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Person of Interest is back! And there's an episode discussion on tumblr for anyone who wants to discuss this!

If anyone is interested in joining the link is here.
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Slight time shift in my January Memes! Sorry!

for @potcpoi

I really love Harold and Shaw’s relationship. 

They had a contentious start to their working relationship-- not as contentious as Harold’s relationship with Root, that’s a category all on its own. 

One of the reasons why I love their relationship was how unexpected it was. They didn’t have the best of beginnings but their start was not the worst thing ever (yes, okay I’ve been watching Galavant). 

They clashed on almost everything. Harold seemed to expect the worst from Shaw and Shaw in turn seemed to be testing her limits with Harold and John. More Harold than John when she realized as long as she kept her shooting away from center mass John was okay with everything else. 


To be honest, I wasn’t fond with how the writers decided Harold and Shaw would clash and yes, this is something I lay on the writers feet and not the characters. I knew they would clash at the beginning and I thought the scene in Trojan Horse  was the preview to the type of dynamic we would see in season 3. 

I loved their scene in Trojan Horse they were both snippy and snarky at each other while still maintaining a kind of cool attitude and that would be the norm for season 3. 

This is why I was irked with how the writer’s decided to write Harold and Shaw’s prickly early work relationship, thank goodness they eventually course corrected.

Introducing Dillinger (RAM) helped too. Dillinger wasn’t just a counterpoint to John but a warning for Harold. I think Harold was afraid Shaw would turn into another Dillinger. 

Razgovor was the beginning of a turning point in their working relationship where Harold realized Shaw can be trusted to, if not care for, take a Number’s safety personally. 

Shaw realized Harold wasn’t a hardline kind of boss who would slap penalties at her for failing but it was in Lethe and Aletheia when their working relationship turned for the better.

IMO the two-parter was important for Harold and Shaw, it was important for Harold to learn to trust and rely on Shaw and for Shaw it gave her a glimpse into Harold before he was the reclusive billionaire. 

After the two-parter Harold seemed to trust Shaw a lot more and he seemed more comfortable around her, Shaw also seemed to ease up around Harold and she started to tease Harold more in a similar but slightly different way she did with John.

One thing Shaw also learned to do is how to ‘speak Harold’. Initially Shaw had a difficult time getting Harold to approve any of her plans because to him they seemed brash (Shaw actually took time to explain her plans to Harold, whereas Mr. International Spy would just steal a truck and t-bone another car). By season 4 Shaw got Harold to play along to scare the barista and the green light for stealing from a security company. 

In season 4 I think because of Shaw’s job as a make up counter girl Shaw and Harold got to spend more time together. After all being a thief isn’t a full time gig either, and professor would have some free time too.

Harold and Shaw planned how to approach a Number (Wingman) and Harold was comfortable leaving all the tech support job to Shaw when he was away in Hong Kong (Pretenders) and Harold’s become familiar with Shaw’s favorite sandwich at Park’s (The Cold War). 

I think Harold became fond of Shaw despite her penchant for appearing out of nowhere to give him a minor heart attack, and her way of consuming his top shelf liquor like water or her ‘binary moral compass’. 

I’d like to think that they bonded over good food and chemistry -- although that’s a topic Shaw discussed sparingly because she wouldn’t want to be branded as a ‘nerd’. I also think she didn’t mind the other responsibilities that came with a dog like washing Bear (somehow, Detective Riley is always out chasing a perp), walking Bear, and feeding Bear which I think Harold appreciated. 

One of the things I regret is that they didn’t show us more of Harold’s grief at losing Shaw, understandably the focus was on Root and later on John but they did show the effects losing Shaw had on Harold: 

Claire: You wouldn't just leave me here for dead.”

Harold: “That may have been true once, but that was before I lost someone, someone dear. She's gone now, and I won't risk losing anyone else.”

(Eventually, of course, despite knowing it was a trap Harold can’t just leave Claire even if he was angry he can’t make himself walk away because of the possibility that Claire can be helped. But the mere fact that Harold almost did leave Claire was big.)  

Person of Interest has a lot of interesting relationship dynamics within the team but Harold and Shaw have a special place in my heart. 

I think at the end of the day Harold and Shaw are similar, the way John and Root are similar to each other, but they’re more subtle in their similarities. For one I don’t think they both need an outside impetus or direction to be driven into something, they have a certainty about who they are that is not easy to shake. 

And I really the POI Noir photo above I think the photo encapsulates everything I love about Harold and Shaw. 

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Title: kiss with a fist (is better than none)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: Kiss with a fist by Florence and the Machine
Summary: a kiss with a fist is better than none.
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] dealanexmachina, [ profile] treonb
Stream: YouTube | Vimeo
Download: from dropbox (77 mb, mp4)

kiss with a fist (better than none) from Isa on Vimeo.

Password: play

ao3 | tumblr

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Hi, guys! I'm trying to work on a gifset for tumblr, would anyone know how the Russian transliteration for the scene below goes? (Starts 0:02-0:05). Thanks in advance

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headcanon/thoughts on why you think Shaw became a doctor for [ profile] thismeansnothingtome

Apologies for this being late, I got turned around with the dates and I'm playing catch up now.

I think, the whole reason why Shaw became a doctor begins in 1993 at the time when as lookninjas pointed out, she was stuck for hours with her (dead) father under the car. I've always thought that while young Sameen might not have shown she was affected by her father's death, I feel like its an event that marked her.


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From: [ profile] redbrunja Joss Carter's Death: HORRIBLE WRITING DECISION or well executed/meaningful. Talk about the two sides of the issue and what's your call?

This is a thorny issue, with, I think no easy answer.

Full disclosure: I was among one of the vocal people who was against Carter dying and I've even considered quitting the show if not my love for Sarah Shahi's Shaw. But looking at the story from start to what we have now, in the grand scale of the story and leading up to and the effects of Carter's death I think it worked in the long run.

BUT since the show doesn't exist in a vaccum there are many things to consider,Read more... )

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There was a lot to take in this episode, a lot happened, and god this show is just so good!

There were forty-three iterations of the Machine and only one didn't try to kill Harold. And of all that forty three iterations tried to kill each other (Sarah Connor would raze Harold's lab to the ground if she existed in this 'verse, that room is Sarah's worst nightmare come to life).

I'm with Harold, I'm terrified of the Machine's capabilities now but I'm even more terrified of Samaritan, I don't think Arthur Claypool ever had the foresight to make Samaritan care, or test out what would happen if Samaritan was ever in sight of other AIs.

It frightens me that an AIs response to another AI (in POI at least) is to kill the other one, and the next, is to be let free into the internet.

(It's a level of trust for Harold that he built a failsafe to free the Machine itself.)

Samaritan has fifty-eight top officials in power, and I don't think its just limited to the USA. I'm pretty sure its now global, and now the mandate of Samaritan is to find The Machine!

Another terrifying thing to consider? According to Samaritan's interface Martine is Asset No. 29.

And all of them have capabilities to go god mode.

Its not where we begin, its where we end up )
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First, I think I might have to stop watching the sneak previews, I felt myself mentally checkout whenever I watch a scene I've already seen because of the previews.

Six, if you count the dog. )
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I've always wanted a spin-off show for Shaw ever since Relevance and ever since I heard The Kills - Future Starts Slow, I've always thought it was the perfect song for the credits of Shaw's show.

Then I realized that I had clips from my previous In the Bullpen (there's a China doll in the bullpen) vid and I remembered Political Animals also used Future Starts Slow for their credits.

I always thought Future Starts Slow was iconic for Shaw and the show itself so yay, finally finished this!

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So. This was something, I have a vague idea where it will lead to. I’ve made a commitment to share snippets. Crossover between Person of Interest/Elementary.
Details and plots may change. Work in Progress. Inspired by this crossover vid

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Crossposted from tumblr.
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Now that I've finished my Shaw vid (in the bullpen - there's a china doll in the bullpen). I can go back to writing!

BTW the Shaw vid was something in the months in the making and it was such a relief to finish it but I kept fiddling and fiddling with it until I said last night either I upload it now or it'll never get done. So I did and that was a relief.

Although I think I might remaster the vid once I get my hands on a higher quality source. Its too dark right now for my tastes.

Further commentary: I had such a resistance at Shaw being called a hammer by Harold because just looking at Reese as he is and his methods there is nothing subtle or surgical about his methods.

But then I read the thoughts of fellow fans here and I began to rethink it and I did end up liking the Shaw as a Hammer analogy because often times women operators are thought of as surgical, delicate etc., but Shaw for all her height is the heavy hitter. And I tried to show it as much as I could in the vid.

I also included Shaw the connections she made over the course of the season how she is the hammer in the bullpen but its not all of her, that these are the people she's come to think of as important to her.

I might do a vid commentary at a later date.


Now to writing notes: Elementary/Person of Interest fic seems to be plugging along nicely.

I'm really excited to write Root and Moriarty interacting. I think its going to be interesting since they might be similar but I don't think they'd spark well with each other precisely because they are too similar. And they'd be like two cats being remarkably territorial against one another.

I think for the majority of this story I might place the POV on the Elementary side of things, outside looking into the world our characters of Person of Interest live in. I don't think its a world Sherlock and Joan would like to live in, tbh.


moving on to a different Life/Person of interest plot bunny )
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Title: in the bullpen (there's a china doll in the bullpen)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: The Bullpen by Dessa
Summary: Shaw is in the bullpen.
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] tearful_eye | unmatterable, [personal profile] jebbypal and my sister!
Stream: vimeo or YouTube
Download: from box (82.5mb, mp4)

ao3 | tumblr

Password: play

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Notes )
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So endeth the three parter episode.

Since Death Benefit, and actually long before that the plot has never stopped moving, PoI is paying off an arc that began in season 1 all the way to this current season.

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Guys I don't know if I can ever ever get my feelings under control, I can't even form coherent sentences. I'm on break at work and I can't properly *emote*. Or scream. OR ANYTHING.

Beware of false prophets )
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I'm sorry but I'm going to be that person in fandom again, whose in it for just one new character!

Spoilers can't take a hint. )

I did say this a very instant reaction!

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