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I really feel like I'm rusty posting in DW/LJ... I've been so used to hitting the reblog button that now whenever I stare at the blank space I literally don't know where or how to start!

Hopefully this'll get me back into the swing of things! Here are all my initial reactions to the shows!

HIMYM - 7x01 and 7x02 )


Up All Night

I really love this. The first new one I've seen that I really like! I don't have much to say about it except I'm looking forward to watching more of their misadventures. The credits remind me of HIMYM.


Vampire Diaries - 3x02 )


Fringe - 4x01 Neither Here Nor There )
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Despite the promise of the Alt-Verse and the Trio interaction I still haven't seen Fringe's last episode. Recent Events and Revelations has really made me grumpy about the direction and I'm flashing back really badly on Alias season 3.

disgruntled grumblings on Recent Events )


The Vampire Diaries on the other hand.


I'm a history buff )

Comedy is very much my happy place now, Parks and Recreations continues to make me fall hopelessly in love with the show.

Even if it frustrates me a LOT Glee is so very much my happy place too. How did this happen? It's because at the end of the day I'm a sap, that's why and I like music! But the main reason is because I love the cast so, so much. They're just adorable dorks who are, to paraphrase someone in the cast, 'disgustingly' co-dependent.

I love how they spend all their waking hours together even in their off days! I really believe that the biggest reason why this show succeeds is the cast. They are all fanboys and fangirls and most of them even admit to being the Rachel Berry-Artie fusion in their high school days.

(Although, much as I love the cast, the show I think Modern Family was more deserving of that win.)

Also, Santana Lopez is my Queen. She's like the Cordelia Chase of the show!

I'm also happy about Rachel finally getting friends. She is a million annoying things but she's also so lonely that I cheered when the show finally allowed for friendship.

How I Met Your Mother is in a weird place for me right now, I like the story lines it has this season although it doesn't have the zing it did during the first three seasons I like it.

Marshall's story line is hitting me a little too much for comfort. I like it but... still too much for comfort considering my RL situation.
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Ever since my mom got sick (she's recovering really well now, btw!) she's been stuck at home and for a few months I've also been stuck at home and her favorite shows narrowed down to Oprah, Midsommer Murders, 'So You Think You Can Dance?' and cooking shows.

I found Murders watchable, skipped the Oprah and found myself glued to the cooking shows and fascinated with SYCD.

SYCD and John Stamos are to blame for my newfound interest for Glee.

I remain fascinated with how Heather Morris could dance with those heels, right after she throws her hat to Puck? Jaw drop.

Rocky Horror Glee version )


I like Ted even when he's being pretentious because he pokes fun of it himself the new episode was the first time I really, really disliked him. Since when was Ted ever attracted to that kind of helpless and childlike woman? Or, as the Japanese anime call 'em Moe blobs.

Ted deserves to get clocked in the head.

You're on the list Theodore Evelyn Mosby.


And, um, I prove myself to be a sheep because I has a tumblr except I don't know what to do with it yet.
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I really have to wonder how long I'm going to mourn Life. It's really ridiculous how I let the show get under my skin and even more ridiculous is how I'm unable to let go.

I don't even bother to watch the shows I used to watch or if I do I don't even bother to blog about.

I know Bones, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, and Castle are all awesome but... well, I don't feel the need to check them out. What is up with that?

More and more I feel myself drawn to the quiet slice of life dramas than the flashbang, snazzy series. Or, okay, I'm still drawn to them but not as much as I used to be all starry eyed about it.

It was the quiet character moments and the camaraderie between Crews and Reese that made me fall for Life and it was these moments the second season lacked IMHO. Especially when the showrunners and NBC decided to go for slick. It's a mistake they never really recovered from because for all it's procedural trappings Life really isn't a procedural.

It's more gentle and forgiving of human frailties and, a lot more hopeful than a regular cop show.

I suppose it's why I've turned to anime because there's surprisingly a lot of gentle slice of life anime dramas that's weaved together by a beautiful and haunting soundtrack.

In short, the first few paragraphs were part of my long winded introduction to Honey & Clover a two season anime series about art students in college.

Just that. No forces of darkness to fight, no giant robots on a rampage but students and teachers. People struggling to get by and finding some sort of meaning in their lives. It's bittersweet and funny with unrequited love and love triangles that don't make me want to scratch my eyes out because everyone is treated fairly and no one is a villain in the story.

It's one of the more affecting shows I've seen in a while and I couldn't believe how fast I was drawn into the character's lives, more, how fast I came to care for them. It's really amazing how manga/anime can build such a big cast but make everyone distinct and unforgettable. I particularly love the friendships formed and how the series show us the little moments that, as the series progresses become such a huge fabric of their lives.


Sports Night - Season 1 & 2 )


NCIS - Truth & Consequences )



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