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Fringe keeps breaking my heart and disappointing me. Every time the second half of the season hits its all downhill from there. It's a trend since season 3.

I don't know if I should cut my losses and let the show go.

just more talk about disappointment and anger )
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Writing a Fringe/Bones crossover is getting harder and harder to do, Fringe has changed so much from season 1 to season 4 I don't know how to reconcile or justify writing the crossover anymore. I mean I want season 1 Fringe with season 3/4 Bones but personally I can't seem to just write season 1 Olivia knowing what I know about Olivia now.

Actually just writing a gen Fringe casefic is getting harder for me to do. This ties in to wanting to read and write a gen case fic in the vein of the X-Files case fics of yore but I can't seem to.  It's more of a mental block though.

And, um, this is going to come off as character bashing but this is just me trying to articulate part of the reasons why I can't get into it. Part of it and that biggest block?

Under the cut is a meandering post about the one thing that doesn't work for me in Fringe, it's just something I need to express. )

These thoughts aren't exactly new but a more recent rehash of the post I did in the past, for which I was so thoroughly trolled. That was a novel experience.
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I really feel like I'm rusty posting in DW/LJ... I've been so used to hitting the reblog button that now whenever I stare at the blank space I literally don't know where or how to start!

Hopefully this'll get me back into the swing of things! Here are all my initial reactions to the shows!

HIMYM - 7x01 and 7x02 )


Up All Night

I really love this. The first new one I've seen that I really like! I don't have much to say about it except I'm looking forward to watching more of their misadventures. The credits remind me of HIMYM.


Vampire Diaries - 3x02 )


Fringe - 4x01 Neither Here Nor There )

List form

Aug. 28th, 2011 11:05 am
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  1. The second half of season 3 underwhelmed me so much I'm not even interested in looking up Fringe spoilers anymore, although I did like that we might be getting an Astrid-centric episode. If this season is all about Peter Bishop... meh. Not interested. I love Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Charlie, Broyles, Nina, Astrid and Lincoln. I only like Peter. He isn't that interesting and when they do try to make him interesting I only get bored and annoyed. Joshua Jackson is a good actor but he just isn't selling Peter for me, he remains interesting only in the Mad Scientist's Daughter trope, as comfortador, as truth teller. Give him an epic destiny and one true love duties, sorry its a no sell for me. It's always been like this for me with all of JJ Abram's primary couples except maybe for Spock and Uhura but that's notable in that they aren't his.

  2. I am enjoying Haven so much. I like Audrey and her relationships with Nathan and Duke. Most of all I love the feel of Haven, and how it has a whole town to fall back on. It feels like a real town with its own histories and grudges and not just something that sprang out of nowhere. Its a similar feeling I get with Parks and Recreation. It's a world in itself. I love place as character and Haven the town is certainly a character. I wish they didn't have Audrey 2 leave so soon:(.

  3. Burn Notice is enjoyable this season I loved Max and enjoy Pearce, they seem to finally know how to cast and write for their recurring guest stars, which was, for me hit or miss most of the time. Leverage also holds the same place here and recently I've noticed how similar Nate and Michael are. They really do go looking for people to help... it would be interesting what would happen when Team Westen came face to face with Team Leverage. Michael might not be a mastermind but he does a lot of the making up as he goes along really well just like Nate... and they rely on old school methods with effective results against technology as we're seeing now with the recent arc. Something tells me Parker and Fiona will get along splendidly.

  4. I've been on the fence with White Collar for a while now... but was I the only one who didn't know how badly they mishandled Natalie Morales' dismissal? Apparently Natalie didn't know she was let go until she read it in the news. As far as she knew she was getting along fine with everyone. Then bam, nothing. I've always felt like there was something off about Natalie's character Lauren. I knew they could write awesome female characters and I knew NM can be awesome and snarky (re: The Middleman). Diana came back and I was amazed at how awesome Diana was. I love Diana a lot but it really calls into question how the Jeff Eastin wrote Lauren and treated NM. *shakes head*
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I've been radio silent in DW/LJ for a while now but I've been busy in Tumblr because while I find the comment function in Tumblr lacking I've fallen in love with how easy it is to reblog. There's no thinking involved just hit reblog on a post you like and you're done.

But sometimes I miss discussions and I love going to DW/LJ to see people go on long discussions with each other.

I've also been busy in RL, I joined a 5K run which I finished in 35 minutes (yay, me!) except I think I injured my left foot. It's not as painful now and I enrolled in another hip hop class, my new teacher is fantastic. I think I like her better than my old dance teacher mostly because she went into fundamentals of hiphop first before teaching us the choreography, which I'm glad to report I was able to follow despite the difficult steps!

Go, me!

I still don't have the swag for a proper Hiphop routine but at least I can follow now!


The one thing I haven't been silent about is my love for Glee and I've found some really lovely people in Tumblr, which makes watching the show more enjoyable. But I feel most of the time I find myself wanting to reach in the TV and hit the writers on the head with a mallet.

Actually this quote below is pretty accurate statement about what I feel for Glee:

Glee is the ultimate pop-cultural hate-fuck for me. It gets so much right, champions the unloved and unlovely, produces some genuinely sublime, can’t-stop-smiling coups de theatre, and is, when all’s said and done, one of the most heart-felt, funny and truly progressive shows on television today. Or ever.

But FUCK ME if it isn’t also skull-poundingly awful, misogynistic, bi-phobic, atrociously plotted, bloated with its own sense of moral superiority and forever teetering on the edge of eye-clawing insanity. It drives me berzerk that I cannot stop watching it, even as I’m throwing things at the television and screaming “What the fuck do you mean ‘I’m relatively sane, for a girl.’?! You’re just fucking with me now, aren’t you Murphy?”

RM and Glee’s Powers-That-Be have so far to go to make the show into a consistent, cohesive whole, but they keep falling back into dropped plots and contemptibly lazy characterisation. I keep waiting and waiting for them to pull it together, even for a single episode, and it never quite happens.

And yet. And yet. I love it. I do. It’s so frustrating to hear Ryan Murphy’s hacky bloviations on his own self-importance, and his overweening sense of creative pomposity. But I still feel intensely, heart-breakingly grateful to him for making moments like this happen. Every time I think I’m out, they just keep pulling me back in. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lie down and think about Darren Criss’s dreamy, dreamy eyes for a little while.

— A Small Turnip @ Jezebel

Reblogged from here.

Seriously, show, why can't I quit you? And half the time I don't want to quit you!


I don't know what to do with Fringe these days. I will say they're doing a good job with altOlivia (no, I will never call her faux!Olivia because altOlivia was never a fake Olivia Dunham she's just an alternate version of our Olivia Dunham) lately and I was pleasantly surprised at how that particular plot point played out.

I will say the trend of shipping Olivia (any Olivia) with any guy other than Peter continues and after watching Lincoln Lee and his reactions... I think... I think some of the trouble I have relating to Peter has to be laid on Joshua Jackson's feet. The writers drop the ball on Peter a lot of times (and, I really don't consider parallels between Peter and Olivia as development but more of lazy writing and trying to bludgeon me with their OMG SO MEANT TO BE mentality) but I think Josh Jackson isn't doing much to help my impression of Peter Bishop.

But he is excellent at playing Peter Bishop as Walter Bishop's son.

All the Walter Bishops in the multiverse should stop experimenting on all Olivia Dunhams in the universe. Seriously. Stop it Walters.


Vid Rec: Mad World by [ profile] beccatoria
Fandom Fringe
Spoilers: Up to 3x17
Summary: This is a single moment and everything is happening now. [Olivia, Walter, Peter].

Awesome fantastic gen vid on Fringe and the song just fits so well with the show: the melancholy, the sadness and the regrets. It echoes everything I love about it and, for me, it really does right by Peter because for once I feel something for him. I love the parallels (and it works here so, so well) and Elizabeth Bishops and, of course, the very heart of it Olivia. Always Olivia struggling to work against the tides trapping her from all corners but she continues on despite it because that's what she does.
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Despite the promise of the Alt-Verse and the Trio interaction I still haven't seen Fringe's last episode. Recent Events and Revelations has really made me grumpy about the direction and I'm flashing back really badly on Alias season 3.

disgruntled grumblings on Recent Events )


The Vampire Diaries on the other hand.


I'm a history buff )

Comedy is very much my happy place now, Parks and Recreations continues to make me fall hopelessly in love with the show.

Even if it frustrates me a LOT Glee is so very much my happy place too. How did this happen? It's because at the end of the day I'm a sap, that's why and I like music! But the main reason is because I love the cast so, so much. They're just adorable dorks who are, to paraphrase someone in the cast, 'disgustingly' co-dependent.

I love how they spend all their waking hours together even in their off days! I really believe that the biggest reason why this show succeeds is the cast. They are all fanboys and fangirls and most of them even admit to being the Rachel Berry-Artie fusion in their high school days.

(Although, much as I love the cast, the show I think Modern Family was more deserving of that win.)

Also, Santana Lopez is my Queen. She's like the Cordelia Chase of the show!

I'm also happy about Rachel finally getting friends. She is a million annoying things but she's also so lonely that I cheered when the show finally allowed for friendship.

How I Met Your Mother is in a weird place for me right now, I like the story lines it has this season although it doesn't have the zing it did during the first three seasons I like it.

Marshall's story line is hitting me a little too much for comfort. I like it but... still too much for comfort considering my RL situation.
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Concentrate and Ask Again, Initial Reactions )

On a shallow note: I love the return of Olivia's Beanie! I missed that!
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OMG. Is this real life?! Olivia Dunham and Sarah Connor standing beside each other! How has the universe not imploded from the awesome?!

Oh, and that guy.

Hee. Just kidding, Josh. ILU too!

Looks like Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv just left the set of Fringe, hee.

Let me get back on point: OMG. OMG. Olivia Dunham and Sarah Connor in the same place!!! OMG!

ETA: Picture from ultrapearl
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Things have settled down a bit now, its still difficult but manageable. Thanks to all the kind words in my last post. I really needed it.

I guess the only good thing that's happened is the extra time helped me catch up with shows I've missed or forgot to check on.

I've noticed a trend about the shows I ended up liking: All the shows have complex, fascinating women with interesting charcter interactions and dynamics and most of the interactions I like have nothing to do with romantic relationships except on rare occasions that I do.


The Good Wife, season 1 to 2 )

Parks and Recreation, 3x01-3x02 )

Fairly Legal, Pilot - 1x02 )

The Vampire Diaries )

Fringe 3x10 - 3x11 )
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Immediate means urgent! )

Next episode Fringe will move to Fridays:(( On the other hand, the first episode on Friday will be called 'Firefly'. Oh, showrunners, you geeks!
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People, what is this. Am I actually. Is FOX actually really supporting Fringe and am I thinking of fond, loving thoughts about FOX for this?

I am so confused. And, yet I cannot stop grinning. If this continues I might end up loving FOX because it really does seem to like Fringe.

I'm so confused and tentatively hopeful.

BTW, Golden Globes, you're on the list.
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Extremely late episode reactions are late. Also, being sick with cold sucks. A lot.

Abducted )

Entrada )
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I've been missing for a while now but I must share these:

FOX created an epic cinematic promo for Fringe's next episode, Entrada.

I LOVE that FOX continues on with its cinematic like promos for Fringe!

Then of course, I have to share Anna Torv being adorable with a goat!

She is the most adorable ever! I luff her a lot. And her Aussie accent is so charming!
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Long weekend is over and I'll be back to work, which will make being online will harder.

Have some linkspam!

[personal profile] chaila has a fantastic 31 Days of Awesome Women meme! I can't rec [personal profile] chaila's posts enough!

[ profile] beccatoria is running an epic NaViMaMo and every vid is awesome!


Title: so happy
Summary: Sarah Connor. Olivia Dunham. Unsettling parallels.

This was a really fantastic and awesome and just! I love [personal profile] chaila forever for pointing out the parallels between Sarah and Olivia!

Title: Diary of Jane
Summary: Olivia tries to find her place in the wrong world.

Spoilers to current episode of Fringe. I love how this is about altOlivia!

Title: It's Not Before/It's Not After
Summary: Olivia before and after

Same warnings as above! It's lovely how the lyrics line up with the images!


CJ Cregg, Josh Lyman and Maps:


Also, I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in a dance class! My first ever dance class! I am both excited and anxious because despite a few months of capoeira and boxing I have the dexterity and coordination of a drunk panda!

Still, dance class!
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I really adore this clipping. Because it is so true*! I hereby dub Thursdays (Fridays for me) as Doppelganger Friday!

*Except that the red haired Olivia in the picture is still OurOlivia!


The Vampire Diaries: Rose / Katerina )


Fringe: 6955kHz

The human brain is a miracle. A most resilient organ )


I haven't seen an episode of The Office beyond season 1, I'm very much a wuss when it comes to cringe comedy but this quote from The Office about Glee sums up exactly what I feel about it, especially after Never Been Kissed.

KELLY: That show. I mean, first they say that Mr. Schue doesn’t know anything about choreography, and then like three episodes later he’s this fantastic choreographer? Pick a lane, people! [later] And what was with Jesse’s sudden turn on Rachel between Dream On and Funk? Where the heck did that come from? Honestly, that show… it’s just - it’s irresponsible.



After the last episode NBK I realize that this isn't the type of show I should be invested in emotionally 'cause its concept of character developments and continuity is wonky.

I do love the cast though. I love how they love being together and having so much fun but man, the writing sucks. There's a good story there if only the writers would, to quote Miss Kelly Kapoor, pick a damned lane!

Also, I hate to say this but I think Santana and Brittany were better off when the writers weren't paying any attention to them.

I think Kurt is the only one who has a consistent storyline and that's good to watch but there are other characters in the show too who are equally fascinating also, Kurt isn't the only one who's being bullied on the show, y'know? I'm pretty sure Rachel Berry also has it as bad as Kurt.

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