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I've been radio silent in DW/LJ for a while now but I've been busy in Tumblr because while I find the comment function in Tumblr lacking I've fallen in love with how easy it is to reblog. There's no thinking involved just hit reblog on a post you like and you're done.

But sometimes I miss discussions and I love going to DW/LJ to see people go on long discussions with each other.

I've also been busy in RL, I joined a 5K run which I finished in 35 minutes (yay, me!) except I think I injured my left foot. It's not as painful now and I enrolled in another hip hop class, my new teacher is fantastic. I think I like her better than my old dance teacher mostly because she went into fundamentals of hiphop first before teaching us the choreography, which I'm glad to report I was able to follow despite the difficult steps!

Go, me!

I still don't have the swag for a proper Hiphop routine but at least I can follow now!


The one thing I haven't been silent about is my love for Glee and I've found some really lovely people in Tumblr, which makes watching the show more enjoyable. But I feel most of the time I find myself wanting to reach in the TV and hit the writers on the head with a mallet.

Actually this quote below is pretty accurate statement about what I feel for Glee:

Glee is the ultimate pop-cultural hate-fuck for me. It gets so much right, champions the unloved and unlovely, produces some genuinely sublime, can’t-stop-smiling coups de theatre, and is, when all’s said and done, one of the most heart-felt, funny and truly progressive shows on television today. Or ever.

But FUCK ME if it isn’t also skull-poundingly awful, misogynistic, bi-phobic, atrociously plotted, bloated with its own sense of moral superiority and forever teetering on the edge of eye-clawing insanity. It drives me berzerk that I cannot stop watching it, even as I’m throwing things at the television and screaming “What the fuck do you mean ‘I’m relatively sane, for a girl.’?! You’re just fucking with me now, aren’t you Murphy?”

RM and Glee’s Powers-That-Be have so far to go to make the show into a consistent, cohesive whole, but they keep falling back into dropped plots and contemptibly lazy characterisation. I keep waiting and waiting for them to pull it together, even for a single episode, and it never quite happens.

And yet. And yet. I love it. I do. It’s so frustrating to hear Ryan Murphy’s hacky bloviations on his own self-importance, and his overweening sense of creative pomposity. But I still feel intensely, heart-breakingly grateful to him for making moments like this happen. Every time I think I’m out, they just keep pulling me back in. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lie down and think about Darren Criss’s dreamy, dreamy eyes for a little while.

— A Small Turnip @ Jezebel

Reblogged from here.

Seriously, show, why can't I quit you? And half the time I don't want to quit you!


I don't know what to do with Fringe these days. I will say they're doing a good job with altOlivia (no, I will never call her faux!Olivia because altOlivia was never a fake Olivia Dunham she's just an alternate version of our Olivia Dunham) lately and I was pleasantly surprised at how that particular plot point played out.

I will say the trend of shipping Olivia (any Olivia) with any guy other than Peter continues and after watching Lincoln Lee and his reactions... I think... I think some of the trouble I have relating to Peter has to be laid on Joshua Jackson's feet. The writers drop the ball on Peter a lot of times (and, I really don't consider parallels between Peter and Olivia as development but more of lazy writing and trying to bludgeon me with their OMG SO MEANT TO BE mentality) but I think Josh Jackson isn't doing much to help my impression of Peter Bishop.

But he is excellent at playing Peter Bishop as Walter Bishop's son.

All the Walter Bishops in the multiverse should stop experimenting on all Olivia Dunhams in the universe. Seriously. Stop it Walters.


Vid Rec: Mad World by [ profile] beccatoria
Fandom Fringe
Spoilers: Up to 3x17
Summary: This is a single moment and everything is happening now. [Olivia, Walter, Peter].

Awesome fantastic gen vid on Fringe and the song just fits so well with the show: the melancholy, the sadness and the regrets. It echoes everything I love about it and, for me, it really does right by Peter because for once I feel something for him. I love the parallels (and it works here so, so well) and Elizabeth Bishops and, of course, the very heart of it Olivia. Always Olivia struggling to work against the tides trapping her from all corners but she continues on despite it because that's what she does.
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There's a new fantastic ficathon in LJ!

Banner by [personal profile] skybound2

Isn't the banner awesome? Olivia looks so fierce!

There's also a new banner with Lisbon and Van Pelt of The Mentalist. My crossover loving mind can't help think how fantastic it would be for Olivia and Lisbon to meet. Or Olivia and Reese.

Although I have a feeling that Crews would be more accepting of the Fringe-verses Beyond the Impossible cases than Jane would be.


Reaction to a spoilery reaction )

Anyway, in other news! SPOILERS!

Fringe Watch twitter is like a non-stop repository of all Fringe spoilers and boy, are they a lot!

Season breaking spoilers for Fringe! BEWARE! )


Vid Rec

Title: Boom Boom Pow
Summary: The Fringe Division has that Boom Boom Pow.
Fandom: Fringe

Two seasons of Fringe in three minutes! In a word? Awesome. Of all the songs I never thought Boom Boom Pow would work for Fringe but it did! Explosions, gunfights and awesome, awesome hand to hand fights! It's a great entry vid for Fringe!

One of these days I'm going to do a picspam on all of Olivia's awesome fights. She really has the most awesome and realistic fight scenes in TV today.

Title: U.R.A. Fever
Summary: You only ever had FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham when you were a fever.
Fandom: Fringe

Another fantastic Fringe vid and this time very Olivia-centric! I love the play on point-of-view! Going from You, I and finally We. This vid is also the first to make me more open to Olivia and Peter's romantic relationship.

I like how the vid shows Peter and Olivia, especially Peter. Like I mentioned above and other times I can't buy the badass rogue Peter the show is selling. Joshua Jackson can play cold really well and he can shoot a gun and yet it just doesn't come together as badass rogue con artist because he feels and seems he's a guy more comfortable in tweed and after the events of the season finale seem very comfortable in suits after he realized who he really was and what his real father really is.

But, what I love most of all was the vid ends with Olivia aiming a gun, especially after one of the last clipswas Olivia being trapped in a cell with Walternate looking on coldly. I was glad for that ending scene before the vid fades to black.

Let us end this entry with this fabulous gif:

by [ profile] rightclick5ave
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Interviews with Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble with season 2 spilers )

Here's another promo for season 3 that's not spoiler for season 3 but VERY spoilery for season two. Beware! But I wanted to share it because I love how it's made. It's like a movie trailer!

(Speaking of, I can't help but think --again--the many ways Evelyn Salt and Olivia are similar.)

And, a few season 2 deleted scenes are floating around the net.

You seem a little off ever since you got back from Jacksonville )



Cut for squee! )


Recced by [ profile] fonsetorigo this is the most awesome music vid ever

It's his smile that sells it for me, that really big relieved and thankful smile whenever he sees her and the way she comes into frame after she sees him hanging upside down and you can see her emerge from the shadows and, wow, such a heroic shot! A real knight in shining armor moment. Then he smiles at her sheepishly!


Going back full circle, I must recommend this vid:

Split Six Up Ways by [ profile] beccatoria
Summary: How many ways can you split Walter?

The vid is the best Walter vid I've seen to date. I love the song choice because it's unexpected and it's perfect. The vid captures Walter's character and his many contradictions and his relationships with Olivia, Peter and Astrid. And... just *draws hearts* I adore the vid so much.
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Man, I am absolutely falling behind answering comments! Don't worry I shall answer immediately! But, first! I just need to share this fantastic Life vid. I feel like Al Pacino in The Godfather.

I thought I was out but they just keep pulling me back in!

You've Got the Love by [ profile] tsukihysteria

Send love and feedback here!

I've watched this vid again and again and again and it's so fantastic! It really reminded me how much I love this show, how I love these two partners so much. Crews and Reese are so comfortable with each other and it never once felt forced. There's this easiness and calm whenever they're together and I hadn't realized how important proximity is for them. And the times when they do touch it's always been significant.

And the handgraze! The handgraze will never not be squee inducing!

This vid also reminded me how much Crews likes to look at Reese. It's not creepy and it doesn't even have to do with her looks. It took up to the second episode for Crews to realize that, yes, his partner is beautiful -- I mean, I know he saw her and thought, 'My partner is good looking' but it was like an abstract concept to him because Crews saw Reese as his partner first. It was only when one of the people they were interviewing mentioned she was pretty that Crews looked at Reese and kind of thought: 'Huh. Reese is pretty.'

From then on it was like he grew into the habit of looking at her. He likes watching her reactions and almost every time whenever he looks at Reese there's always a look of wonder and amazement in his eyes.

Although, I maintain despite the way the series ended I don't think they'll get together immediately. At the same time it isn't because of a 'will they or won't they' but more of... getting to that place where they could be together. It's not about being coy. It's just that they'll be okay just being together and close together.

*sigh* Really, these two. *smushes them* I love them so much!
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Thanks for everyone greeting me a happy birthday! It's really very appreciated!


On none happy things, via [personal profile] cleolinda, they released the Last Airbender trailer. And my heart bled.

What have they done to my show?? I can't bear to see this Aang and the movements! Its so clunky. I miss Aang's smooth motions. The way he flows from one action to the next! This is just... This is not MY Aang!

I mean look at this:

Awesome kung fu kids )

Avatar Kung fu fighting kids )

Added to another pile of fail is this. It's supposed to be a poll where fans could choose their favorite badass female character. And who's winning?

Buffy? Zoe? Dr. Addison Montgomery? No. Adam Lambert.

That's right, a guy. In a contest meant for girls. There's a guy. WINNING.

This must be what miraclehate means because I'm feeling pretty rage-y. Fandom, how could you fail so hard?


I'll end with moments of awesome from the Avatar ladies:

Circus by HugeArrowFan

Moar Awesome Avatar ladies )
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A Buffy meets Edward crossover.

This is the reason why I love Buffy so hard. I'm sorry RPatz, I love reading your snarky comments and not so secret hate for the character you pIay but I just do not see the appeal. No matter how much I look you don't look hot.

And is that how RPatz acted throughout the movie? Why did he look so spastic and amateur? I don't remember Cedric Diggory being that way.
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I'm watching [profile] chasarumba's fantastic Casino Royale vid, Skin on repeat. I can't believe how she could pack a whole movie in just three minutes! Skin is such a beautiful synchronization of source and music and just... the cuts and the effects. It's simply breathtaking.


Moar interviews, this time from [personal profile] angstbunny:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and on and on ...

The questions and the answers )


Caught up with Castle, I do believe this show is getting better and better.

Castle - A Death in the Family )


The thing about mornings by [personal profile] fialka

It's Castle-fic! And how!

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