Haven 4x07

Oct. 27th, 2013 11:17 am
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I liked the new episode of Haven, not much further thoughts though...Read more... )
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I really wish there's a client that allows posting to both DW and tumblr, it gets tiring c&p-ing, its why I've gone radio silent again, despite promising to be active in DW/LJ.

I've been watching Once Upon a Time even though I've been disappointed with what happened in the last half of season 2, they keep bringing me back in with promise of more badass!Snow and her complicated and screwed up relationship with Regina.

(Which they should address more dammit.)

Elementary remains fantastic, especially the last episode, and Sleepy Hollow! Sleepy Hollow!!!

Person of Interest has also caught me mostly because of the power of Sam Shaw who I've decided is AU!Dani Reese except in season 2 I kind of sense the writers don't know how to handle Shaw. I love they show she likes to eat but the third episode, while delivering in awesome interaction between the girls also had the creepy Number of the Week walk free, and the boys telling Shaw to be less angry, basically saying that she's not a good undercover agent.

*squints eyes* You're on notice writers.

I'm also watching the Black List and the music is drawing me in really hard and the actors are awesome but I have nothing to say about it yet.

Finally, I've caught up with Haven and... *hands*.

Spoilers and speculation )

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