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I've been reading some reactions to Torchwood the recent miniseries seemed to divide fandom. But I'm still in the same place regarding it. I mean, it did good for Torchwood but it suffered from RTD's finale syndrome a lot.

More thoughts on the miniseries )

Then there's the fans who're sending out death threats to James Moran (the other writer of the miniseries). Stop it, fandom!

I have serious issues against the series but c'mon that's going a bridge too far!
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Guess what's back?

That's right Doctor Who!

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And, oh, this is how it's done.

Oh, and I've been noticing a trend in Who fandom these days... the way they beat on Rose-- Rose is not perfect character but I don't think it warrants the hate she's been getting, it's also bad form to cut on her just to raise another character. Whatever fandom there is I don't think it's good for fans to bring down a character so they can raise up another character. It's just bad form.
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I was planning to do these episode by episode but I love the two parter so much I decided to bump this up rather than do the Unquiet Dead.


And that was the Impossible Planet, the first of the breathetaking two parter.  I think this may be the best music Murray Gold has done for series 2. On a shallow note I love Rose's jacket.

One last thing, of all the episodes, this is the time where I start believing Tennant was the Doctor, the quiet introspective intensity suits him better than the ADD acting he's putting on.

screencaps from here
excerpts from episode from here
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Is Torchwood any different from Henry Van Statten? Van Statten collects and scavenges alien technology for his personal use then keeps them preserved in his underground museum not at all interested in sharing them with the world unless it benefits him.
He dragged the stars down to him, keeps it close and never lets it go. It's almost the same concept for Torchwood. Anything alien is theirs.

Spoilers up to TKKS and DW S1-S2 )

New New Doctor

Ten is really a different man from Nine and for the life of me I can't figure out why Ten is considered darker than Nine. Nine is far darker, colder and ruthless than Ten. But Ten has more bravado and far more arrogant but he doesn't have the dark and dangerous intensity Nine projected.

I miss Nine's manic intensity and glowering. Eccleston isn't handsome in the conventional sense but man, once he starts you can't take your
eyes off him.

Thoughts on Ten, Nine and Rose with DW S3 speculation )
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I've watched the first episode of Torchwood, skipped everything and flew straight to episode 8 because I had to know if it *does* get better.

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