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Life has some surprisingly good stories that's been keeping me from going crazy(ier) but most of them end up being too short, that is until [ profile] denynothing1 's Five Times Charlie Crews Didn't Tan (and One Time He got Burned) it's gen and a long, brilliant story about Charlie, the people around him that's so pitch perfect I can actually believe this could have happened in the show.

Fairy Tale of LA by [ profile] nestra , this is short but really, really bittersweet and again, pitch perfect. Especially Reese's last line, so Reese and... I just want to hug her.

I've also started watching other shows to help stave of my craving for more Life show.

watching bones, himym, 30 rock, journeyman, psych and eureka )

Thoughts on Reese's mom )

Plus GIP: isn't it pretty?
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Josh Lyman from the West Wing. Another 'throw a stone, hit a favorite', but Josh has a thing. That thing is called Donna. -- Joss 

Joss is a Josh/Donna shipper! I knew I loved him for a reason and that reason is love! er... yeah, moving along... 
In honor of Joss's meme and cribbing from both [personal profile] yhlee and [profile] vonnie_k here is my own top 25 favorite characters
in no particular order. 

Despite my misgivings [personal profile] pandarus has really made me love the Dean/Faith pairing with her ongoing SPN/Buffy crossover. The latest update is here.

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This is a long overdue post, I've been meaning to post about Bones, Supernatural and Veronica Mars but I've never seemed to have the time-- on the other hand I'm more of a 'watch the show and gawk' kind of person.

So, here goes: 


 I love Bones, I love Booth, I love the Squint Squad. I love the inversion of roles, Booth started out the tactful, uncomplicated guy and through the course of the series he started revert to form, so to speak. As [personal profile] yhlee noted, he seems to be reverting back to his sniper past. 

He becomes prickly and snappy about his military past and if his worldview changes but he's also quick to apologize to Bones and he loves his son so much! I love guys who love their kids they're so... adorable!

 Then there's Bones, who at first, was presented as clinical and not very socially adept with human interaction and not at all fond of stories (which I found a stretch for a writer but I can handwave that),
spoiler )

I love the give and take of their relationship and how they navigate their way into the partnership and trust, how Booth comes to respect Bones' and the squints' mad science abilities and vice versa. I think I'm also one of the few who would like them to hold off on the romantic context, at least for a while.

I think, at this time, they need friendship more than romance. And since Hart Hanson also produced Judging Amy, I'm tentatively trusting him to handle the series very well. I think the reason why I love Bones more than the other procedurals, is that its not really about the crimes and its more about the characters that drive the story. 

But the biggest thing for me here is how different Booth is from Angel. When I first saw Bones, I thought David Boreanaz was basically playing the same character but then I re-watched my Angel DVDs and I was very surprised at how different Angel is from Booth.

Booth is all about human contact and smiles and sunshine, I can see Angel in Booth but try as I might I can't see Booth in Angel. Angel is about dark places, hard lines and conscious decision to not interact with people. But they have the same core, the same loyalties and quest for redemption but unlike Angel, Booth isn't trapped in his own darkness. 

*sigh* I do love this show. 


I'm trying to think of something more than: 'Oh, Dean... and damn, its hard. 

I love the way the show's lighted (sp?) and I love the Impala and I love the music and Daddy Winchester and I like Sam.

But, really, I watch the show for Dean. 

Dean Winchester, like Demon!John said, is all about masks. He smirks and leers to hide from the mass of pain he has inside. Sam may like his normal life and he may think Dean doesn't have a choice but Dean has choices and opportunities but he chose his family and this work because that's what he believes in. 

He loves his family and he loves saving people. 

In the Devil's Trap, Dean was the only one who didn't lose sight of the mission: Kill the demon, keep family safe and save people. But he also showed he was far from being just the action guy. I think, in this episode he showed himself as a capable leader. He set the trap for Meg (?) and he got dad back. He did find out that he was capable of being cold and ruthless when it came to protecting his family and it scares him and that fear, I think, will keep him from turning into something his not. 

But Demon!John is also wrong about John and Sam not needing Dean, they need him more than ever because he's the only one who's capable of pulling them from the edge and keeping a level head, while not losing sight of the objective. 

And, really, it's just oh, Dean.... 

Fic rec: 

They'll be peace when you're done by [profile] lyra_wing 

A fabulous short fic on Dean, slow but suddenly creepy and a switch punch to the gut that leaves you crying: 'Oh, Dean...'

 Veronica Mars 

I have overdosed on Veronica Mars and in the course of three days swallowed whole the first two seasons and have sucked my mom and my family into the fabulous world of VMars. Its just a shiny, shiny thing and all the characters but most especially, Veronica, are intelligent people and its just noir in its goodness. Plus? 
spoiler )

 I've been looking for fic and much as I love Veronica, and Veronica and Logan and other characters I'm not much into the whole relationship thing without any interesting cases to watch/read along. I really, really want to read a Veronica Mars casefile, noir style fic. There is one, right? Right?

 (Scans horizon)
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Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion thoughts )

The Inside

I've finally watched the first seven episodes of the Inside (the only seven as it turned out) and... I loved it. I have such a weakness for closed off, damaged characters.

General thoughts on the Inside )

As for Bones, I love it too. It's just so fun, the banter between Tempe and Booth is always fun and like the Inside, I really don't think the show's about the cases, or trying to be X-files. I think Boreanaz was correct in saying that Booth and Tempe are more like the Moonlighting couple.

I love how different/same Booth is from Angel. It's like Booth is the well-adjusted version of Angel and I just got a plotbunny for an Angel/Bones/The Inside crossover.

Scary plotbunny )

And, oh, the plot bunny is eating my brain and I want to stop.

*distracts self with House*

Did I mention that I've also fallen for House?

I love House in all his total grouchy, superior glory and I love Cuddy because she gives as good as she gets. I support any incarnation of a House/Cuddy relationship because they work.

But I really can't see House/Wilson that fandom loves so much even if I tilt my head and squint. I just can't.

I just wish the creators would stop pushing a House/Cameron relationship because c'mon guys... House would eat her alive. Now, Cameron/Chase I could get on.

Wouldn't it be fun, though, if House and Cuddy's role would be reversed? Cuddy as the crochety heroine of the show? And House is the hospital administrator and they'd be bitching at each other the whole day. House didn't really want to be the administrator but something happened and he was promoted to it. And, I really don't know what's next after that but wouldn't that at least be fun? Or that could just be me. Hee.

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