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Everyone, behind me.”

(inspired by @samosevie​‘s gifset)

The Doctor will forever regret moving away from Bill. He once told Bill that the safest place in the universe was at his side but he walked forward, the Doctor thought he could reason with the terrified blue alien but all that did was give the alien a clear shot at Bill.

Almost every action Thirteen does is a straight line from their life as Twelve – the Doctor failed Bill. This time around Thirteen is going to make damned sure everyone she cares about will be safe behind her, even if she has to jump in front of sonic mine to do it – and I suspect she has.

#i can map a straight line from twelfth doctor to the thirteenth doctor#everything is a straight line from twelve to thirteen's life
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Since I’ve been deathly afraid of getting spoiled (and never want the repeat of getting spoiled the way I was with The Force Awakens) I made an effort to watch Captain Marvel  this weekend. 

Also, I can’t believe in the theater I was in no one laughed about all the 90s gags! 

I really liked this movie and I am so, so glad I avoided any information about the movie! 

Captain Marvel )

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I'm so happy for Olivia Colman! I only knew her briefly as Prisoner Zero in Doctor Who and then on Broadchurch!

I bet Jodie's ecstatic for her friend Collie! (Apparently, that's her nickname IRL!).
Awardwinning Olivia and Jodie

And then we're blessed with a look at a photoshoot with Jodie Whittaker:
JW in Leather JW in Leather 2

Miss Whittaker, if you're nasty.


The rainbow on the shirt is a really nice touch! I hope we get to see Thirteen in different clothes.
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“Choosing a child free life.” for [profile] shoulditrustyouagain

The last! And the one that’s most late!

I like kids and babies but I’m also really honest about myself and while I like kids… I also know that I want to return them back to their parents after a day with them.

I’m nothing like Cristina Yang, I’m not driven like her, I don’t have a driving ambition to be the best but I feel this spoke to me.

(Also, out of topic, this is one of the reasons why I dislike Owen a lot.)

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I just finished Homecoming on Amazon Prime. Homecoming has an interesting pedigree since it started as a podcast show, I listened to the first episode but for one reason or another never managed to pick it back again. 

It stars Julia Roberts and Stephan James and it’s just -- I said You was mesmerizing, if horrific but Homecoming? I just couldn’t stop watching all ten episodes. 

It’s a conspiracy story and unrequited love story, and it’s a story about memory and memory loss. 

It’s such a sweet story and an inverse to the standard older man falls for sweet and open young girl. Julia Roberts plays Heidi Bergman, a case worker who helps soldiers transition back to society (or so it seems), and Stephan James is Walter Cruz. 

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Which cancelled or finished TV series would you be okay to be rebooted/renewed?" for [personal profile] thatgeeklover

There are several shows I mourned for being cut in its prime, or as they’re called: brilliant but cancelled.

There’s Leverage, Life, Pushing Daisies, Journeyman, Better Off Ted, Ugly Betty but I think, I think i would’ve gone with The Sarah Connor Chronicles as renewed and continuation with Pushing Daisies. But man, TSCC, that ending that wasn’t an ending and I’m just so annoyed it was cancelled. Much as I love ‘Life’ I don’t trust the showrunners because of the tricks they pulled with Dani Reese, and they don’t seem to know why fans loved ‘Life’. Well, fans like me. I wanted more Powerless and Serious Control Issues more than Farthingale

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What fictional universe would you like to vacation in? would you want to take any of the characters along? what would you do there?” for @cacchieressa

I thought about this long and hard, much as I would love to be in a Doctor Who world, I think my chances of survival will be really down if I’m not traveling with the Doctor (and even then!).

I mean, what if I end up with Team Torchwood? I would really be dead. They’re terrible at their jobs!

I thought of Star Wars verse but again, chances of my survival would be nil. 

Star Trek would be a step up but I don’t know. 

Then I remembered! Avatar-verse! Sure, it’s dangerous but in between that there are wonders also, there’s a lot of people around me who can do martial arts and help keep me alive. 

But if I visit there I think I’d want it to be Korra-era Avatar-verse, first, because: Indoor Plumbing and second all the cool steampunk tech and fantastical creatures around.

Also, I’d love to see real life bending! I’d also love to be a passenger in one of Asami Sato designed Luxury Air Ship. Bonus, if I get to travel with the Krew! It would be fun! 

Especially since this would be post-series Krew and not hot headed teens! 

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-"What dark Doctor story would you want exploring?" for [profile] thymejot

The first time I watched Waters of Mars I was so disappointed at how quick Ten’s moment of darkness was, I thought Family of Blood had a longer moment for Dark!Doctor. I thought WoM’s dark moment was under cooked.

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Which season is your favourite with regards to the 12th doctor?” For [profile] thecatwriter

Series 10!

I liked some episodes in series 8 (Deep Breath, Time Heist, Mummy On the Orient Express, Flatline) and I thought series 9 was a step up in terms of Twelve’s characterization (The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, Zygon Inversion/Invasion, Heaven Sent/Hell Bent) with the magnificent, magnificent best in class episode in Heaven Sent.

Husbands of River Song was really really fun but it’s series 10, I think where Twelve as a Doctor has coalesced into the Doctor he’s meant to be. He’s not trying too much in either direction (Am I a Good Man? / And acting like a Teenager) Twelve is finally settled in himself. The 24 years with River and the 70 years with Missy and being around humans seems to have really help calm down.

And one of the best elements of series 10 is Bill Potts and her relationship with the Doctor, it’s a shame Bill’s story gets muddled into Twelve’s ending story and Missy’s redemption arc. But before it happened Bill Potts was amazing and Pearl Mackie had such great chemistry and dynamic with Peter Capaldi. I’m forever mourning Bill is a one season Companion, I would love for Bill to meet Thirteen.

I love how Twelve was with Bill, and I love that Bill questioned Twelve about his ‘if a person has a gun to his head, you have no time to mourn’ mentality to everything. Bill truly felt like Twelve’s student and a sort of parallel to Susan.

I will always remember the touching bittersweet scene in Twice Upon a Time :

Bill: I hope we talk about it loads. I hope we spend years laughing about it. Come back alive. Twelve: Be here when I do.

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"Do you think Missy ever went to the library to free River out of spite as well as ego and ended up liking her too much?" for [profile] thymejot

In honor of the Big Finish Audio coming out....

Because of 'Worlds Enough and time' we know Missy will be annoyed ("if somebody kills you and it's not me, we'll both be disappointed." -- really, anyone who successfully kills the Doctor will have to contend with not only vengeful Companions, they would have to also deal with a pissed off Master).

Add to it, the Master, historically, doesn’t like it when the Doctor chooses their human friends over them. It usually ends up badly for the friend, and I think the only reason Clara lasted as long as she did is because Missy specifically chose Clara for the Doctor.

You know what? Missy is Bananas (her term not mine!) With lesser impulse control than the Doctor I think Missy would visit River. If only to express her extreme annoyance that someone else killed the Doctor. I don’t know if Missy would free River immediately — but again, bananas! Also, Missy will do it, if only to prove she's more technically capable than the Doctor.

I assume River would be confused at first but it would take River several minutes to acclimate but I bet River would try to go toe to toe with Missy, ending with a bit of an impasse.

The thing that would most interest me is how, IMO, River is the healthier version of the Doctor's relationship with the Master. River claims she's a remorseless killer, a psychopath but I never believe her, it always seemed to me as more telling than showing. Sure, she kills people in combat but she's not a heartless killer like the Master is.

Also, for me, the reason why the Doctor is so good dancing the Murder Tango ('Let's Kill Hitler') with River was because it's familiar dance to the Doctor. It would be interesting for River to encounter Missy (would she know about the Master and their relationship with the Doctor, or would River be surprised?).

Then again in 'Extremis' it seemed like Missy had a lot of respect for River, or at least who River was to the Doctor. Maybe, after having a go at River, who manages to escape, Missy would be impressed enough to let River go. After all, with River out and about there would be one more clever shot Missy can play with.

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Bear for [profile] jbslasher

Bear is amazing and a good dog, and currently enjoying his life belonging to Shaw because she spoils him like no other and, when they’re alone even does the baby talk thing Harold did with him, only in Dutch.

He also gets to bite bad guys.

Bear is living his Best Life.

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"Discuss leading ladies in sci-fi television shows. Compare, contrast, who do you lovel who do you not?" via @ cleoselene

I’ll limit this to a few shows: Star Trek DS9, Farscape, Firefly, Fringe, Doctor Who, Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse, Legends of Tomorrow, Person of Interest, Killjoys, and Star Wars.

“Breaking )

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“If you could, what would you change about the last season of POI (or another series)?” for [personal profile] aurumcalendula

For season 5, I really think they needed a stronger villain and the team going up against Van Gogh wasn’t personal enough. Somehow Greer was declawed. If Team Machine went up with the Greer from season 3, things would have been a lot more interesting.

If Claire was the one to pull the trigger (I know broadcast TV wouldn’t stand for it) but, imagine if Claire— the one they were setting up as a mirror for Root, was the one who shot Root? Samaritan positioning Claire into becoming its own ‘Root’.

It would have been more personal and maybe even some thematic resonance.

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"Is there anything in Doctor Who so poorly addressed that you would start it from scratch?” for [profile] thymejot

There are a few moments but I’ve forgotten some of themt for now these are the moments that stand out:

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