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This show gets things so, so right that its such a ray of sunshine and light. I can't believe how far its come from a lackluster start to this little show that's funny and filled with a lot of heart.

I love how it mixes up character interactions without forgetting the friendships and bonds the characters have with other characters. Instead the show builds on it that when characters make a sudden left turn its not a cop out because even an impulsive decision or out there scene is really in character.

Like... Ann not knowing Chris broke-up with her, we don't see the scene where it happens until later but when we do see it we don't go: 'What? Where did that come from?' instead our reaction tends to be: 'Hah! Of course!'

Another example is Leslie. Type A, makes a list Leslie before making a decision Leslie finally accepting Andy and April's decision and going with the flow and even appreciating it at the end. Two seasons ago Leslie might fight it a little harder and longer but because of what we know about Leslie now, because what she's learned about Andy and then April she realizes their decision might be rash but it was also right.

Sometimes I forget what it's like to watch a show with actual continuity and character development that when I do it feels so astonishing and fantastic.

And this is what Parks and Recreation is good at, the grace notes and the friendships, the private moments of reflection and its heart. The world of Pawnee is so believable that the show could have a whole episode that doesn't revolve around the P&R department and we're not thrown off by it, mostly because of the revolving but consistent guest stars.

Mike Schur, one of the co-creators of the show, explained how working in the Simpsons helped because it taught him the value of keeping a revolving door of 'Townie regulars'. We always know Moe or that TV anchor guy. The Townie regulars help make the world our characters are living in becomes a little more real.

This is one of those episode that make me wish RIB have this calibre of writing in Glee or RM cared enough for Glee's story and characters beyond 'it's shiny', 'it creates conflict' and 'it got boring'.
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Okay, what's going on with LJ these days? Just when I'm trying to get in more LJ time I can't access it.

Anyone know?


I didn't get to include this in my last post but I am really, really loving Parks and Recreation and unlike Glee its not a love-hate relationship. I really, really love it most of all because of Leslie Knope.

I can't believe how much I've come to love her especially when I first thought she started out as another Michael Scott except she isn't. I love that she's fantastic and awesome at her job and she isn't the butt of the jokes (I'm looking at you, 30 Rock!).

And, really, Amy Poehler gets all the awards for being awesome in RL and championing women everywhere and takes no BS from anyone!
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Despite the promise of the Alt-Verse and the Trio interaction I still haven't seen Fringe's last episode. Recent Events and Revelations has really made me grumpy about the direction and I'm flashing back really badly on Alias season 3.

disgruntled grumblings on Recent Events )


The Vampire Diaries on the other hand.


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Comedy is very much my happy place now, Parks and Recreations continues to make me fall hopelessly in love with the show.

Even if it frustrates me a LOT Glee is so very much my happy place too. How did this happen? It's because at the end of the day I'm a sap, that's why and I like music! But the main reason is because I love the cast so, so much. They're just adorable dorks who are, to paraphrase someone in the cast, 'disgustingly' co-dependent.

I love how they spend all their waking hours together even in their off days! I really believe that the biggest reason why this show succeeds is the cast. They are all fanboys and fangirls and most of them even admit to being the Rachel Berry-Artie fusion in their high school days.

(Although, much as I love the cast, the show I think Modern Family was more deserving of that win.)

Also, Santana Lopez is my Queen. She's like the Cordelia Chase of the show!

I'm also happy about Rachel finally getting friends. She is a million annoying things but she's also so lonely that I cheered when the show finally allowed for friendship.

How I Met Your Mother is in a weird place for me right now, I like the story lines it has this season although it doesn't have the zing it did during the first three seasons I like it.

Marshall's story line is hitting me a little too much for comfort. I like it but... still too much for comfort considering my RL situation.
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Things have settled down a bit now, its still difficult but manageable. Thanks to all the kind words in my last post. I really needed it.

I guess the only good thing that's happened is the extra time helped me catch up with shows I've missed or forgot to check on.

I've noticed a trend about the shows I ended up liking: All the shows have complex, fascinating women with interesting charcter interactions and dynamics and most of the interactions I like have nothing to do with romantic relationships except on rare occasions that I do.


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