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It's been a while since I've blogged about Doctor Who. I've enjoyed some aspects of Eleven's run but as time passed I've grown disappointed with the man he's become. I'm disappointed at how he handles his personal relationships.

This is the first episode of DW that's genuinely happymaking mostly and firstly because the lead up to the Day of the Doctor gave us Peter McGann as Eight! And because I've grown to know more of the Classic Who from Big Finish Audios his voice ultimately gives me shivers up and down my spine.

I cried for Eight but I loved they canonized his BFA Companions. I squee'd when I heard him recite their names.

And so we come to:

The Day of The Doctor )
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I know I said I won't check on TVD until its interesting but I learned spoilers and reactions under here )


Doctor Who finale was uneven for me it only started picking up when the Ponds got involved. Here are the highlights:

So where are we? )
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Oh, I like this! I've been side-eyeing Playboy Club and all the things they're trying to sell about the show but this one I really like!

I hope someone retires like Mad Men only with planes because it doesn't even have the sense of it. It's set in the past but I feel its more of a fun escapist show with a lot of female characters who are in it for the Adventure and world travel.

Also, there are spies and cold war shenanigans and I'm perfectly fine accepting Pan Am for what it is, fun!


For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places: absolute forgiveness or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.

Guys, you are all fired for not telling me a gender flipped version of The Count of Monte Cristo was in the works!

So far I'm enjoying more than Ringer! Sorry, SMG. Although I will catch-up to your show too!


Eleventh Doctor's defining moment. Or, at least it is for me, see if my brother showed me this clip the first time I think I would have immediately started watching Eleven's run as the Doctor but y'know I do like that it was River who brought me back.

But the part where Eleven walks through Ten's image and then suddenly it clicks in your head, he is the Doctor.

Basically, Run.

And look what I found!

Seventh Doctor defends the Pandorica!

Sylvester McCoy does a reading of this scene during the DragonCon 2011 and a fan edits it down to remove the audience clapping and added in the music:

Boy, now I see the similarities between Eleventy and Seven, I know a few people compared Ten with Seven but I think this is a far more apt comparison. Also, here's Matt Smith's Eleven doing the same speech:

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New Shows 2011.


That was... not good.

Ioan was hot as ever but SMG was, um. Why does she keep getting humorless roles post-Buffy? It doesn't work for her, IMO. It only worked in Buffy because we see her become someone serious but with flashes of humor and the stakes were world ending high.

Maybe if this was more about the evil twin it would be more fun but the 'good' twin is so humorless and I dunno. It doesn't work for me especially as a CW show.

New Girl

I was looking forward to this especially since I thought y'know she was the new Liz Lemon (aka someone like me! sort of). But the comedy didn't work for me, I'll give it three episodes and then decide.

But that's two new shows that disappointed me, I hope the other shows hold up better.


Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited

Oh, that was so sad. Ponds!

more spoilery thoughts and speculations )
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It's official: I love Eleven. Also, I now want to see the episode Neil Gaiman wrote for Babylon Five.

Hello. )
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I am finally done with the Event from Hell and I'm taking a breather to say Hello, World I'm still here also to post a few thoughts about some shows I've managed to watch despite my killer schedule.

TSCC: Vick's Chip - What He Beheld )

New Amsterdam 1x01 - 1x02 )
Late but I dare not disobey the lovely [ profile] rosa_writes  and because I fear her magic powers, here be meme:

Here's the deal: People who have been tagged post their answers and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse (well, I'm saying you can refuse if you really don't want to do it). These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you.

meme'd )

tagging: [ profile] tassosss, [ profile] wheresmycow, [ profile] tsutsay, [ profile] amy_wolf, [ profile] rodlox, [ profile] tinuvielberen, [ profile] _hellosincerity

Doctor Who S4 speculations, thoughts )

ETA: LJ codes fixed, argh... why do you hate me LJ?
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So... I was looking around Google documents and I found this thing I was working on a few months ago. It didn't go anywhere so, here it goes.

Title: Fire and Gold
Characters:  Rose
Spoilers: Doctor Who S1 and S2 [Bad Wolf, PoTW and Tooth and Claw compliant]
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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OMG YAY! I've managed to salvage some of my files from faulty storage card! Thanks [personal profile] principia_coh for the suggestions!

In other news: [profile] schoolforgirls!

[personal profile] livii's crack fic boarding school for companions AU is made of pure unadulturated AWESOME!

Take all your meta debates aside, folks because [info]schoolforgirls rules all!

C'mon, how can a school which has  Rose and Martha as roommates and prefects not be awesome?

Not to mention all the wonderful companions running around and having fun! Plus, The Master and The Rani as headmaster and headmistress respectively can only be made of win.

Oddly enough, as much as I love the Doctor I'm actually liking that he isn't showing up in this 'verse.

On a random note, I really have to get myself an OMG YAY icon.
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Recently watched the latest Doctor Who episode and loved it, particularly loved the Girl in the Fire Place.

New Who )

Because that's what I think Doctor Who is, its about adventure and fun and wonder, of walking through new worlds with new eyes and enjoying life wherever they may find it...
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Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion thoughts )

The Inside

I've finally watched the first seven episodes of the Inside (the only seven as it turned out) and... I loved it. I have such a weakness for closed off, damaged characters.

General thoughts on the Inside )

As for Bones, I love it too. It's just so fun, the banter between Tempe and Booth is always fun and like the Inside, I really don't think the show's about the cases, or trying to be X-files. I think Boreanaz was correct in saying that Booth and Tempe are more like the Moonlighting couple.

I love how different/same Booth is from Angel. It's like Booth is the well-adjusted version of Angel and I just got a plotbunny for an Angel/Bones/The Inside crossover.

Scary plotbunny )

And, oh, the plot bunny is eating my brain and I want to stop.

*distracts self with House*

Did I mention that I've also fallen for House?

I love House in all his total grouchy, superior glory and I love Cuddy because she gives as good as she gets. I support any incarnation of a House/Cuddy relationship because they work.

But I really can't see House/Wilson that fandom loves so much even if I tilt my head and squint. I just can't.

I just wish the creators would stop pushing a House/Cameron relationship because c'mon guys... House would eat her alive. Now, Cameron/Chase I could get on.

Wouldn't it be fun, though, if House and Cuddy's role would be reversed? Cuddy as the crochety heroine of the show? And House is the hospital administrator and they'd be bitching at each other the whole day. House didn't really want to be the administrator but something happened and he was promoted to it. And, I really don't know what's next after that but wouldn't that at least be fun? Or that could just be me. Hee.

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