three episodes in and I'm desperate for the Lions to win something.

  • Smallville Finale: OMG. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  • I now have A Conspiracy of Kings! SQUEE!

...I actually don't have a lot of things to bullet point!
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2009 has come and gone and its time to review my fannish year:

2009 Fannish Year in Review )


So. NBC. Moving Leno back an hour.

I have so many things to say but it all it seems to boil down to is: Other networks are laughing at you so hard. I bet they even had a betting pool going just when you'll cave.
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Finally caught up with Smallville. I missed this show, it does have its way with crack.

Gemini )

Persona )

Siren )
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Blue )

In conclusion: Overall, I felt that the episode was too rushed, there were some good moments that would have been better if the director took a breath and just slowed down.
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Short thoughts on Smallville episodes before I finally turn in to sleep.

I think, by far, this season is the most coherent one since season four. I think by Wrath I can safely say that Al and Miles have thought up how this season would go. I also have a confession to make, I like Lana. I really do. She's not all bad as some fans would like us to think and as the seasons progressed and as she went steadily dark I began liking her more and more.

Kara to Wrath )

Lois and Grant )

I have more thoughts but I'm so sleepy I'll have to complete this next time.

Vid rec: Samson by [ profile] bop_radar

Whatever your thoughts on Clark/Lana are, you can't deny that their relationship is doomed and the vid shows it so beautifully. Run, don't walk and
go download Samson!
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[ profile] daybreak777 posted What Kind of (insert fave character) Fan Are You? a wonderful post on fans and the characters they love. I gushed about Lois in her post and I'm glad I didn't scare her off:)

I'll just post excerpts of my embarassing Lois fan love here because I'm a dork.

According to [ profile] daybreak777 five kinds of character fan love:

- Squishy Love (I Love You and Forgive You Everything Forever Amen Love)
- Conditional Love (The I Love You But It's Conditional They Better Keep You in Character Love)
- ToughLove (The I Love You But if You're Self-Destructive I May Have to Kick Your Ass Love)
- Blind Love (The I Love You Blindly Can't See Your Faults Blah, Blah, Blah Love)
- Character Trait Only Love (I Love You But Only This Aspect of You and is that Really Love? Love)

What Kind of Lois Fan Are You? Or let's indulge in a really long post just for the heck of it. )

According to [ profile] daybreak777 I have Unconditional Love for Lois with a wee bit of Tough Love, which I think is true. I love me some Lois but I'm the first to admit that she has flaws as wide as the river Nile.

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On to the second part of Bizarro.

On the whole the premiere surprised me. I really didn't expect to enjoy this episode, especially with the way the season 6 finale ended. It was a strong outing and chock full of iconic moments.

*sources: Home of the Nutty and [profile] unammablebeauty
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Smallville seems to be going from strength to strength, I've fallen in love with season 6 and now season 7 is just hitting it out of the park!

I didn't think I'd like Bizarro, I wasn't all that impressed with the season ender but I'm so glad to be proven wrong. Since I'm really a Lois fan this will be mostly Lois-centric.

Bizarro part II

*sources: Screencaps from: Home of the Nutty
                 Transcript from:  Megasite
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I'm on a Smallville binge right now since I've been home sick and I've fallen in love with the series all over again. Also re-watching has reinforced my love for Lois Lane.

Before I fell in love with Buffy, Veronica and Rose, Lois Lane was my very first role model.

I started watching Superman when I was, I think, around six and I was so entranced by the whole Superman mythos but most of all I was taken with the idea of Lois Lane. Tough as nails reporter, who isn't perfect -- she's cynical, jaded, smokes and can't spell to save her life but she's competitive and dogged and willing to put herself in danger to get the story and she can kick butt with the best of them. Also, she's a dork.

Only a dork can come up with the 'Can you read my mind' monologue, after all. :)

I'm not an avid reader of the Superman comics but I've read enough to know the some details of the mythos. But I've always seen it through Lois's point of view. I loved almost all the Lois Lanes across the decade (although I'm lukewarm towards Bosworth's Lois), heck one of the reasons why I liked Chloe so much was because she was proto-Lois. Eventually, I gave-up on the series, despite my liking Lex and Chloe.

Lois and Clark was my first ever OTP. Actually, Lois and Clark is my OTP to end all OTPs. They're the one couple I can't ever accept not being together. Buffy and Angel can go their separate ways, the Doctor and Rose being torn apart I'm also okay with that (well, not so much 'okay' but... you know what I mean) but Lois and Clark? No way. No how, not going to happen in whatever galaxy or universe.

Smallville Lois )

Crusade )

Blank )

Hydro )

Crimson )

*source: and screencap paradise

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New job! Yay! I've been wanting to crossover from agency to client side for years and I finally did it! It's a smaller salary than my previous job but for the first time I'm actually enjoying my job! It's the same work load as PR but somehow I'm liking this more.


Phantom )

Speaking of Smallville [info]juxtoppozed wrote a very insightful interview of Steven De Knight, particularly loved his insights on Lois and how writing for Buffy taught him a lot about Character and Clarity.


This I haven't mentioned much but I have fallen in love with How I Met Your Mother, this is the new friends but better! Because who'd thought I'd love Neil Patrick Harris as Barney? Not me! But from the first moment on he's been wait for it... Legendary!
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I need a Lois icon.

I've always loved the women characters more than I've loved the male characters in a show, its one of my requirements in order to be fannish about it. I suppose the only show where I loved both male and female characters equally is Farscape because who could not love John and Aeryn, eh? While I liked Heroes I've not been fannish about the show and Smallville was more like candy to me but the last episode really made me squee in fannish glee.

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When I first heard about Heroes I was skeptical of the show and the idea and somehow felt a wee bit cranky that there’s a new superhero show that isn’t Buffy.

I don’t know why I felt that but I did so it took me a long time to even look at posts about Heroes. Finally, after months of resisting I finally gave-in and in a span of three days I’ve managed to gobble up all but the current episode of Heroes.


I love it. Love it. Love it.

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It had its moments, but I have to confess that I found the episode slow.

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Quest II

I was surprised how emotionally engaged I was watching this.

I watched Quest II immediately after reading Palimpset by [personal profile] paian. An AU after Quest I, this is a darker vision of what Quest II could have been and even if they diverged in paths somehow the emotional intensity, in a way, paralleled the characters in Quest II.

Smallville - Hydro

I really liked this episode, one of the enjoyable episodes of this season.
Lois recs:

One of the hardest things to find is a good smallville Lois story with equally great characterizations, here are the few I've managed to find.

First Time, Upon Returning to Metropolis by [personal profile] huzzlewhat- Futurefic, Lois and Clark return to Metropolis. Great Lois voice and plausible story how Lois and Clark meet and fall in love with a killer last line.

The first time Superman met Lois Lane, it was in midair, as she was falling from a roof at the time. When he put her down on solid ground, her smile was dazed but open.

She’d only been moments from a very messy death, but he wouldn’t have been able to tell if he hadn’t been the one to catch her. “I’m guessing that you’re not exactly from around here.”

Growing up is seeing by [personal profile] supacat - Written before Crusade. Futurefic, Chloe, Lana Lois. The three women in Clark's life and Clark.

There's some kind of fracas at the Daily Planet. Lois turns up with a sticking plaster on her forehead, and Clark's eyes go dark with concern. He's rising from his seat.

"Lois, what happened?" he says, at the same time that Lois says, "Sorry I'm late."

Lana would have said, "It's nothing. I'm just a little shaken."

Chloe, shaken, would have said, "You should see the other guy."

Lois says, "It's nothing. What's good to eat?"

Sofa, 3 am by [personal profile] supacat- set after Gone.  Clark and Lois at 3 am. Excellent Lois voice and characterization at the early stages of their friendship and Clark's perpetually annoyed at Lois.

Clark is sure that surrendering his room to Lana would feel different: sweet and noble and right, and she'd say, "You don't have to do that for me, Clark," and he'd get to say, "No, I want to," and get lost in her eyes. He can't imagine Lois saying, "You don't have to do that for me, Clark." He can't imagine gazing into her eyes . . . well, he can, but not without her saying, "What are you looking at?" in the same tone Pete would have said it, in the same tone Chloe used to say, "Freakazoid," in sixth grade. It's annoying. Confusing. Annoying. Clark attempts to wrest his blanket out from under Lois's legs, and with it control of the conversation. He resorts to powers when it doesn't come on the first tug.

Dealing with the Unexpected by [personal profile] seperis. Clark/Lex, Lois. Futurefic, mpreg. Clark realizes he's pregnant with Lex's child. It shouldn't work but it does. ROTFL kind of hilarious.  Not only is it funny but [personal profile] seperis has an excellent, fabulously funny Lois voice.

If you get a girl knocked up, you marry her. And if you get knocked up, well--you tell the father.

Lois, following him into LexCorp headquarters, is staring holes in the back of his head. "I'll marry you," she finally says, sounding desperate, and Clark would be touched if she hadn't walked out on him once saying she'd rather lie down with cows from his farm, but with a lot more cursing and added bonus of an engagement ring thrown at his head. "You can be a stay at home dad. I'm very well-paid."


"I need a crew at Clark Kent's apartment," Lex says shortly. "Move everything to the penthouse. Now."

"Are you *kidding*?" Lois screeches, and Clark closes his eyes and gives up. "You think I'm going to let him be trapped into one of your schemes for world domination while he's knocked up and *helpless*?"

Oh dear God. Clark squeezes his eyes shut and concentrates on his stomach. This would be a perfect time for a good fit of nausea. At least then they'd *shut up*. "Guys," he says more firmly, with no anticipation of anyone hearing a word he says.

"What the hell are you going to do about it?" Lex taunts, and oh, that's so stupid, so incredibly, incredibly stupid. It's like he never met Lois.

"I'm moving in too."

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