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2011 is starting out as sucky as the beginning of 2010 was.
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Just came from the movie.... and I just...

I *loved* it.

Its powerful.

And I completely agree with [ profile] matociquala the Wachowski (sp?) brothers have redeemed themselves.

It just hit so many things for me, especially with the current situation here in the Philippines. It makes me question my stand on supporting Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

I *like* her, I really do, and I believe she's getting a bad rap and not enough acknowledgment for the things she's done and doing for the country. So, with the recent proclamation banning any sort of large political gatherings and the arrest of some media personalities... I'm really torn in half.

I like her, but I don't approve of her actions, and yet... and yet, there's this other part that's supporting her because I think the opposition is just making too much noise and making trouble for the Philippines. I think the Philippines need order, needs a chance for its economy to balance out and its disturbing for me to be so... blase about it. It really makes me question what I believe in and then here comes this movie, and V's words about how people who like order and peace would just be complacent and follow the government blindly.

Last February 25, was EDSA Revolution's 20th anniversary. How did we celebrate it? Fireworks? Rousing speeches? Unfortunately, we didn't celebrate anything. On the eve of the 25th, there were two army officers who plotted a coup against the President, the officers were arrested and the coup stopped but on the 25th, on the day itself, the President declared a State of Emergency and the proclamation 1317, forbidding any large political gatherings.

The police and the military picked-up three opposition congressmen and some prominent columnists over the course of the week, and just recently, the former Secretary for Social Welfare, Dinky Soliman was arrested for leading a walkathon and... well, for wearing black, which the police say is seditious.

Was I outraged?

Unfortunately... I was not. In fact, I was very annoyed with Dinky Soliman, I really thought -- think she's just causing trouble.

And its disturbing!

I was part of the second EDSA revolution and brought down former President Erap Estrada. It was... the most exhilirating thing I've ever felt at that time I thought things was going to change that it could only get better from there.

Boy, was I wrong.

All I feel now is tired and disgusted with politicians, with their endless bickerings and I just look up at the line-up of senators and I shake my head. We have more actors, former coup plotters, Marcos supporters and despair.

So, yes, V for Vendetta really made me face-up with the things I've been thinking in my head.

V for Vendetta spoilers )
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Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion thoughts )

The Inside

I've finally watched the first seven episodes of the Inside (the only seven as it turned out) and... I loved it. I have such a weakness for closed off, damaged characters.

General thoughts on the Inside )

As for Bones, I love it too. It's just so fun, the banter between Tempe and Booth is always fun and like the Inside, I really don't think the show's about the cases, or trying to be X-files. I think Boreanaz was correct in saying that Booth and Tempe are more like the Moonlighting couple.

I love how different/same Booth is from Angel. It's like Booth is the well-adjusted version of Angel and I just got a plotbunny for an Angel/Bones/The Inside crossover.

Scary plotbunny )

And, oh, the plot bunny is eating my brain and I want to stop.

*distracts self with House*

Did I mention that I've also fallen for House?

I love House in all his total grouchy, superior glory and I love Cuddy because she gives as good as she gets. I support any incarnation of a House/Cuddy relationship because they work.

But I really can't see House/Wilson that fandom loves so much even if I tilt my head and squint. I just can't.

I just wish the creators would stop pushing a House/Cameron relationship because c'mon guys... House would eat her alive. Now, Cameron/Chase I could get on.

Wouldn't it be fun, though, if House and Cuddy's role would be reversed? Cuddy as the crochety heroine of the show? And House is the hospital administrator and they'd be bitching at each other the whole day. House didn't really want to be the administrator but something happened and he was promoted to it. And, I really don't know what's next after that but wouldn't that at least be fun? Or that could just be me. Hee.
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The family rassled me into submission and now i'm in Cagayan Valley enjoying the sight and sounds of my maternal families' ancestral home.

One thing I have determined if I ever become rich I will not leave land to my heirs, or have great paperwork. It's been half a century and my grandfather's family are still squabbling over it, holding on to the lost glory of their once rich family. They just can't let go of the past, the whole trip would have been fun if they didn't burst into frequent arguments and awful tempers.

Thank God my grandmother is here or else I'd gone completely farbot.

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