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Thoughts on if Shaw was in an AU where robots/synthetics had a prominent and humanoid-esque presence (which would be plenty of video games, tv shows, and also Terminator)? you can factor in her pre-Team Machine or post-whichever works for you. Would she consider robots that look like humans to be alive? does she think being sentient equates being alive? Do robots have a soul? Does she think The Machine has a soul? Samaritan?

The first thing I thought reading this was Westworld more than Terminator, not only for the Nolan connection and because of how easy it is I think WW could have sprung from POI but also, because, it's freshest in her mind.

I don't know if it would matter to Shaw if a robot/synthetic/host has a soul, I think what matters to Shaw is how they're treated, and how they're treating other people.

But I believe if she saw how people treated the Hosts (Westworld), especially once she realizes the hosta are sentient I feel Shaw would be the first to give the Hosts a way out, it doesn't mean she has all the fuzzy feelings towards them I think Shaw would be ambivalent about Hosts because she knows machines/robots/hosts can also be capable of doing things that can hurt people just like Samaritan.

(Shaw will 100% judge all the people who go to the Westworld park, and especially people who play out their darkest id fantasies and go on massacres and tag them for monitoring.)

I don't know if she believes in souls but she believes in standing up to bullies, there is a reason why Shaw is called a straight arrow.
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