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I really feel like I'm rusty posting in DW/LJ... I've been so used to hitting the reblog button that now whenever I stare at the blank space I literally don't know where or how to start!

Hopefully this'll get me back into the swing of things! Here are all my initial reactions to the shows!

HIMYM - 7x01 and 7x02 )


Up All Night

I really love this. The first new one I've seen that I really like! I don't have much to say about it except I'm looking forward to watching more of their misadventures. The credits remind me of HIMYM.


Vampire Diaries - 3x02 )


Fringe - 4x01 Neither Here Nor There )
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I really adore this clipping. Because it is so true*! I hereby dub Thursdays (Fridays for me) as Doppelganger Friday!

*Except that the red haired Olivia in the picture is still OurOlivia!


The Vampire Diaries: Rose / Katerina )


Fringe: 6955kHz

The human brain is a miracle. A most resilient organ )


I haven't seen an episode of The Office beyond season 1, I'm very much a wuss when it comes to cringe comedy but this quote from The Office about Glee sums up exactly what I feel about it, especially after Never Been Kissed.

KELLY: That show. I mean, first they say that Mr. Schue doesn’t know anything about choreography, and then like three episodes later he’s this fantastic choreographer? Pick a lane, people! [later] And what was with Jesse’s sudden turn on Rachel between Dream On and Funk? Where the heck did that come from? Honestly, that show… it’s just - it’s irresponsible.



After the last episode NBK I realize that this isn't the type of show I should be invested in emotionally 'cause its concept of character developments and continuity is wonky.

I do love the cast though. I love how they love being together and having so much fun but man, the writing sucks. There's a good story there if only the writers would, to quote Miss Kelly Kapoor, pick a damned lane!

Also, I hate to say this but I think Santana and Brittany were better off when the writers weren't paying any attention to them.

I think Kurt is the only one who has a consistent storyline and that's good to watch but there are other characters in the show too who are equally fascinating also, Kurt isn't the only one who's being bullied on the show, y'know? I'm pretty sure Rachel Berry also has it as bad as Kurt.
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Vampire Diaries - Plan B )


Brief reactions to Smallville's Homecoming and Isis )


I still miss Fringe when is the baseball thing gonna end so I can watch new episodes NOW?!
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Vampire Diaries 2x04 - Memory Lane )


I was looking around LJ for Fringe posts and stumbled into [ profile] rocxmblover post making a very convincing visual argument about spoilers for season 2 premier and Terminator 2 movie )


Since I am incapable of staying away from spoilers I may as well share this picture:

For visual spoilers and spoiler space )


I think I should pick-up The Mentalist again I sort of let the second season pass by but... I hope The Mentalist hasn't become the Patrick Jane show? Because as much as I love Simon Baker I don't think I can watch a whole season of Jane's antics alone.

I should also finish watching Legend of the Seeker it's sooo good but I haven't had time to buy the DVDs yet.

Those are definitely on my 'To Watch' list though!
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I've been so busy these past few days I barely have time to go online! I leave home by 9 or 10 am and get back midnight!

Fortunately, I can set up the computer to download for shows while I'm working!

I am really glad I gave The Vampire Diaries another chance because that is the one other show that really improved.

The Vampire Diaries 2x01 - The Return )


Oh and a note, because of the surprising trolling that happened the last time. I'm screening anonymous comments, I'll only unscreen if the comments are signed.
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Interviews with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble with season 2 spilers )

Here's another promo for season 3 that's not spoiler for season 3 but VERY spoilery for season two. Beware! But I wanted to share it because I love how it's made. It's like a movie trailer!

(Speaking of, I can't help but think --again--the many ways Evelyn Salt and Olivia are similar.)

And, a few season 2 deleted scenes are floating around the net.

You seem a little off ever since you got back from Jacksonville )



Cut for squee! )


Recced by [ profile] fonsetorigo this is the most awesome music vid ever

It's his smile that sells it for me, that really big relieved and thankful smile whenever he sees her and the way she comes into frame after she sees him hanging upside down and you can see her emerge from the shadows and, wow, such a heroic shot! A real knight in shining armor moment. Then he smiles at her sheepishly!


Going back full circle, I must recommend this vid:

Split Six Up Ways by [ profile] beccatoria
Summary: How many ways can you split Walter?

The vid is the best Walter vid I've seen to date. I love the song choice because it's unexpected and it's perfect. The vid captures Walter's character and his many contradictions and his relationships with Olivia, Peter and Astrid. And... just *draws hearts* I adore the vid so much.
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I found this interesting post on genius wranglers by [ profile] thelana and it made me realize, it is kind of a popular trope today, innit?

Even Crews and Reese fell into it (although I don't think Crews was a genius, just a guy with a different perspective and social skills) and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But it does make the dynamic in Fringe even more interesting.

It's because in this team Olivia Dunham isn't the genius wrangler, it is Peter and Astrid but mainly it's Peter who falls into the role (aside from his frequent Distressed Damsel role:)). Olivia can also focus Walter too but during those times things tend to be dire and Olivia... angry.

(Did I mention how much I love Olivia and Walter's dynamic? I did? Well, I wanna repeat it again because it is fantastic and complicated.)

This show subverts many of the gender tropes and that just adds to all the things that makes Fringe so good. Well, not the science, since most of it is really the science of Handwave Skience variety.

Oh, no. I am really getting attached to this show.

Maybe I should start repeating Crews' 'I am not attached to (place object you are not attached to)' because it works for him.

...okay, maybe not.


I haven't seen the new Leverage yet but the 'Not Sure Yet' song has been stuck in my head all day and it reminds me how much the song fits Nate and Sophie. I still remember the scene in second season premiere where Sophie leaves the bar and Nate orders an 'Irish' and contemplates the drink but leaves it behind.


Look guys, it's an awesome ficathon!

Recs for Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Life, SGA/SG-1, Veronica Mars )
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I very much suck at updating and replying to my comments.

Remember when I used to update often? Yeah, I miss those days too!

In bullet points because, apparently that's all I'm capable today:

  • The Vampire Diaries: I admit, I was judge-y. I judged. I thought it was just a Twilight on TV but it wasn't! I've been seeing posts aout TVD for some time now and even saw some episodes and I really thought it wouldn't click for me. Then I watched the season finale.

    Oh, my. )

    Can anyone recommend episodes I should check out?

  • Veronica Mars S3: There's a certain benefit to watching a show that's no longer airing. It means I can skip the not so good episodes, which I did. I stopped watching VM after season 2 and from what I've heard about the third season, I knew I wasn't going to like it so I stopped watching but there were good reviews about the second half of the season and that's where I started and I loved it! The Dean murder arc was so awesome and fantastic game changed and so very noir! I need to picspam that arc one of these days!

  • HIMYM: It took a while but I have to agree that this season is the weakest. This season had no arc and it is really hurting the show and the characters and I think next season has to be the last. They can't keep it up.

  • The Big Bang Theory: I was not happy with how Bernadette was written out off screen.

  • FNL S4 (EP 1-3): Coach and Mrs. Coach! Julie and Matt! Three episodes in and I'm desperate for the Lions to win something.

  • Smallville Finale: OMG. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  • I now have A Conspiracy of Kings! SQUEE!

...I actually don't have a lot of things to bullet point!

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