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There's a meme going around about unpopular opinions. I find I only have one:

I like Relena Peacecraft. I even ship Relena with Heero. There I said it.

I never understood the hate towards Relena, yeah she's done some crazy things but she's not alone in doing crazy, illogical things.


I haven't caught up with Buffy Season 8, before it started I was defending Joss & Co. for their decision to continue and while there are some wonderful moments the comic just doesn't feel right to me.

One of the reasons I gave for my ambivalence to Buffy S8 is how it seemed the cast never learn their lessons and while the conflict (internal and external) against the Slayer Army is interesting its I feel they've missed an opportunity regarding the Slayer Army.

more rambly thoughts on Buffy S8 )


On the other hand Fullmetal Alchemist continues to make my heart sing. I just can't express the awesomeness Arakawa keeps piling on. I'm in awe of her pacing, her fight scenes never bore me unlike Bleach. Tite Kubo should take the time to look over FMA's fight scenes and study it because that's how its done.

And what awesomeness am I referring to?

The meeting of two giants )


I recently saw Push, I wanted to watch it in the theater but I somehow missed it and watching the DVD makes me wish I saw it on the bigscreen. Yes, its an X-Men knockoff so is Heroes and Mutant-X but y'know what? I don't care. It was awesome.

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Boy, there are a lot of polarizing reactions about the upcoming Buffy comic, most stemming from either a) Lingering bitterness over Season 7 b) Buffy's outfit and c) the Immortal spoiler.

For myself, I can't help but be excited I've always been a Buffy fan, the character that is and I've missed her too much and just want to see how my girl is doing in the new world she helped create.

Frankly, I think any preconceptions we have on the upcoming season 8 comic should be checked on the door since we've only seen the first five pages. We're reacting to the beginning of the first few seconds of a larger arc of the story.

I've long since decided that I'm going in with an open mind -- I used to have a kneejerk reaction to everything i.e. Angel leaving Buffy? No! Kate putting the moves on Angel? Hands off, Bitch! Cordelia and Angel? --okay, I still have issues with that-- Connor? WTF?

In all instances I was proven wrong and I end up loving the overall story rather than the individual things that keep happening.

Its best for me if I just wait and see and enjoy what Joss has in store because in the end, I'm just glad my girl Buffy is still alive and kicking and I choose to think that Joss isn't doing it *just* for the money but also because he missed writing about Buffy.

Then again, I've always given Joss slack. I trust him enough for that, after all he's done fantastic work for Astonishing X-Men and Fray, I'm just thankful the Buffyverse is still spinning, still going.
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Okay. Obviously, obviously, season 8 Buffy comic ate my brain! And now I've written a transcript of the preview pages! Oh Em Gee!

Word of warning I know nothing about writing transcripts or comics or whatever so I just adapted whatever I saw on the net with a smidge of my own reactions. Buffy season 8! Dudes! Season 8!

Buffy Season 8 previews available here: 1 2 3 4

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There's a Joss Whedon interview on Buffy Season 8 comic up on TV guide and in [ profile] buffyannotater's journal here finally there's an explanation about Buffy and --Season 8 spoiler )

But Buffy, what the hell are you wearing? Seriously?

I cannot wait for this comic - but really what is she wearing??

ETA: *scowl* stupid fingers hitting 'send'button before I was even finished!

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