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Still alive! Sorry but Tumblr is a blackhole of Time suck! And just, it keeps pulling me back in!

Fiona in prison is really an awesome arc and unlike the other game changing cliff hangers the past season, it really is game changing.

Place changes all of us sooner or later. )

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Aug. 28th, 2011 11:05 am
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  1. The second half of season 3 underwhelmed me so much I'm not even interested in looking up Fringe spoilers anymore, although I did like that we might be getting an Astrid-centric episode. If this season is all about Peter Bishop... meh. Not interested. I love Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Charlie, Broyles, Nina, Astrid and Lincoln. I only like Peter. He isn't that interesting and when they do try to make him interesting I only get bored and annoyed. Joshua Jackson is a good actor but he just isn't selling Peter for me, he remains interesting only in the Mad Scientist's Daughter trope, as comfortador, as truth teller. Give him an epic destiny and one true love duties, sorry its a no sell for me. It's always been like this for me with all of JJ Abram's primary couples except maybe for Spock and Uhura but that's notable in that they aren't his.

  2. I am enjoying Haven so much. I like Audrey and her relationships with Nathan and Duke. Most of all I love the feel of Haven, and how it has a whole town to fall back on. It feels like a real town with its own histories and grudges and not just something that sprang out of nowhere. Its a similar feeling I get with Parks and Recreation. It's a world in itself. I love place as character and Haven the town is certainly a character. I wish they didn't have Audrey 2 leave so soon:(.

  3. Burn Notice is enjoyable this season I loved Max and enjoy Pearce, they seem to finally know how to cast and write for their recurring guest stars, which was, for me hit or miss most of the time. Leverage also holds the same place here and recently I've noticed how similar Nate and Michael are. They really do go looking for people to help... it would be interesting what would happen when Team Westen came face to face with Team Leverage. Michael might not be a mastermind but he does a lot of the making up as he goes along really well just like Nate... and they rely on old school methods with effective results against technology as we're seeing now with the recent arc. Something tells me Parker and Fiona will get along splendidly.

  4. I've been on the fence with White Collar for a while now... but was I the only one who didn't know how badly they mishandled Natalie Morales' dismissal? Apparently Natalie didn't know she was let go until she read it in the news. As far as she knew she was getting along fine with everyone. Then bam, nothing. I've always felt like there was something off about Natalie's character Lauren. I knew they could write awesome female characters and I knew NM can be awesome and snarky (re: The Middleman). Diana came back and I was amazed at how awesome Diana was. I love Diana a lot but it really calls into question how the Jeff Eastin wrote Lauren and treated NM. *shakes head*
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Now, see I was supposed to mainline The Vampire Diaries instead I found myself mainlining Fringe. I've seen the pilot when it first appeared and somehow I never found the drive continue past the second episode.

Fringe 1x01-20 )

In conclusion, where can I get Olivia icons?


Burn Notice S4x01 )
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2009 has come and gone and its time to review my fannish year:

2009 Fannish Year in Review )


So. NBC. Moving Leno back an hour.

I have so many things to say but it all it seems to boil down to is: Other networks are laughing at you so hard. I bet they even had a betting pool going just when you'll cave.
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I think I've figured out why I haven't caught up with The Mentalist yet. I think its because I'm subconsciously resentful that The Mentalist got a strong viewership and became such an instant success while Life was not renewed.

Its not The Mentalist's fault, in fact I do like it. Also, Simon Baker is pretty so plus points there but... *sigh* there's this part of me where I'm feeling resentful The Mentalist got it so easy while my show struggled.

Although, I don't know why I seem to have an easier time with Castle.


Burn Notice the USA summer show, now that Life's been gutted I'm really embracing Burn Notice, not that I haven't before. Last season was a game changer for Burn Notice, Michael finally met with the people who burned him and jumped off a helicopter to tell them what he thought of their offer.

Instead of looking for the people who burned him and the reasons why, Michael is going to have his hands full fending off his old enemies. Alan Sepinwall has a very interesting interview with Matt Nix, the creator of Burn Notice here

Burn Notice 3x01 )

Burn Notice: 3x02 )


I loved reading Sepinwall's interview with Matt Nix. Its a real shame Sepinwall never interviewed Rand before it was gutted.

Thoughts on Matt Nix interview... which turned into Life thoughts. Huh. )
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Since NBC broke my heart and stomped on it with a steel toed boot I've been devouring anything I could get my hands on.

So, I welcome Burn Notice and more than Castle Burn Notice gives me all kinds of happy and its starting today! Hurrah!

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