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I'm stepping away from watching Supergirl, which is a pity since I loved the first season as campy and wonky in pacing it was there was never any doubt the central pivot of the show was Kara Zor-el | Danvers and her family.

I feel like something got lost moving from CBS to CW.

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I'll come back after the season but right now, the show is more disappointing every episode and when I come to the point when the disappointment out weigh the happy, its time to stop.


On a happier note, it's Sameen Shaw day!

So here's a fanvid I made for Shaw way back when!

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Title: kiss with a fist (is better than none)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: Kiss with a fist by Florence and the Machine
Summary: a kiss with a fist is better than none.
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] dealanexmachina, [ profile] treonb
Stream: YouTube | Vimeo
Download: from dropbox (77 mb, mp4)

kiss with a fist (better than none) from Isa on Vimeo.

Password: play

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I've always wanted a spin-off show for Shaw ever since Relevance and ever since I heard The Kills - Future Starts Slow, I've always thought it was the perfect song for the credits of Shaw's show.

Then I realized that I had clips from my previous In the Bullpen (there's a China doll in the bullpen) vid and I remembered Political Animals also used Future Starts Slow for their credits.

I always thought Future Starts Slow was iconic for Shaw and the show itself so yay, finally finished this!

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Now that I've finished my Shaw vid (in the bullpen - there's a china doll in the bullpen). I can go back to writing!

BTW the Shaw vid was something in the months in the making and it was such a relief to finish it but I kept fiddling and fiddling with it until I said last night either I upload it now or it'll never get done. So I did and that was a relief.

Although I think I might remaster the vid once I get my hands on a higher quality source. Its too dark right now for my tastes.

Further commentary: I had such a resistance at Shaw being called a hammer by Harold because just looking at Reese as he is and his methods there is nothing subtle or surgical about his methods.

But then I read the thoughts of fellow fans here and I began to rethink it and I did end up liking the Shaw as a Hammer analogy because often times women operators are thought of as surgical, delicate etc., but Shaw for all her height is the heavy hitter. And I tried to show it as much as I could in the vid.

I also included Shaw the connections she made over the course of the season how she is the hammer in the bullpen but its not all of her, that these are the people she's come to think of as important to her.

I might do a vid commentary at a later date.


Now to writing notes: Elementary/Person of Interest fic seems to be plugging along nicely.

I'm really excited to write Root and Moriarty interacting. I think its going to be interesting since they might be similar but I don't think they'd spark well with each other precisely because they are too similar. And they'd be like two cats being remarkably territorial against one another.

I think for the majority of this story I might place the POV on the Elementary side of things, outside looking into the world our characters of Person of Interest live in. I don't think its a world Sherlock and Joan would like to live in, tbh.


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Title: in the bullpen (there's a china doll in the bullpen)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: The Bullpen by Dessa
Summary: Shaw is in the bullpen.
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] tearful_eye | unmatterable, [personal profile] jebbypal and my sister!
Stream: vimeo or YouTube
Download: from box (82.5mb, mp4)

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