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I just came back from watching Man of Steel

Superman was a very formative influence for me, I loved it with all of my heart. Lois Lane was my first role model and Superman was my first super hero.

I've lost almost every incarnation and I try to watch all the versions, I've seen the Super Boy series, Lois and Clark series and even Smallville (although I didn't start in earnest until Lois arrived in the picture.)

Superman Returns had its up and downs, and I felt the movie was a bit tone deaf to the times and had the least favorite Lois. I didn't love its portrayal of Clark-the-reporter.

So I met Man of Steel with mixed feelings.

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I archived a short fic I wrote for Once Upon a Time in ao3 link here:

Coming Home (2353 words) by [ profile] grimorie
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Family Relationships
Characters: Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard, Prince "Charming" James | David Nolan, Emma Swan, Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Henry Mills (Once Upon a Time), Red Riding Hood | Ruby, Belle (Once Upon a Time)
Additional Tags: Royal House of White, Family
Summary: Snow never thought adjusting to a simple thing like a bed would be something she would have a hard time doing.

The story was written prior to airing 2x10 so its not compliant with what aired. This was my take on how Snow was going to navigate being in a small town with Regina. I've been thinking of writing several stories after this which might take the story in an even more AU place, I'm really more fascinated with the idea of Snow and Regina negotiating living in a town and working out their issues.

But then again I really love what they did in The Miller's Daughter so I don't know if I can really go the AU route for that.

I have thought of several Dark!Snow AUs thought... I'm far too fond of thinking about Dark!Snow!


Iron Man 3 review links via [personal profile] norwich36.

Long fantastic meta review by [profile] letterd

[personal profile] coffeeandink's awesome review and further thoughts on IM3 with links!

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I will say one thing about IM3, watching this after nu!trek2 was such a fantastic way to get over my disappointment. I enjoyed IM3 so so much more because of it.

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Just got back from an awesome holiday with my family! So I'm currently playing catch up with my shows!

So, briefly:

Once Upon a Time reactions up to finale )

Star Trek Into Darkness reactions )

Ending in a high note with:

Elementary reactions up to the finale )
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Guess what I watched?

How so dapper, Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

I saw him in a few episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun, liked him in Ten Things I hate about Your, very impressed by him in Brick and now... with his slicked back hair and three piece suits?

I think I have a thing for guys in 50's style outfits: Booth, Neal and now Arthur.

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I was supposed to watch Inception yesterday but I ended up watching Salt instead.

You think everyone is who they say they are?/ Movie spoilers )


Speaking of Fringe...

Fringe S3 spoilers and thoughts )
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After all my misgivings about that one line in the trailer regarding Piracy and freedom I was pleasantly surprised how they handled the whole thing. All in all the movie was wait for it... legendary!

I do wish they'd enunciate more, in the first and second movie I had no problem  following what Tia Dalma or Barbossa said but here I kept going: 'huh?'

Oh and friendly reminder, just like the movies before don't leave until the very end, there's an easter egg there and a beautiful epilogue to the story.
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Thoughtcrimes is a direct to TV movie, a pilot  for USA Networks . Freya McAllister (Navi Rawat) was a normal highschool student, until she started hearing voices in her head at the night of her prom (timing sucks), diagnosed as a schizophrenic, Freya was locked-up in a mental institution for nearly a decade before Dr. Michael Wells discovers her and takes her out of the institution and begins training her to control her telepathy.
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Just came back from the fourth HP movie, I'm glad I didn't read a lot of reviews on and offline so I came in without being influenced by another person's opinion. So... my general impression. It was great and better but I think, my heart forever belongs to the third movie.

PoA is, for me, a more personal movie. I loved the cinematography and how *real* Hogwarts felt and how Harry and his friends were acting like real students.

GoF and sixth book spoilers )

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