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Just got back from an awesome holiday with my family! So I'm currently playing catch up with my shows!

So, briefly:

Once Upon a Time reactions up to finale )

Star Trek Into Darkness reactions )

Ending in a high note with:

Elementary reactions up to the finale )
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I've been waiting for this episode since OUAT started since its the Snow - Regina dynamic I've been interested in more than the Emma - Regina dynamic. Since Emma - Regina is an echo (albeit a different one) of Snow and Regina's dynamic.

I wish someone would write that dynamic between Snow and Regina since almost everything Regina does ultimately is because of Snow White.

The Stable Boy )

ETA: Added Snow - Regina / Regina - Cora parallels photo set.
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The last few episodes, except for the Grumpy-centric one finally got me interested in the show again. I was still watching but 'til the Kathryn-centric episode OUAT was relegated to background watching for me.

What Happened to Frederick )

Red Handed )

Heart of Darkness )
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Once again, I'm baffled with how mainstream media views TV shows. I really can't imagine how Snow Falls gets a C- in the AV Club when I thought that it was one of the best episodes so far?

I mean, kick ass Robin Hood Snow White! How could it have a C-???

She's gonna kill me and then you and then *me* again )
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I watched the pilot and was so charmed by it even though it was uneven and cheesy. But sometimes people need cheesy in their lives, y'know?

Why would I kill you? You're the only friend I have. )

Also, maybe Regina should have made herself into an awesome apple farmer instead of mayor. She seems happier with her apples and seems genuinely miffed that no one would eat her apples! She tended the apples since she was a child! Her apples are awesome, why won't anyone eat them?!

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