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I've been hankering for a long plotty gen Fringe/Bones crossover and finally found a decent looking story on the Pit of Voles. Until I came across the writer's description for Olivia.

On the other hand, Olivia was blond, fair and although small in stature, she could be large in presence when necessary.


Olivia Dunham 'small in stature'? For those unfamiliar with Special Agent Dunham here's a visual reference:

Cut for Visual Rekference to Olivia 'Tall as an Amazon' Dunham )

I can get Dani Reese getting the 'small in stature' description tag but Olivia is kinda pushing it.


Found on [ profile] mbomerdaily:

Neal Caffrey and Veronica Mars together! Wouldn't this be the most awesome crossover couple ever?


It's not just me, right? LJ notification is on the fritz isn't it?
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I found this interesting post on genius wranglers by [ profile] thelana and it made me realize, it is kind of a popular trope today, innit?

Even Crews and Reese fell into it (although I don't think Crews was a genius, just a guy with a different perspective and social skills) and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But it does make the dynamic in Fringe even more interesting.

It's because in this team Olivia Dunham isn't the genius wrangler, it is Peter and Astrid but mainly it's Peter who falls into the role (aside from his frequent Distressed Damsel role:)). Olivia can also focus Walter too but during those times things tend to be dire and Olivia... angry.

(Did I mention how much I love Olivia and Walter's dynamic? I did? Well, I wanna repeat it again because it is fantastic and complicated.)

This show subverts many of the gender tropes and that just adds to all the things that makes Fringe so good. Well, not the science, since most of it is really the science of Handwave Skience variety.

Oh, no. I am really getting attached to this show.

Maybe I should start repeating Crews' 'I am not attached to (place object you are not attached to)' because it works for him.

...okay, maybe not.


I haven't seen the new Leverage yet but the 'Not Sure Yet' song has been stuck in my head all day and it reminds me how much the song fits Nate and Sophie. I still remember the scene in second season premiere where Sophie leaves the bar and Nate orders an 'Irish' and contemplates the drink but leaves it behind.


Look guys, it's an awesome ficathon!

Recs for Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Life, SGA/SG-1, Veronica Mars )
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I very much suck at updating and replying to my comments.

Remember when I used to update often? Yeah, I miss those days too!

In bullet points because, apparently that's all I'm capable today:

  • The Vampire Diaries: I admit, I was judge-y. I judged. I thought it was just a Twilight on TV but it wasn't! I've been seeing posts aout TVD for some time now and even saw some episodes and I really thought it wouldn't click for me. Then I watched the season finale.

    Oh, my. )

    Can anyone recommend episodes I should check out?

  • Veronica Mars S3: There's a certain benefit to watching a show that's no longer airing. It means I can skip the not so good episodes, which I did. I stopped watching VM after season 2 and from what I've heard about the third season, I knew I wasn't going to like it so I stopped watching but there were good reviews about the second half of the season and that's where I started and I loved it! The Dean murder arc was so awesome and fantastic game changed and so very noir! I need to picspam that arc one of these days!

  • HIMYM: It took a while but I have to agree that this season is the weakest. This season had no arc and it is really hurting the show and the characters and I think next season has to be the last. They can't keep it up.

  • The Big Bang Theory: I was not happy with how Bernadette was written out off screen.

  • FNL S4 (EP 1-3): Coach and Mrs. Coach! Julie and Matt! Three episodes in and I'm desperate for the Lions to win something.

  • Smallville Finale: OMG. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  • I now have A Conspiracy of Kings! SQUEE!

...I actually don't have a lot of things to bullet point!
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I'm kinda in love with this meme:

1. The title of first article that pops up is the name of the band
2. The last four words of the last quote on the page is teh name of the album
3. The third picture is your album cover

'Throw them together' in a graphics program, post result:

Speaking of, the last crossover prompt meme results are here -- uh, I haven't finished with the others but I will get to them, I work at the speed of glaciers. Sorry!

When Barney met Charlie (HIMYM/Life)

Logan Echolls and the Doctor (or the one time the Doctor finally learned to appreciate Donna Noble) (Veronica Mars/Doctor Who)

Not All Frogs are Green (Mal and Rygel) (Firefly/Farscape)

ETA: Ranty McRant: Dani Reese > Carmen [Or why I'm against typecasting] )
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After fiddling and fiddling and fiddling I finally got the layout right, once again much thanks to [profile] starlingsby100 for the layout script and the background image. 

If you think my obsession for Veronica Mars has waned, you are very much mistaken my friend. Very, very much. In fact, I've recently found Veronica Mars music blog, informative site on the music used in VM and the VM soundtrack. One thing I really love about VM is its use of music, they don't use the popular, much played music but they use a mix of everything. I think because of my fandoms (Supernatural, Buffy and Veronica Mars) I'm discovering a lot of music I wouldn't normally be exposed to. 

[profile] chrisleeoctaves asked about fictional relationships we're drawn to, these are mine:

It's a mixed bag. I like couples who can be comfortable together and on occasion act without angst. I like couples who mistrust each other and couples who work at trusting each other.

It depends on how a couple makes it work, but recently I've just had this dislike for 'soulmates' and find myself liking people who love each other for being who they are.

Buffy/Angel - My first ever 'ship. Although, now, I can accept they can be with other people. They're both growing and learning independent of each other.

Jack/Irina (Alias)- This couple are just incendiary, and yes, they also do the intense look well. They've got issues a crater wide but what sells this relationship for me is how Irina's betrayal had really broken Jack but he will never be over her. I love that Irina does truly love Jack and Sydney but it doesn't stop her from pursuing her own agenda and sometimes that agenda forces her to go against them. I love that she's so complete without Jack but also she could love him so well.

Sydney/Weiss (Alias) - I know they were never a couple but I love the possibility of them together, I love that Weiss can offer this uncomplicated, angst free relationship for her and still be a professional. I love that Weiss finally had Nadia to care for and that he was the best boyfriend ever.

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It's official. I am head over heels in love with Veronica Mars. 

Not only do I love the characters, the stories but I just found out about the viral campaign and I could never love them more. The writers are just a big bunch of geeks! I love them! I stumbled onto this post  on [profile] about Steven, a student from Hearst College needing Veronica's help.

They've put-up a and created a bunch of sockpuppets and a community for Hearst's college. 

I'm speculatin like heck but the thing is, it would take me six months to ever watch the first ep of S3-- my country is slow that way. *sighs*

caps from [profile] _jems_ and [profile] wisteria_

There are a lot more scenes I love, particularly in season one but I'm in the office and I think I wasted enough manhours putting up the whole thing:D

[profile] yahtzee63 sorry about the delay on the Aliases ficathon but am still working on it.
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Josh Lyman from the West Wing. Another 'throw a stone, hit a favorite', but Josh has a thing. That thing is called Donna. -- Joss 

Joss is a Josh/Donna shipper! I knew I loved him for a reason and that reason is love! er... yeah, moving along... 
In honor of Joss's meme and cribbing from both [personal profile] yhlee and [profile] vonnie_k here is my own top 25 favorite characters
in no particular order. 

Despite my misgivings [personal profile] pandarus has really made me love the Dean/Faith pairing with her ongoing SPN/Buffy crossover. The latest update is here.

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This is a long overdue post, I've been meaning to post about Bones, Supernatural and Veronica Mars but I've never seemed to have the time-- on the other hand I'm more of a 'watch the show and gawk' kind of person.

So, here goes: 


 I love Bones, I love Booth, I love the Squint Squad. I love the inversion of roles, Booth started out the tactful, uncomplicated guy and through the course of the series he started revert to form, so to speak. As [personal profile] yhlee noted, he seems to be reverting back to his sniper past. 

He becomes prickly and snappy about his military past and if his worldview changes but he's also quick to apologize to Bones and he loves his son so much! I love guys who love their kids they're so... adorable!

 Then there's Bones, who at first, was presented as clinical and not very socially adept with human interaction and not at all fond of stories (which I found a stretch for a writer but I can handwave that),
spoiler )

I love the give and take of their relationship and how they navigate their way into the partnership and trust, how Booth comes to respect Bones' and the squints' mad science abilities and vice versa. I think I'm also one of the few who would like them to hold off on the romantic context, at least for a while.

I think, at this time, they need friendship more than romance. And since Hart Hanson also produced Judging Amy, I'm tentatively trusting him to handle the series very well. I think the reason why I love Bones more than the other procedurals, is that its not really about the crimes and its more about the characters that drive the story. 

But the biggest thing for me here is how different Booth is from Angel. When I first saw Bones, I thought David Boreanaz was basically playing the same character but then I re-watched my Angel DVDs and I was very surprised at how different Angel is from Booth.

Booth is all about human contact and smiles and sunshine, I can see Angel in Booth but try as I might I can't see Booth in Angel. Angel is about dark places, hard lines and conscious decision to not interact with people. But they have the same core, the same loyalties and quest for redemption but unlike Angel, Booth isn't trapped in his own darkness. 

*sigh* I do love this show. 


I'm trying to think of something more than: 'Oh, Dean... and damn, its hard. 

I love the way the show's lighted (sp?) and I love the Impala and I love the music and Daddy Winchester and I like Sam.

But, really, I watch the show for Dean. 

Dean Winchester, like Demon!John said, is all about masks. He smirks and leers to hide from the mass of pain he has inside. Sam may like his normal life and he may think Dean doesn't have a choice but Dean has choices and opportunities but he chose his family and this work because that's what he believes in. 

He loves his family and he loves saving people. 

In the Devil's Trap, Dean was the only one who didn't lose sight of the mission: Kill the demon, keep family safe and save people. But he also showed he was far from being just the action guy. I think, in this episode he showed himself as a capable leader. He set the trap for Meg (?) and he got dad back. He did find out that he was capable of being cold and ruthless when it came to protecting his family and it scares him and that fear, I think, will keep him from turning into something his not. 

But Demon!John is also wrong about John and Sam not needing Dean, they need him more than ever because he's the only one who's capable of pulling them from the edge and keeping a level head, while not losing sight of the objective. 

And, really, it's just oh, Dean.... 

Fic rec: 

They'll be peace when you're done by [profile] lyra_wing 

A fabulous short fic on Dean, slow but suddenly creepy and a switch punch to the gut that leaves you crying: 'Oh, Dean...'

 Veronica Mars 

I have overdosed on Veronica Mars and in the course of three days swallowed whole the first two seasons and have sucked my mom and my family into the fabulous world of VMars. Its just a shiny, shiny thing and all the characters but most especially, Veronica, are intelligent people and its just noir in its goodness. Plus? 
spoiler )

 I've been looking for fic and much as I love Veronica, and Veronica and Logan and other characters I'm not much into the whole relationship thing without any interesting cases to watch/read along. I really, really want to read a Veronica Mars casefile, noir style fic. There is one, right? Right?

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